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Barracks in Lords Mobile

Here we go with Barracks. I’m finally writing up a comprehsive (and definitive) guide to understanding everything tat you need to know about Barracks!

Prepare your mind for overload!

What are the Barracks?

Barracks in Lords Mobile

Okay. If I need to answer this question, you haven’t been playing for very long (or you are as dense as a flowerpot). But I did say that I’ll explain everything so here we go…

The Barrack is the building that enables you to train your soldiers. You can only train 1 group of soldiers at a time (even if you have multiple barracks).

There are 4 troop types and also 4 levels of troops (16 troops in total) but you will have to unlock the troops before you can build them. Aside for the T1 troops.

The speed of the troop training and the resources needed will vary depending on the troop type and level.

How many Barracks should I build?

Map of Castle in Lords Mobile

Most of you probably came to this article in order to hear my opinion on how may Barracks you should build. Even though this section probably belongs lower down in the article, I’ll place it up the top!

Here is the important rule that will help give you a lot of perspective into my opinion: Additional Barracks do NOT mean faster training!

It is for this reason that I’m not a fan of having more than 3 barracks!

What 3 Barracks? Why so few? How are you going to build a lot of soldiers with only 3 Barracks?

All of those are stupid questions! Really stupid questions. And the reason is very simple. The Manors are what speed up the troop training. Each additional Barrack takes away from your manor construction!

Here are how many Barracks you will need:

T1 Troops3 Barracks
T2 Troops3 Barracks
T3 Troops2 Barracks
T4 Troops1 Barracks

What about the DEF boost that the Barrack provides?

Seriously stop talking. I will find you and hunt you down! NEVER mention DEF boost to me. It will make me angry! And angry me is lethal!

Barracks vs Infirmaries vs Manors

Barracks vs Infirmaries

Now that we established that you don’t need a lot of Barracks, we will establish how Infirmaries and Manors you will need.

The building formation will also vary depending on how far along the game you are holding.

Here’s another rule: Don’t train more troops than your infirmary can handle

With this rule in mind, my rule of formation would be to keep breaking down Manors and Barracks until you have almost no other building other than Infirmaries.

At first (once you’ve unlocked all the spots), you should build 2-3 Barracks and divide the rest of the spots between Manors and Infirmaries.

As your troop count grows, keep deleting Manors (and Barracks). Eventually, you won’t need more than 2-3 Manors. You’ll be able to get gold from other locations and you’ll be able to get troop training boosts from heroes and research.

How to Upgrade the Barracks?

Upgrading the Barracks is fairly simple. You just use your resources and you push upgrade. If you want a tutorial on how to push buttons, please jump in a lake. Thank you.

It is important to note that you won’t be able to upgrade your Barrack beyond the level of your castle. To learn more about upgrading your castle to Level 25, click here.

Most the other websites have dedicated their efforts to telling you every detail about how much resources you’ll need in order to upgrade. I’ll spare you the boring-ness (real word) and just tell you the pertinent details.

  • Upgrading a Barrack until Level 25 will increase your Might by 328,835. This is important to know for Guild Fest and Hell Events. More on this below.
  • A Level 25 Barrack will give you 5,000 training spots, not including the boosts from researches.
  • You will need a Golden Hammer (costs 2000 gems) to upgrade the Barracks from Level 24 to Level 25.

Upgrading Barracks for Points

Hell Event Building

As you begin building Barracks (or transfering them to Infirmaries) make sure you use some brains. Please be offended.

Try and time the upgrades for the best time. Here are the additional considerations that you should make before making the building upgrade.

  • Hell Event. Make sure that you time the building (especially level 22-25) during a time when the Building Hell Event is active. If you can do the Watcher Building Hell Event it would be even better!
  • Guild Fest. If you can save the building construction for the Guild Fest you can also get the 133 point building quest. Click here to learn more.
  • Solo Event. If you can get the Solo Event points as well, it would be even better. They aren’t that great and so if you find a good Hell Event, just ignore the Solo Event.

Helps and Boulder Familiar

In addition to waiting out the time for the Barrack to be completed you can also speed up the process. Here are the ways to make the Barracks production go faster:

  • You can get 30 helps, which will equal either 30mins or 30% (whichever is faster)
  • You can activate the Boulder Familiar which will automatically give you 30 helps
  • Waste your speedups
  • Use the correct gear before starting the building.

Troops Types in Barracks

Troops in Battle

There are 16 troops types that can be trained in the Barracks. Here is the list of them and their troop type.

LevelTroop NameTroop TypeKills
T2Sharpshooter RangeCavalry
T2Reptilian Rider CavalryInfantry
T2Catapult SiegeWalls
T3Royal Guard InfantryRange
T3Stealth Sniper RangeCavalary
T3Royal CavalryCavalryInfantry
T3Fire Trebechut SiegeWalls
T4Herioc Fighter InfantryRange
T4Heroic Canonneer RangeCavalry
T4Ancient Drake Rider CavalryInfantry
T4Destroyer SiegeWalls

Barrack Hacks and Tips

Hero Fighting Troops

The greatest hack for the Barracks (it applies for infirmaries as well) is the destroy and rebuild technique for the Watcher Hell Event. The premise is fairly straight forward.

If you destroy and rebuild 3 Barracks and Infirmaries you can win the Hell Event and get 3 Watcher Medals.

Destroying 3 buildings is definitely worth it. Just make sure that you can finish the event within 50-mins.

Additional tips and hacks:

  • There are 3 Research types that will help with Barracks: Construction Research to speed up Barrack Building, Troop Training Boost to speed up how fast you can train, and Barrack Capacity which will enable you to add more troops to each Barrack
  • Troop Training Gear and Talents. There are only two gears that speed up Troop Training (Craggy Greaves and Coarse Helm). The Talents have an entire section of options to improve Troop Training speeds.
  • Troop Training Boosts. There are 10% and 20% troop training boosts that you activate before doing a lot of training.
  • Troop Training Heroes. (Watcher and a bunch of P2P heroes)