Hi. This is the place that people usually leave a sob-story. Something sad, hopeful or romantic.

Yeh, that’s not happening on my website. I have no time for sentiments and tree-hugging.

I review business and products that I believe have crossed the line. I also review products. I don’t coddle and I don’t give empty praise.

A score of 7/10 is good. Higher than 7/10 doesn’t really exist. Human error accounts for the remaining 3 points. Humans are stupid and reckless. And that’s what I write about. I focus on the errors and the stupid. And I have plenty to write about.

I accept submissions of business and products. If you think you want to be put under a microscope, drop us an email and we will see if we’re interested in covering your story.

Probably not.  But here is the link anyways.