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A Review on Mr Aberthon

Back in the day (that’s right, I said it), online shopping was a much less complicated affair than it is now. In the early 2000s, when e-retailing suddenly became big business, there were a handful of stores that had enough of an online presence to actually make a difference. You got your books from Amazon (before anybody realised they had no intention of ever paying a penny in tax if they could get away with it), and did a bit of browsing for everything else on the handful of big-name stores that had seen fit to open an online store.

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Marks Starbucks Review

Starbucks vs. the Kettle

You are probably sipping on a Caramel Macchi-expensive-o while your reading this article, and in that case, these words are probably going to be wasted on you. Here goes nothing. Jerk.

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Facebook Business Review

How Facebook double-crossed the businesses

I’m assuming that you live under a rock and you think that the big corporations have their constitutes best interest at heart. I’m also presuming that you think that social media is a big happy teddy-bear meeting-place where lolly-pops and barbie-dolls go to kiss and hug.

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Alienware Review

My review on Alienware computers

This review was a challenge. I’m a little torn. Usually I just hate on things. That is kinda the point of this blog. That’s why I write!

Alienware, however, is not all that bad. And that depresses me. They do have one of the best lines of quality computers on the market and the computer bodies are freak’en slick. The X51 and Aurora resemble what you would imagine the flight panel of an alien space craft would look like.

But before I get into what I like about them, I want to first rant about their biggest problem.

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Hostgator Review

Why HostGator should be poached!

I do not condone poaching. Animals in the wild should be left alone. Humans have done enough damage to the world. Killing an animal for entertainment is evil. I really believe that.

There is one exception. Host Gator. That reptile needs to be hunted, skinned and turned into a handbag. Not just any handbag. I want their leather to be turned into a cheap knock-off handbag that will be sold on the corner for a dollar or two.

Sounds petty? Yes. I’m aware of how it sounds. But that’s just how I’m feeling right now!

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Apple Company Review

iHate Apple! iReally do.

If you are the type of person that love all apple products (and/or are one of those crazy-free-thinking-hippies) you don’t belong on this website to begin with. You guys make me mad. You do. And here’s why.

Apple products are junk. I said it. (See my confession at the end.) They were junk. They are junk. And they will likely be junk next year and the year after.

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Godaddy Review

What’s wrong with GoDaddy?

This post is a no-brainer. And some parts of this rant I’ve now started finding popping up around the internet.

GoDaddy’s initial pitch seems fantastic. Buy any .com domain for $8 or so and have a website with your name.

Who doesn’t want to pay $8.19 (or sometimes even as low as $0.99) for a domain?  That sounds like a wild opportunity.


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