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Altar in Lords Mobile

The Altar is one of the most misunderstood buildings in Lords Mobile. Unlike the Watchtower or Vault, the Altar doesn’t just do its thing. The altar requires patience and a lot of troops.

What is the Altar?

The word Altar is silly in my not so humble opinion. There are so many better names that would reflect what the Altar is, but sure lets follow IGG on this ride through nonsense land. If you don’t have a problem with understanding how Tracker can stand up without falling over than I guess nothing should faze you in this game.

Simply put, the Altar is the building that gives you a 24-hour boost every time you kill an enemy leader.


Because they said so!

How to Get the Altar?

Altar Boost

There are a few requirements that you need to have before unlocking and upgrading your Altar. Firstly, you need to bring your castle up to level 17.

In addition, you will need to pay Soul Crystals each time you upgrade to a higher level. The soul crystals can be a real pain if you aren’t willing to spend gems. At first you will only need to pay a few soul crystals for each upgrade. Once you start hitting level 20 however, it will begin taking a toll… Be warned… You heard it here first!

The good news is that you can buy Soul Crystals from the Gem Store:

  • 1 Soul Crystal for 15 gems
  • 10 Soul Crystal for 120 gems
  • 100 Soul Crystal for 1,100 gems
  • 1,000 Soul Crystal for 10,000 gems

The trick is to just buy about x15 10,000-packs as soon as you can. You will end up saving yourself a lot in the long run.

Alternatively, you can be a slick fox and buy each individual Soul Crystal 1 at a time. Go you! You’re really clever, aren’t you?

Activating the Altar

This is the hard part! This is where the work begins…

Unlocking and upgrading the Altar is easy compared to capturing an enemy leader, keeping him locked in the prison for a few days, and then executing him.

This can be a formidable challenge…

If you manage to kill a leader, you will receive a military boost that will last 24-hours. The power of the boost will obviously depend on the level of your Altar.

The good news is that the altar boost is in addition to the prison boost. More on that down below.

Altar Level and Boosts

Hero in Jail

The military boosts will vary depending on which level altar you have. At the beginning you won’t really feel the boost at all. In fact, if you are holding a high-profile prisoner I would recommend holding on to him just for the altar boost…

Once you upgrade past level 20, the boost is awesome.

  • Level 1 the boosts are 1% ATK, 0% DEF, 0% HP and 0% Travel Speed
  • Level 10 the boosts are 6% ATK, 3% DEF, 3% HP and 6% Travel Speed
  • At Level 20 the boosts are 21% ATK, 21% DEF, 15% HP and 16% Travel Speed
  • At Level 25 (max) the boosts are 38% ATK, 38% DEF, 38% HP and 21% Travel Speed

The awesome news about the altar is that the boosts are in addition to any prisoner boosts you may still have active.

Another good thing is that with every prisoner that you kill, you will extend the boost for another 24-hours. Practically speaking you can weeks of boosts all prepared in advance…

Tips and Tricks for the Altar

There is not many tips and tricks for the altar, unless I’m wrong and you have something to say in the comments below…

  • Kill enemy leaders
  • Don’t get zeroed while you’re holding the enemy leaders

Otherwise this building is as simple as your taste in wines, and cheese, and friends. Yes, I went there. I offended your friends!