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Best Heroes in Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile is multifaceted and so, in order to dominate, you will need to find success throughout all elements of the game. The most important component to work on would be your heroes. Below is our rundown of the best most important heroes in Lords Mobile.

Included in this list is the Hero advantages across all factors of the game. We have included F2P (Free to Play) Heroes and also P2P (Pay to Play) Heroes.

Best Colosseum Lineup

Before getting into the overall best heroes to have (and max), first we will show you the best Colosseum lineups. Of course, depending on the constellation and on the opposing lineup, these lineups can vary, but below is the general gist.

Best Colosseum Lineup for Lords Mobile

Top F2P Lineup: Trickster, Rose Night, Death Night, Prima Donna, and Black Crow.

Alternative F2P Lineup: Tracker, Rose Night, Death Night, Prima Donna, and Demon Slayer.

Top P2P Lineup: Rose Night, Lore Weaver, Tracker, and Demon Slayer

Top Hero: Rose Night (Free to Play)

Rose Night in Lords Mobile Attack

Rose Night is one of the last free heroes to be earned but the overall top hero on our list. She is the most effective for the Colosseum, especially at gold. She and Prima Donna are pretty much part of every Colosseum lineup and together they dominate.

Her Timber Boosts aren’t too far above average, but the Colosseum advantage and Army Attack Boost makes her irreplaceable. I would recommend bringing her to gold as soon as possible, or at least to purple before focusing on other heroes.

We rank Rose Night as a 9.3/10

Songstress (Pay to Play)

Lore Weaver Bazerker Dream Witch Storm Fox Prince of Theieves

Trickster (Free to Play)

The Trickster is one of the most important heroes in Lords Mobile, and the most powerful support hero among the lot. Those toy-looking arrows apparently carry a real punch. The trickster is one of the most physically powerful heroes in Lords Mobile.

My recommendation would be to maximize this hero to gold as soon as possible.

The reasons why the Trickster is so important: Physical Attacking Monster Hunt, Research Boost, Coliseum, Energy Boosts.

We rank the Trickster as 8/10.

Prima Donna (Free to Play) + Lore Weaver (Pay to Play)

Prima Donna is a tricky hero. She looks innocent, but upon further inspection has a lot of weirdness going on. Her skill-sets are pretty much the same. Her boosts primarily assist siege attacks. Yuck. She’s weak. Even her magical attack for monster hunting is usually not as effective as other heroes.

So why is she on this list?

Simple. She heals other heroes, and she is good at it. Prima Donna is perfect for almost all combos. She’s usually the reason that you’ll win or lose a coliseum battle or stage.

Important Note: Lore Weaver is a far better hero and does almost the same thing, but we gave it fewer points on our list because its P2P (read: costs money) and because its healing powers don’t help all the heroes on the battlefield. Otherwise, Lore Weaver is 100x better than Prima Donna.

We rank the Prima Donna as an 7.5/10.

We rank Lore Weaver as an 8/10.

Bombin’ Goblin (Free to Play)

Bombin Goblin is quite a useless hero in many respects. He looks like toy that played with for too long. Something looks eerie and frightening about him, and not in the fun way. He is F2P however and he, like the Rose Night has amazing army attack.

If you were tempted to use Bombin’ Goblin in the Colosseum, I’ll spare you the trouble, don’t. He’s useless.

We rank Bombin’ Goblin as a 6/10.

Big Guy (Pay to Play)

Big Guy Attacking

Big Guy is a tank hero, but with amazing bonuses for beginner players. It’s P2P (Pay to Play) but one of the cheapest heroes to max. In addition to its power in the Colosseum, it also adds gives a 30% construction boost when gold. As a leader in battle, it gives an incredible boost to the infantry.

The Big Guy costs only $275 to max and is the cheapest (and also most important) P2P hero. An additional element of Big Guy, are the bonuses that come in the package. The packages along the way, are fantastic.

Important Note: Only get Big Guy at the beginning. Once you hit C25, your Big Guy Hero will kinda be a waste. Unless you want to build a strong infantry army.

We rank Big Guy as an 8.2/10 (but a 4/10 for advanced players, especially those who have already hit Level 60)


Tracker fighting with army

Tracker has a misunderstood portfolio. It’s attack is the strongest single hit, and therefore has multiple powerful uses. She’s great in the Collosuem although there are better heroes.

Black Crow

Black Crow Hero Attack in Lords Mobile

Hero Chapter Heroes Lineup

For hero Chapters these are the heroes that you won’t need: Elementalist, Death Archer, Oath Keeper, Snow Queen, Bombin Goblin, Sage of Storms, and Night Raven.

In general, these are the guidelines for how to arrange your heroes.

1 and 2 Stunners: Beatrix – Petite Devil, Big Guy Rose Bight, Child of Light, Incinerator

1 Healer: Prima Donna Sea Squire (if leveled)

1 Sniper: Tracker, Scarlet Bolt, Black Crow, Shade

1 Damage Hero: Black Crow

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