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Best Castle Skins in Lords Mobile

The Castle Skins in Lords Mobile are almost as important as the drink that you’re drinking while you’re playing the game. In other words, it hardly makes a difference unless you’re as drunk as a skunk…

But nonetheless, people are spending good money in order to upgrade their castle, and so I’m left with no choice but to start talking about the Castle Skins… Yay me!

What are Castle Skins?

Dragon Arena Castle Skin Graphic

Castle Skins are the appearances that the castle shows. The default castle is rather simple and standard but the other castle skins will range between straight-up-stupid and completely moronic.

In addition to a change in aesthetics, the castle will also give a tiny boost of some sort. Some will give a military boost while others will give coalition or travel speed boosts.

The main reason that people change their castle is for design and fun. If someone is planning on dedicating 22-23 hours a day on a game they want their main castle to look fun. Hence the large money-drop.

How to Buy a Castle Skin?

In order to buy a Castle Skin, you will need to click on the castle inside of your turf. At the bottom of the screen, there is an icon that lets you switch between Castle Skins and also buy new skins.

Changing Castle Skin

The different castles cost either $19, $29, or $99. I personally believe that this expense is as clever as buying an alarm clock that changes colors… I mean, seriously?

If you are Pay-to-Play, there are better ways to spend your money in Lords Mobile

What are Star Scrolls and how do they work?

Star Scrolls let you advance the boosts on your default (or paid) castle. You can win them in events or some rare packs, but they are very hard to get…

And of course – wait for it – you can win them by transferring your hard-earned cash to IGG. Here’s the pack in the Paid Pack. Spoiler Alert: It’s a waste of money! But here it is anyways…

Fortify Your Castle Paid Packs Star Scroll

The Star Scrolls give you a chance to try and win another star for your castle. Each additional Star Scroll will mean a high “Success Rate”…

If you use 16 Star Scrolls, for example, you will have a 45% chance of winning the star for the castle. If you use 35 Star Scrolls, you will have a 100% chance of winning. If you use only 1 Star Scroll, you will only have a 2% chance of winning.

Star Scroll Success Rate

Here’s my advice. Keep collecting the Star Scrolls and only try and go for it when you have 35 Star Scrolls. Otherwise, it’s just not worth it… The odds make no sense!

Or you can be a half-wit and gamble all your Star Scrolls away! You do you!

Anyways, here’s the star boosts that you’ll get if you get stars on the default (classic) Castle.

Star Boosts Chart for Default Skin

I don’t have IGG’s actual data, but based on my own experience and what I see in Lords Mobile, here are the 3 most popular skins that I see. Feel free to disagree in the comments below. You’ll probably be wrong, but you should be used to it…

Blazing Fortress

Blazing Fortress Castle Skin

This castle skin is very popular with all the players that are trying to impress terror upon the enemies. The mere sight of this castle has known to scare enemies into submission. I’ve seen it first-hand. It is known by those who know. This castle skin is a terrifying sight to behold.

Important Note: This castle give a coolness boost to the player of 5000%.

Definitely worth the $30.

It also comes with Infantry ATK and Cavalry ATK. I guess there are worse stats…

Dragon Manor

Dragon Manor Castle Skin

Another very popular castle skin, and for good reason. It features a freakin dragon… This is literally the favorite animal of 90% of the people playing this game.

Please do not tell anyone that dragons aren’t real. I do not want to watch the hissy fit that follows.

Regardless, this castle’s skin is everywhere.

Oh, btw, this castle skin costs a mere $99. So there that caveat!

Ancient Pyramid

Ancient Pyramid Castle Skin

This castle skin is the least understandable – assuming that any of them are really understandable… Who would want a pyramid? It’s rather boring.

But nonetheless, there are loads of them everywhere.

This castle skin is $19. Maybe that’s why there are so many floating about!

The Worst Castle Skins

Cirque Du Sourire

This is a bit of a silly title because if it was up to me I would dump all the castle skins into this section of the article.

And yet I’m stuck with the stupid challenge of working out which castles are the “worst of the worst”. Yay me!

Here’s my list:

  1. (Grand Prize) Cirque Du Sourire. There are so many things wrong with this skin. Stupid name. Ridiculously expensive at $99. Ugly. Creepy (in a bad way). Did I mention that it is $99? Also, it has a clown. Yes, a clown…
  2. Island Paradise. This castle is off-theme… It doesn’t match the whole fantasy-medieval-warfare motif of the bloody game! Seriously IGG, get your act together. You’re making too much money to pull this sort of garbage stunt!
  3. Owl Outpost. I mean do I even need to explain this one? This is a whole new level of ridiculous!

Why You Shouldn’t “Invest” in Castle Skins?

I think that I’ve already presented enough arguments as to why you shouldn’t buy castle skins, but if you weren’t paying attention, here they are plus a few more.

  • The boosts that the castle skins will give you are not great value compared to other boosts that can be purchased
  • They’re ugly and/or weird
  • Star Scrolls are really hard/expensive to get!
  • Did I mention the ugly and weird thing?
  • Your star scroll count will make it impossible to hide that your castle is loaded (in case you want to keep a low profile)