Hi. This is the place that people usually leave a sob-story. Something sad, hopeful or romantic.

Yeh, that’s not happening on my website. I have no time for sentiments and tree-hugging.

Business Reviews

I review business and products that I believe have crossed the line. I also review products. I don’t coddle and I don’t give empty praise.

A score of 7/10 is good. Higher than 7/10 doesn’t really exist. Human error accounts for the remaining 3 points. Humans are stupid and reckless. And that’s what I write about. I focus on the errors and the stupid. And I have plenty to write about.

I accept submissions of business and products. If you think you want to be put under a microscope, drop us an email and we will see if we’re interested in covering your story.

Probably not.  But here is the link anyways.

Lords Mobile Tutorials

A section of this website is also dedicated to Lords Mobile Tutorials. Do you know what Lords Mobile is? Good. Enjoy. If not, don’t enjoy.

What if you disagree with the advice that is given on Lords Mobile. I’m so glad that you asked. You can write your own blog… Or write a strongly worded response in the comments of the article. You pick.

I always get the question: Why Lords Mobile? I don’t know. Why is the sky blue? Why do birds fly? Why do I get stupid questions?