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Best Heroes in Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile is multifaceted and so, in order to dominate, you will need to find success throughout all elements of the game. The most important component to work on would be your heroes. Below is our rundown of the best most important heroes in Lords Mobile.

Included in this list is the Hero advantages across all factors of the game. We have included F2P (Free to Play) Heroes and also P2P (Pay to Play) Heroes. If a hero is Free to Play I will automatically give it a percentage boost because it is more accessible. Obviously, if we measured the P2P against the F2P I would have no choice but to put all of the P2P up at the top

Here is my List of Best Heroes in their order of greatest:

  1. Rose Knight
  2. Trickster
  3. Lore Weaver (P2P)
  4. Storm Fox (P2P)
  5. Prima Donna
  6. Bombin’ Goblin
  7. Top Troop Paid Hero (P2P)
  8. Demon Slayer
  9. Tracker
  10. Child of Light, Snow Queen Oath Keeper and Black Crow
  11. Grove Guardian (P2P)
  12. Dream Witch
  13. Death Knight
  14. Witch Doll
  15. Big Guy
  16. Songstress of the Sea

At the end of the article, I also put my top list of heroes for the Colosseum.

1. Rose Knight

#1 Top Lords Mobile Hero

Rose Knight Going to Battle

Rose Knight is one of the last heroes to be able to be unlocked (unless you pay for her), but the overall #1 hero on our list. She is the most effective hero at the Colosseum, especially when maxed. She and the healer (Prima or Lore), will be a part of almost every Colosseum lineup. Rose Knight is the top F2P colosseum heroes. Period! Her “Justice Call” skill protects all the other heroes in the team and her stun is fantastic.

Her Timber Boosts isn’t too far above average, but the Colosseum advantage and Army Attack Boost makes her irreplaceable. I would recommend bringing her to gold as soon as possible, or at least to purple before focusing on other heroes.

I would strongly recommend maxing Rose Knight (or maybe trickster) to gold before any other hero.

To learn everything that you need to know about Rose Knight, click here.

2. Trickster

Trickster with Lava in Lords Mobile

The Trickster is one of the most important heroes in Lords Mobile. He has an attack arrow that is pretty much unparalleled within Lords Mobile. His toy-looking arrows carry a real punch. The trickster is one of the most physically powerful heroes in Lords Mobile. His research boost is so good (25% extra) that I would recommend focusing on bringing him to gold as soon as possible.

To learn more about Trickster, click here.

The reasons why the Trickster is so important: Physical Attacking, Research Boost, Colosseum, Energy Boosts.

Just one note. Don’t use him in battle. He is useless in battle.

3. Lore Weaver

Lore Weaver

I’m very hesitant to place a P2P (pay to play) hero so high up the list, but the truth is that I can’t help it. Lore Weaver is too good of a hero to not be all the way up the top. She is an incredible hero and my #1 top recommendation when it comes to “pay to play” heroes.

She is incredible at healing in the Colosseum and her war army stats are off the charts. If you plan on spending any money on heroes, make sure you buy Lore Weaver first! She is a cavalry leader, but I would still strongly recommend her even if you don’t specialize in the cavalry!

4. Storm Fox

Storm Fox Lords Mobile Hero

Yes, I know that some of you are rolling your eyes now that you see a second P2P hero up the top, but what can I do… This hero is awesome at war…

Most people don’t know about Storm Fox and that makes her even more powerful!

Her army stats are incredible. Click on my P2P hero article to learn more about why she’s so awesome!

If you already have Lore Weaver and you don’t specialize in cavalry, I would get the army heroes of your preference. But if you have cavalry, the Storm Fox is a complete no brainer! She’s inexpensive compared to the army heroes and she will rip apart your enemies…

5. Prima Donna

Prima Donna Healing Hero

Prima Donna is a tricky hero. She looks innocent, but upon further inspection has a lot of weirdness going on. Her skill-sets are pretty much the same. Her boosts primarily assist siege attacks. Yuck. She’s weak. Even her magical attack against monster hunting is ineffective.

So why is she on this list?

Simple. She heals other heroes, and she is good at it. Prima Donna is perfect for almost all combos. She’s usually the reason that you’ll win or lose a coliseum battle or stage. This one redeeming quality makes her one of the most important heroes in Lords Mobile. If only you, un-dear reader, had one redeeming quality…

Important Note: Lore Weaver is a far better hero and is 100x better than Prima Donna. To really understand the difference between these two heroes, click here.

6. Bombin’ Goblin

Bombin’ Goblin is quite a useless hero in many respects. He looks like a toy that was played with for far too long. He looks eerie and frightening, and not in a fun way. He is F2P however, and he, like the Rose Night has an amazing army attack. When powered up to gold, the Bombin’ Goblin will give you a 20% Army Attack Boost. That is massive! If you want to go to war (and don’t want to pay a fortune for the P2P heroes) the Bombin’ Goblin is a must.

If you were tempted to use Bombin’ Goblin in the Colosseum, I’ll spare you the trouble, don’t. He’s useless.

7. Top P2P Troop Hero

Most of you are probably confused by this item on the list, and that is because you haven’t yet read my advice on P2P heroes. If you plan on spending money on your heroes, please don’t spend a cent until you read that article. You will be wasting your time and money otherwise.

Each troop type (Infantry, Range and Cavalry) have their top P2P hero. Work out which troop type you prefer and then focus on that hero.

  • Infantry: Twilight Priestess
  • Range: Petite Devil
  • Cavalry: Barbarian

Why these P2P battle heroes and not the other ones? Read the stupid article and stop being lazy!

8. Demon Slayer

The Demon Slayer is an all-around fantastic hero. He looks tough and he is tough. Many people will always have him in their Colosseum lineup (I don’t), but there is no denying that he is lethal. I’ve seen him – many times – do 90% of the work and annihilate the enemy heroes almost single-handedly.

During a war, he is an incredible Infantry Hero and provides 30% ATK and 50% HP.

He is also an incredible Monster Hunting Hero and is almost every Strength Monster Hunting Lineup.

9. Tracker

Tracker fighting with army

Tracker has a misunderstood portfolio. People know that she is a great hero, but hardly anyone realises how good she is. Her appearance makes her seem that she is a joke, but she is anything but that. Her attack is the strongest single hits that any hero delivers.

She’s great in the Collosuem as a support hero. Almost every Collosuem teams will always have the Tracker in it. In ATK Monster Hunting and Hero Stages, she’s in almost all lineups.

Her Battle Skills are good (but not excellent because she is missing HP) and when at gold she will add 30% ATK to all range that she leads.

10. War Heroes

Black Crow Hero Attack in Lords Mobile

Heroes with ATK and HP: Child of Light, Snow Queen, Oath Keeper and Black Crow

That’s a lot… I know. These heroes are all tied in 10th place.

They aren’t completely exceptional in Colosseum and Monster Hunting (aside for Black Crow), but they are incredible war heroes. If you are leading a march against your enemy, you will want to have these heroes leading your troops.

Once, you’ve maxed out your other heroes, I would recommend focusing on whichever hero leads your troops of preference!

Child of Light: Cavalry

Snow Queen: Range

Oath Keeper: Infantry

Black Crow: Range

11. Grove Guardian

The Grove Guardian is incredible in the Colosseum. If you want to hit the top of the Colosseum, and stay there, get the Grove Guardian. He’s weird. Sure. But he’s effective. Of course, like the other heroes, you will have to stop smoking weed and send all your money to IGG instead… The compromises that we make for love…

Unfortunately, he doesn’t come with any administrative skills but he is also a fantastic Range Leader.

He’s incredible for Colosseum!

12. Dream Witch

Dream Witch is a really great army hero, 2nd only to Lore Weaver Storm Fox. If you’ve already focused on the other P2P heroes, I would strongly recommend getting her.

She’s a touch more expensive to max, but worth every cent (that you probably don’t have)…

Simply put, if you have the money and you’re planning to waste it on the $99 resource packs, you may as well use it for the Dream Witch…

13. Death Knight

Death Knight Hero Fighting

The Death Knight may seem so overly scary that he’s actually comical, but he’s a great-ish hero. His ultimate power throws all the nearby enemies toward the back of the Colosseum. He’s a powerful tank, even rivalling the HP of the Big Guy.

His Cavalry Battle Skills aren’t great at all (even though I see SO MANY people using him all the time). There are better heroes when it comes to Battle Skills, even cavalry. The Death Knight shines, however, when it comes to colosseum battle and monster hunting, especially for beginner F2P players. I strongly recommend him until you’re ready to upgrade to the better heroes!

Important Note: Once, you get further along in the game, the Death Knight become antiquated…

14. Witch Doll

Witch doll is another great colosseum hero. She doesn’t need to be maxed out to be effective. Green Shield should be enough. Her ultimate-attack is incredible, and her magical attack is incredible. She can lock up all the enemy heroes at the same time, forcing them all to be sitting ducks while the rest of your lineup pounds your enemy to death.

When she is on fire, she’ll single-handedly win the battle for you!

Unfortunately, her battle skills are all admin (i.e. not for battle but rather technology) and that’s why she is so far down this list!

15. The Big Guy

Big Guy in Furnace

Big Guy is a tank hero, but with amazing bonuses for beginner players. He is P2P (Pay to Play) but one of the cheapest heroes to max quickly. In addition to his power in the Colosseum, he also adds gives a 30% construction boost when gold. As a leader in battle, he gives an incredible initial boost to the infantry (but later on, he is average at best).

The Big Guy costs only $275 to max and you can do it all in one shot. An additional element of Big Guy, are the bonuses that come in the package. The packages along the way, are fantastic.

Important Note: Only get Big Guy at the beginning. Once you hit C25 and beyond, your Big Guy Hero will kind of be a waste. Unless you want to build a strong infantry army, and even then ehhhhhh…

For a beginner player, I would rank Big Guy a lot higher up this list, but for an advanced player, he probably doesn’t even belong here!

16. Songstress of the Sea


I’m not very happy about putting another Paid to Play hero so high up the list, but she’s really good for range troops. She’s an incredible War Hero. It’s that simple. If you are a range person and want to dominate KVK, own the fort, and control Bases you will need a hero like Songstress.

Here are her army boosts at gold:

  • An overall Army ATK of +25%
  • The Army max Health Power of +25%
  • The Army Defense of +25%

The Songstress may be missing a lot of clothes, but she isn’t missing any skill. She’s is a hero fit for a light-weight rally leader.

She costs approximately $1,275 to buy until gold at one shot but only $110 when doing it slowly. Compared to the $11,000 to max some of the other battle P2P heroes she’s basically a bargain. If you want to dominate KVK and you want to use range, I would strongly recommend getting the Songstress.

Best Colosseum Lineup

Before getting into the overall best heroes to have (and max), first we will show you the best Colosseum lineups. Of course, depending on the constellation and on the opposing lineup, these lineups can vary, but here are my favorite Colosseum F2P heroes.

Best Colosseum Lineup for Lords Mobile

Top F2P Lineup: Trickster, Rose Night, Death Night, Prima Donna, and Black Crow.

Alternative F2P Lineup: Tracker, Rose Night, Death Night, Prima Donna, and Demon Slayer.

Top P2P Lineup: Rose Night, Lore Weaver, Tracker, and Demon Slayer

To learn how to reach Number 1 in the Colosseum, click here to read my Definitive Guide.

Which Heroes to Never Use as Leader?

This article has been all about the good heroes… Here’s a little bit about the bad heroes. Feel free to watch my video (and SUBSCRIBE to my channel or else).

  • Trickster (DON’T ever use him for Leader)
  • The siege heroes: Elementalist, Incinerator, and Prima Donna
  • Any hero without ATK battle skills: Death Knight, Scarlet Bolt, Shade, Sage of Storms, and Black Crow

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