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How to Use Anti-Scout in Lords Mobile

Most of my articles are rather advanced in nature. People love them and so I continue to write. But recently, upon reading some of the comments on my website, I came to a scary realization. Are you ready?

Most people are just completely stupid… They weren’t blessed with anything to place inside their skulls aside for noise and mess.

It is for that reason that I now present AN ENTIRE ARTICLE dedicated to them. The topic will cover everything that you’ll need to know in order to run an anti-scout on your castle. Buckle up, this is going to be quite a ride!

Also, if you have someone in your guild that struggles with this basic task, please recommend this article to them!

What is Anti-Scout? And Why it’s Important?

Anti-scout is a button that you can click that will stop enemy attackers from discovering the army and capabilities of the army behind your castle walls.

If they do scout you (and they still can) they will receive a message informing them of nothing.

“Now why is this important?” asks the dumber among you. “Who cares if they know that I have 100,000 T1 Cav and 1,000,000 T4 Siege?”

Well, moron, if they know what you have, they will know what to send…

Keeping your stats unknown is one of the best preventions against attack. I’ve seen massive players lose everything as soon they dropped anti-scout and were scouted.

Which brings us to the next section of this terribly complicated topic…

How to Activate Anti-Scout

This may be very complicated for some of the people reading, and there will be no judgment if you choose to leave this article and move on to the article on what gadgets to buy so that you’ll appear like a better player.

Step #1

Yes, I’m going to make this so easy that even most of you guys will be able to understand…

Anti Scout Step 1

In Step #1 you will need to press the button on the right side, approximately 3.5/10 from the top of the screen. Press the button only once and then move onto step #2.

Step #2

Find an option called Anti-Scout. Depending on the mobile device that you are using, you may need to scroll down a little bit. See the screenshot below for a stronger understanding.

Anti Scout Step 2

Once you press that button, you’ll qualify step #2 and you’ll be ready to graduate to step #3. Congratulations, moron!

Step #3

Here’s the hard part. The BIG DECISION! In Step #3, you will need to determine how long you want the Anti-Scout to last for. You can pick 4-hours, 8-hours, 24-hours, 3-days, or 7-days. (There are also weird anti-scouts that last only 5-minutes called Warding Lamp and Spooky Anti-Scout)

Step 3 anti scout

Here’s the thing, and I want to make this abundantly clear, you will need to put some thought into this decision before you make it…

If you’re going to go to sleep for 12-hours, make sure that you don’t put anti-scout for only 4-hours.

“Why?” you ask.


Gosh! You made me scream. I hope that you’re proud of yourself!

How to Calculate the Time Left on Anti-Scout

Here’s the thing. Time, as funny as it is, can actually be tracked. This means that you will be able to determine how much time is left without even having to check.

Here’s an example: Let’s say that you activated your 8-hour anti-scout at 12:03pm, you can actually determine that it will expire at 8:03pm.

You will need to use math, and so, if you struggled with math during primary school you may have a difficult time with this.

The good news is that you can actually cheat. Here’s how.

Anti Scout Expires In

As you can see, the Anti-Scout button tells you how long you have left. I wasted an anti-scout just to show you how it works. You’re welcome!

What Can Be Discovered Without Anti?

scouting enemy without anti

This section of the article is actually important and should be skipped by any players that are still struggling with anything listed above…

There is still a lot of data that can be collected by the enemy even if you activate an anti-scout or a shield. Here’s a list of some of them:

  • Might. The enemy will know your might just by clicking on your castle. The Anti-Scout will not hide your might.
  • Troops Killed. Same as above. They can see your kill-count even if you anti or shield
  • Level Player and Hero Badge
  • Guild Power.
  • Gear (but not jewels). Gear is also a good indication of troop preference.
  • Military Stats. This is important.
  • Helps. If they check to see how many helps you’ve given and then they notice that the number has changed, they will know that you’re online!

Why You Should Probably Be Playing Tetris…

If you have a problem with shielding or running anti, I strongly recommend Tetris as your new game of choice. It is a fantastic game. It’s packed with drama. Best of all, it requires almost no accountability and no brain-cells.

Here are a few ways to play Tetris:

Final Thoughts

I don’t really have any final thoughts, but I just wanted to say that if this article relates to you, you may have a problem.

The premise of this article also applies to shielding as well.

Also, if you have a friend in your guild who struggles with shielding and anti, please send him a link to this article. He/she will thank you later!