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Battle Guide in Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile is not Farmville! The objective of this game is not to pick-your-nose and play nice. The point of Lords Mobile is to MESS OTHER CASTLES UP! The modus operandi is to light your kingdom on fire and keep it lit until you’re gone.

Here is the ultimate guide on everything that you need to know in order to rain terror on the other guilds and castles in your kingdom. Everything below is my opinion. If you don’t like it, good. Enjoy being wrong! Also, you’re a moron for trying to challenge the master (aka me).

Understanding Your Troops

Understanding Troops Lords Mobile in Battle

There are so many details when it comes to war within Lords Mobile, but I think we can all agree that understanding your troops will be the first step.

Going to war in Lords Mobile is awfully simple to master (almost as simple as your personality)… All you need to do is attack. Executing an effective plan, however, is a little tougher!

The trick will be knowledge. Learn how to wield all the weapons in your arsenal and you’ll be able to destroy castles just by porting beside them. Well, no one is actually that strong…

Troop Counters

Attack Counters in Lords Mobile

The 3 primary troop types are most effective when they are fighting against the troop type that is weaker than it. Once you spy-out the primary troop type of your enemy, you are going to want to send a troop type that counters them effectively.

  • Send Cavalry -> Infantry. Imagine horsemen slaughtering a battalion of running men…
  • Send Range -> Cavalry. Imagine archers hiding in a mountain shooting at helpless horses at the bottom.
  • And Send Infantry -> Range. Imagine archers trying to reload their bows while they are getting killed by quick moving soldiers.

If the enemy has 100,000 Range and 50,000 Cavalry, for example, you have two possible strategies to counter him:

  • You can send 100,000 Infantry to counter the Range and then 50,000 Range to counter the Cavalry
  • Alternatively, you can send 150,000 Range to counter the cavalry and equalize the Range.
  • Another option (which I don’t recommend), would be to send 150 infantry to counter the bulk of the range.

Another scenario. If the enemy has 150,000 Cavalry and 50,000 Infantry:

  • You can send 150,000 Range and 50,000 Cavalry
  • Or you can send 200,000 Cavalry

You get the idea.

Troop Formations

Army Troop Formation in Lords Mobile

In addition to troop counters, you will also want to place your formation of your troops to most effectively counter you enemy.

So if, for example, you enemy has 70% Infantry and 30% Range, you’ll want to send 70% Cavalry and 30% Infantry. But that is not enough. You will also want to position your Cavalry at the front to ensure that they are the dominant attackers.

The Troop Formation options are location on your main screen right under the button that lets you change your main hero.

The 3 default options are Infantry Phalanx, Range Phalanx, and Cavalry Phalanx. You can also unlock Infantry Wedge, Range Wedge and Cavalry Wedge.

Battle Heroes and Leaders

One of the most important decisions when attacking an enemy will be if you should send your leader! The reward is approximately an x3 attack boost… The risk is that if your enemy can overwhelm you and defeat your attack, they will capture your hero!

My recommendation is to almost ALWAYS send your hero. If you are brave enough to make the attack, be brave enough to do it right. Not sending your hero is like going to sky diving but keeping your eyes shut the whole time.

Either stay home or do it right and enjoy.

The best way to hit your enemy hard would be to use paid heroes. For those who want to invest effectively in Paid Heroes, don’t spend a single cent until you read my definitive Paid Hero guide

Infantry Heroes

Wesley Oath Keeper in Battle

There a lots of infantry heroes and most of them suck. Their specifications are either half-baked or not existent at all.

Here is my list of Free to Play Heroes (in order of effectiveness)

  1. Demon Slayer (Inf ATK and Inf HP)
  2. Oath Keeper (Inf ATK and Inf HP)
  3. Sea Squire (Inf ATK)
  4. Soul Forger (Inf ATK)
  5. Scarlet Bolt (Inf DEF) a.k.a completely useless
  6. Shade (Inf DEF) a.k.a completely useless

Here is the list of Pay to Play Infantry Heroes:

  1. Twilight Princess (Inf ATK, Inf HP, and Inf DEF)
  2. Grim Wolf (Inf ATK, Army HP, and Inf DEF)
  3. The Big Guy (Inf ATK and Inf DEF)
  4. Femme Fatale (Inf ATK)

Range Heroes

Tracker and Range Heroes

Even though I always have a preference towards cavalry, I have to admit that when it comes to range heroes, the range troops always have an edge… Especially, if you consider their other skills… This edge includes the P2P range (aside for Mastercook).

Here are the best range heroes in order of effectiveness:

  1. Snow Queen (Range ATK and Range HP)
  2. Tracker (Range ATK and Range DEF)
  3. Death Archer (Range ATK)
  4. Black Crow (Range HP and Range DEF)

Here is the list of pay to play range heroes:

  1. Petite Devil (Range ATK and Range HP)
  2. Grove Guardian (Range ATK, Range HP, and Range DEF)
  3. Mastercook (Range ATK, Range HP, Army DEF)

Cavalry Heroes

Rose Knight at War

The Cavalry lineup is interesting. I know it well because I always prefer it!

Here we go for the top cavalry hero lineup:

  1. Rose Knight [though technically an Army Hero] (Army ATK and Cav HP)
  2. Child of Light (Cav ATK and Cav HP)
  3. Night Raven (Cav ATK and Cav DEF)
  4. Death Knight (Cav HP and Cav DEF)
  5. Sage of Storms (Cav DEF)

Here’s the Pay to Play heroes for cavalry:

  1. Barbarian (Cavalry ATK, Cavalry HP, and Cavalry DEF)
  2. Steambot (Cavalry ATK, cavalry HP, and cavalry DEF)
  3. Vengeful Centeur (Cavalry ATK and Cavalry DEF)

War Familiars

The topic of war familiars is too large to deal with it properly within this article.

Good news. I have a whole article dedicated to ensuring that your thick skull understands this topic.

You’re welcome for nothing!

Here’s the article on the War Familiars. Read it. It’s really important!

Gear and Jewels

Gear and jewels will only activate if you send your leader to war. As mentioned before, there are risks. And as also mentioned before, you’re an idiot if you don’t send your leader! #YOLO

Click here to read my full overview for gear in Lords Mobile. And for a complete rundown on jewels in Lords Mobile, click here.

Obviously before setting up the gear and jewels you will also have to set up the Talents. Click here to learn more about the settings of the Talent Tree.

Infantry Gear and Jewels

The gear is very important. The good news is that there is good gear and bad gear, and if you know which ones to make, you’ll have a massive advantage.

Infantry ATK Gear
Best Infantry Gear for Battle
  • Accessory: Ambrosial Cup x 3
  • Off-hand: Call of the Deep
  • Main-hand: Decadent Sword
  • Helmet: Beast Helm
  • Armor: Terror Shield
  • Legs: Storm Tasset

Range Gear and Jewels

The Range Attack has an entirely different set of gear and jewels. Here is the best gear set for a full range attack.

Range ATK Gear
  • Accessory: Ambrosial Cup x 3
  • Off-hand: Eternal Codex
  • Main-hand: Wyrm Rod
  • Helmet: Bumblehelm
  • Armor: Hedonic Cuirass
  • Legs: Dragon’s Talons

Cavalry Gear and Jewels

Cavalry (as I’ve mentioned 1-million times) is my favorite. You will need to really load up on your Gargantuan Diet… If you know what I mean…

Cavalry ATK Gear
  • Accessory: Fear Drum
  • Off-hand: Dragon’s Fist or Eternal Codex
  • Main-hand: Kraken’s Anchor or Horn Cudgel
  • Helmet: Bumblehelm
  • Armor: Firewall Plate
  • Legs: Gargantua Belt

Scouting the Enemy

Scouting Enemy Stats

Okay. Now that we got all the technical details out of the way, let’s talk about the process that you need to take in order to drop an assault on someone’s castle.

The first step is to scout your enemy.

You may be thinking that the first thing you need to do is send a scout. That is why you are stupid, and that is also why you so desperately need to read this guide. Scouting an enemy does not start with sending out a scout. It starts with clicking on his castle (and guild) and analyzing the heck out of it! Soft-headed players send their scouts out without doing any research but the top players do research first…

Don’t be a a soft-headed player…

Here are the things to look for before you even send a scout:

  • Castle Might. And yes I know that Might doesn’t tell a full story, but it sure tells a part of it…
  • Troops Killed. This stat tells a little more of the story than Castle Might, but it can also be duplicitous…
  • Level Player and Hero Badge. The Level Player will give you a good idea of his overall strength. If the hero has a green badge and the player level is at 30, and you are level 60 with gold heroes, there is a good chance that you’ll be able to steamroll him even if he has 10x the troops
  • Guild Power. Many times, a guild will reinforce or garrison their troops in other castles. Discover how powerful the castle’s guild is before you attack. Also, the whole guild may come back for revenge. You may want to know how powerful they are before attacking one of their castles.
  • Gear. There are two things to check when it comes to the gear that the enemy is wearing. Firstly, if he is in battle gear. Secondly, what troop type the battle gear is catered towards. If the gear is primarily from the Garguatua, for example, you will know that he focuses on cavalry and you will want to send range.
  • Military Stats. If you click the top left corner of the enemy dashboard, you’ll be able to discover a lot more statistics about their castle.

As you can see, there is so much information that you can glean without even sending a scout… Most of the enemies information can be set-up to trick you into attacking, but for the most part, this information is accurate!

Sending Scouts

Sending Scout to Enemy

If you skipped the previous section then you are a straight-up moron! There is a big difference between the two sections! This is not a repetition. I’m not your math teacher. If you didn’t pay attention the first 300 times, I’m not going to repeat it again for you…

Here are the instructions to send a scout:

  • Slam your head against a doorpost
  • Stop playing because you suck at this game
  • Click the enemy castle and click the button that sends “scout”
  • If you are still too stupid, the telescope symbol should help you

Formulate a Solo Attack

Solo Attack Enemy Castle

Solo attacks involve only your own army. All the stats and troops will be coming from your castle! This is not a rally attack (see below).

Here is how it is done.

  • Use all the information below to formulate an attack strategy
  • Activate all the boosts (see below)
  • Click the enemy castle and click the attack button
  • Add your troops and heroes (yes even if you don’t send the leader)
  • Burn your enemy and pillage their supplies

That’s it. You are now a newbie. Keep reading so that you can learn how to really knock your enemy into the dirt!

Formulate a Rally Attack

Rally Attack Enemy Lords Mobile

Rally Attacks require more than 1 castle from a guild. This is how you really mess up your enemy. Instead of just attacking with one player (200K~ troops) you can rally attack with a full rally march (2.2m~ troops).

Here is how you rally attack. The same strategy as above but just click the button “Rally Attack”. Sometimes I feel that my audience is as dumb as a pole. Some of you guys need to double your dosage of brain-power.

The obvious problem with a rally attack is that you will have to wait at least 5-mins before the rally begins. This will give your enemy plenty of time to prepare defense or to shield…

Boosting your Attack

In addition to Heroes, Gear, and Jewels, there are so many other ways to boost your attack. These techniques can give incredible boosts and will help bridge any deficiencies you have in other areas. Here are the top strategies.

Research Boosts

Researching Building Zoomed in

I don’t have the time to list all the researches that will boost your troops. Also, you aren’t important enough for me to waste my time on. Simply put, research the heck out of your castle. Don’t waste your gems on troops. Put all your gems towards research!

The more military researches that you do, the more powerful your army will be! This is the simple, most-important, asset when it comes to boosting your troops power!

Turf Boost

Turf Boosts ATK DEF Anti

This is the most basic and standard boost that needs to happen before you attack.

There are, of course, exceptions to this rule. For example, if you want to keep your anti-scout on. But in general, if you want to launch a large attack and you aren’t worried about someone sending a scout while your attacking, then pop a turf boost and then return back to ant-scout afterward.

The only Turf Boost you want to use when attacking is ATK boost. Do not use DEF boost unless you enjoy the smell of ash and smoke.

For standard attacks, you can just use the 20% Army ATK boost (4hrs, 12hrs, or 24hrs) or the Ghastly Army ATK 5%. For more intensive attacks you can use the Army ATK 50% that lasts for 15-mins. This bad-boy is absolutely awesome!

Prison Boost

Leader in Prison

I’ve dedicated an entire article on how to use the prison boost like a boss. I’m not going to repeat myself. Don’t be a lazy bum. Go read the article.

The summary is that you can increase your army attack by 30% with just 1 level 60 hero in prison. That is a lot of army boost just for something that you should be doing anyways (i.e. burning people’s castles).

Altar Boost

Altar and Lords Mobile

Yes, I also have an article dedicated to understanding the Altar. Putting aside the ridiculous imagery and back-story off IGG, this building will also give you a massive boost.

At full power, the altar will boost your army with a 38% Army ATK boost, 38% HP boost, and 21% travel speed boost.

Vassal Titles

I don’t yet have an article dedicated to Vassal Tittles, but I will. Stay posted.

The point is that if you capture the Kingdom Base, you will be able to designate a few army boosts to a few players. These Vassal Titles carry great boosts.

The good news is that they can be transferred around as easily as the flu. One person uses, and then when he has finished attacking, someone else can use the same title.


Familiars are those super creepy things that are supposed to be our pets (or something)… Yes, I think I’ll stick with a dog or bird. If these things came on my property I’d load my shotgun.

Anyways. A lot of the Familiars have military boosts as one of their skills. Most of the boosts, on their own, are average at best, but once combined all together can carry an enormous punch.

The Pact 3 and Pact 4 are packed with the military boosts. I strongly recommend (as you would know if you actually pay attention to what I write) to skip through Pact 1 and 2 as quickly as possible and then double-down on Pact 3 and 4.

Don’t be a fool. Focus on the essentials.

Base and Forts

This tip is not easy, especially if you belong to a loser-guild. But if you can control and capture one of the forts, the entire guild will receive a military boost.

If you suck at Lords Mobile, don’t even bother trying. If you have at least a chance, go for it. Conquering the base and forts is a lot of fun, and will also give your army a serious boost!

More Tips and Tricks

In addition to all the overall advice mentioned above, there are many other tips and tricks that will make your attacks more effective and deliberate. Here are my favorite ones:

  • Using a Browser instead of a cellphone and play on your PC or Mac. Download a PC program like Nox. Click here to learn how.
  • Try and attack from as close to your target as possible. Use “Relocators” in order to get nearby!
  • Always stay on Anti-scout when at war – unless you are popping an ATK boost – and even then you will want to go back to anti-scout as soon as possible.
  • Have a dog instead of a cat.

Final Thoughts

Terrorizing your kingdom takes a lot of practice. You can’t expect to be a fighting machine straight away – and yes, even if you pump a lot of money into your account.

Working out the kinks of battle takes practice, devotion, and also a sense of gratitude towards the spirit and emotional energy of emptiness.

Own that emptiness. Become that emptiness. And then burn your father’s credit card down to the ground.

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