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Tips I Wish I Knew Before Starting Lords Mobile

Some things are just so obvious that when you work it out, you are barely even happy. Here are the obvious tips that I wished I had worked out from the onset.

Some of the advice will be obvious to you, some won’t. Don’t gloat if you know them. There are probably even more obvious things that you are clueless about!

Use Gear Correctly

Workshop Lords Mobile Gear

Gear and Equipment need to be worn in order to boost you.

This advice took me months to realize and it’s quite shocking that I didn’t work it out sooner… It was quite embarrassing.

Using equipment may seem like a complete pain. Spoiler alert: it is (until you get the Quick Switch options), but using the equipment properly will shave 100% – 150% off your development time.

Like I always say, “If you feel like your might is growing too slowly, then always remember… that you are probably bad at the game…”

Good News: You only have to keep the equipment active until you start the development.

In other words (for the slow and denser minds): As soon as you start the construction, you can switch back to whatever gear/equipment you like! You don’t to have to enter the shower with your Gryphon Walkers…

Construction Equipment Lords Mobile

The trick is to focus on a few items that specialize on each type of development. For example in the image above, you can filter items that are good for construction!

Buying Monthly Pack

Monthly Pack Paid Lords Mobile

This tip is not just for the P2P (pay to play) players, but even for the players who spend a few dollars here and there. The value of the Monthly Pack is far better than almost any other paid option you can buy.

You can do the math yourself, but don’t bother. Trust me. I’m right. If you don’t trust me, why are you even reading this article… Just go to YouTube and watch one of those bobble-heads rants about their pet tortoise for 3 hours instead.

Spending Guild Coins

Guild Coins Purchases

Guild coins are free, but that doesn’t mean that you should spend them on anything. Focus on buying the stuff with the best value.

Stuff that you should spend guild coins on:

  • Migration Scroll (810,000 Coins)
  • Talent Reset (90,000)
  • Relocator (270,000)
  • [Rare] Jewel Chest (99,000) ** Top Choice **
  • Revival Fruit (60,000). If you get drunk and lose your leader

Stuff you should NEVER spend guild coins on:

  • Speed Ups
  • Shields (unless you have no choice)
  • Resource Boosts
  • VIP Points
  • Repairing your ex-es Lamborghini
  • Declaring yourself King of the Moon

Focus on one Resource

Guild Coins Purchases

Don’t spread your resource mills equally. Rookie mistake. Focus on one above the rest. Always make a semi-hyper resource focus.

(Also, unless you are using alts, don’t get more than 1 farm!)

Once you max all the spots, you will have 18 resource buildings.

For example:

1 Farm, 3 Mines, 3 Quarries, 11 Lumber Mills.

1 Farm, 2 Mines, 2 Quarries, 13 Lumber Mills.

Save Speed-Ups

Saving up Speed Ups

Don’t speed up developments randomly. Save your speedups and then wait until the Hell Event (and hopefully 24hr Challenge and Solo Event to also line up). Use all the speedups in one shot and hit Event 3 for the Hell Event.

This trick is so basic and will give you so many dividends. Have patience and take home the rewards!

EXPERT TIP! Wait for a Hell Event that coincides with the Guild Fest and get even more value out of your steely patience.

Avoid Trap Research and Siege

Siege Weapons Firing during War

I can’t stress this enough! Don’t invest in trap research and siege troops.

“But, they are so cool?” I can hear you saying. “My rally leader always says to send lots of siege.”

Well, firstly fire him! Also, he’s wrong. Siege is dreadful. Don’t go near it. Ever. Yes, ever.

Just because you love Lords of the Rings and those trebuchets were so cool doesn’t mean that they are actually useful…

Monster Hunting

Monster Gold in Lords Mobile

Monster hunting is extremely underrated and it is one of the most effective techniques in Lords Mobile.

  • Learn all the heroes compositions for each monster. Click here to learn more.
  • Join a guild that focuses on Monster Hunting.
  • Do as much Monster Hunting research as you can!
  • Get Monster Hunting Gear (for paid players)

Protect Yourself

shielded castle

Most people lose their leader a bunch of times until they learn how to protect themselves. There are a few tricks:

  • Shield (and put a timer on your phone so that you can reset it on time)
  • Shelter your troops when your shield isn’t up
  • Send your troops into other protected castles
  • 8hr Rally Attack a castle or Darknest (and put a timer for the end of the 8hrs)
  • Always (and I mean always) have an anti-scout active if your shield isn’t active

Elite Labyrinth

Elite Labyrinth 100 Upgrade

If you are the type of player that will spend money every-once-in-a-while, I would highly recommend paying a one-time $100 and buy one of the packs that have the Elite Labyrinth in it.

Most people play the game for a year before deciding to pay for the Elite Labyrinth. It’s a shame because the Elite Labyrinth gives you a massive rewards every single day! It’s kind of a no-brainer!

If you think you’re the type to buy it later, just buy it earlier and start getting the massive perk as soon as possible.

Treasure Trove

Treasure Trove Gem Deposit

Use the Treasure Trove for crying out loud! Max it as soon as you can and always have your gems invested. You would have to be super stupid to not invest in the Treasure Trove.

For a better understanding of the Treasure Trove, click here.

Cargo Ship

Cargo Ship Location on Screen

Here’s a basic tip that almost no one knows! Here goes!

Always trade everything in the trading ship. All the deals are awesome. The stars tell you how good a deal is, but even the 1 start deals are awesome.

There are also other reasons to always use the trading ship. Click here to understand more.

A Good Guild

Guild Leader with Soldiers

The Guild will be the single biggest decision in Lords Mobile. Make sure that you pick a proper guild. A bad guild will waste your time, but a good guild will turn you into a powerful and well-oiled war machine!

Here’s my tips for picking the right guild.

Battle Strategy

Guild Members Fighting in a Battle

Don’t just “learn on the job” when it comes to battle. Do a little research before you start burning. It will save you so many troops…

Here are two articles that will help your battle strategy:

And, please, make sure that you have enough infirmaries.

Research, Research and Research

Researching Building Zoomed in

If the heading didn’t give it away, I will have to spell it out for the slower readers. Focus on research!

Everything else is wonderful, but research is how you really become a powerful castle.

Simply put, you can beat another castle with 1/40th of the troops if you have the right gear and research!

Familiars and Familiar Buildings

Monster Hold for Familiars

There are many tips when it comes to Familiars and their buildings, and I would advise you to read my articles on them.

In short, you can save yourself a lot of headaches and wasted time if you just submit yourself to my will!

Focus on the Correct Heroes

Heroes lining up for war

There are good heroes and there are better ones. The trick is to focus on the heroes that will bring you better long-time return.

These heroes should be maxed to gold asap:

  • Rose Knight
  • Trickster
  • Prima Donna
  • Bombin Goblin
  • Tracker
  • Black Crow

Here is my article on the best heroes and here’s my article on the best heroes for each troop type.


Solo Hell Challenge Events

Events may sometimes feel like a pain, but they will give you rewards. Here’s my list of the events to particpate in:

  • Hell Events (continuous) and 24hr Challenge
  • KVK
  • Guild Fest
  • Guild Showdown (fun but rewards and bad)

Here are the events to not waste speed-up and gems on:

  • Lords Cup (blehh)
  • Solo Event
  • Guild Bash


Colosseum Gems and Hero Lineup

Do it. It’s not a waste. Learn the counter attackers and then get as high as you can (yes in both ways). You can get a lot of gems from the Colosseum.

Learn how to dominate the Colosseum by clicking here.

If this article helped you, then jump along to my article on the Dumbest Mistakes in Lords Mobile.

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