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Best Lords Mobile YouTubers

There aren’t many Lords Mobile blogs. In fact, Marks Angry Review is the most popular Lords Mobile website on the internet! My theory is that they saw how cool my Lords Mobile website is and they ran for the hills. There are, however, loads of YouTube accounts that are dedicated to Lords Mobile. Some are incredible and others… Well, not so much! Here are my top picks!

  1. Lady Calsyta
  2. Aevatrex
  3. Worthy Prince
  4. VNNCZ3
  5. Stridox
  6. Llama King

Video vs Blog

Before I talk about who is who in the Lords Mobile YouTube scene, I will first need to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of video vs blogs. As you can see, I’m pro-blogging, but I’m not necessarily anti-video. Consider me bipartisan when it comes to videos.

Instead of handling this topic from a positive angle, I will instead (with intent and pride) take the negative angles on both mediums.

Why Videos are Awful?

Videos have a lot of disadvantages.

Here goes nothing:

  • The ridiculous length. I’ve watched Lords Mobile videos that were 45-mins long and could have been summarized in a single sentence! I’m not exaggerating. I could’ve encapsulated the entire video in under 10-seconds.
  • The attitude and attempted snarkiness. Some of the vloggers will create drama for the sake of drama. If you just want to learn and aren’t interested in the drama, it will be annoying
  • It’s hard to navigate exactly to what you are looking for. Subheadings make finding a particular topic easy. Videos don’t have subheadings. You may have to watch the entire video if you want to find out a particular detail
  • Anyone can make a video. Even complete clowns who have no idea how to play the game. Because half of any video will be based on the character driving it forward, it may take a few minutes to realize that the guy is as clueless as a jack-in-the-box. A blog, however, will show its true colors within about 10-seconds.
  • The ads before the video start. AGGHHHHHHH!!!! Oh, I hate those ads.

Why Blogs are Awful?

All blogs are horrible and boring, aside for Marks Angry Review. Obviously!

  • Blogs can be boring. Not everyone likes to read (or even knows how to read). Videos cross the spectrum of audiences. Even someone with a limited understanding of English will still be able to gain something from a video. A blog will be limited to those who can (and/or like to) read in English.
  • Sometimes, you’ll get lucky and the writer does know how to play Lords Mobile properly. If that is the case, I’m almost certain that the writing will be dreadful. The articles will probably score less than 10 on the Flesch Ease of Reading Test. Finding a blog that is knowledge, legible, and interesting… I mean… That’s probably impossible! If you find such a blog, please let me know!
  • Blogs require concentration, but watching a video doesn’t!

Lady Calysta

Lady Calysta YouTube Banner

Lady Calysta is probably the most effective Lords Mobile YouTube Personality. She’s professional. She knows how to play. And she’s a lot of fun to watch in action!

It is clear that she prepares her videos and puts time into the details. She doesn’t just “turn on the video recorder and go Rambo” like some of the other clowns on YouTube. She puts time into her videos.

Her videos are usually under 12-mins and the information comes fast and quick. The best thing about her performance is that she doesn’t drone on and on.

If you want clear information without drama and hype, she is, without a doubt, the best YouTuber out there.

She is especially great for the newbie players. Her videos are packed with tips that will help beginners get on their feet. Listen out for her advice on the common mistakes and what to avoid! I reckon that it would be a lot better to watch her explain what to avoid than to make lots of epic fails in person.

My Interview with Lady Calysta

Lady Calysta

I reached out to Lady Calysta to ask her about Lords Mobile. Here is what she said:

Q: What do you love most about Lords Mobile?

What I love the most about Lords Mobile is burning castles! If I have had a bad day at work – it’s a great way to take out the stress of the day as well as just participating in guild events.

Q: How did you first get involved?

The reason I got started on this. Way back (almost two years ago), I saw a massive lack of content in English as it related to the game.

I adored the game when I first started but when I tried googling and searching for different topics I usually couldn’t find much. Of course, now we have an absolute ton of fabulous youtubers, but a couple of years ago the scene was quite different.

I really have tried to share knowledge and different aspects of the games in the content I create, and I really try to be thoughtful about the topics. This is why I don’t post as often as I think the community would like lol.

Here are some of her best beginners videos:


Aevatrex Banner from YouTube

I think that Aevatrex is definitely on par with Lady Kalysta in regards to knowledge. He knows his stuff. He isn’t dramatic with his presentation skills – but to be fair – most people don’t really want drama. He’s a little drier and more factual than Kalysta. He also has a lot more videos. A lot more! He posts all the time! Which is awesome for the typical Lords Mobile junky.

He is extremely knowledgeable and it shows. Unlike many of the other YouTubers who will only talk theory and can hardly be trusted, his experiments are very much hands-on (and he’ll buy anything just to prove a point). If you want to see what something looks like, he won’t tell you about it, he’ll show you!

He has a very competitive attitude (but thankfully without all the screaming and shouting). He’s a pro! If you threaten him, he will actually take you down. And best of all it will be quick, cold and calculated!

If you want to really learn about Lords Mobile, Aevatrex is a great YouTuber to follow!

My Interview with Aevatrex

I reached out to Aevatrex to ask him a few quersionts. Here’s what he said:

Q: What do you love most about Lords Mobile?

I first got involved with Lords Mobile because I did videos for another IGG game called Castle Clash, and IGG sent me Lords Mobile APK before it released for me to check out and share with my audience.

Q: How did you first get involved?

I first got involved with Lords Mobile because I did videos for another IGG game called Castle Clash, and IGG sent me Lords Mobile APK before it released for me to check out and share with my audience.

Worthy Prince

Worthy Prince Banner

Worthy Prince has energy. A lot of energy. But that’s not a bad thing. I enjoy it. He’s not boring and it shows. His videos, for the most part, are not short. It’s kinda like your chilling with him as he plays the game.

He knows what he is talking about. His information is relevant and researched. He’s the type of YouTuber that I would recommend to watch regularly. And don’t just watch a video with a title that intrigues you. I strongly suggest that you watch all of his videos, even if you already know what the video topic is about. He’s a tangential speaker and he’ll mention random things throughout his video that will come in handy.

He’s also great when it comes to finding out random stuff about Lords Mobile. In this video, he busts a player who is building a whole guild just to cheat. Great work!

He also does a lot of streaming. They are long! Be warned! And they are really popular! He has a lot of people logging in to join! I STRONGLY recommend joining!

One thing that is fun about his videos is his random movie-culture references and video-work-ins. Some of them are really funny!

My Interview with Worthy Prince

I connected with Worthy Prince and asked him the same two questions. Here are his responses!

Q: What do you love most about Lords Mobile?

What I love most about Lords Mobile, apart from burning castles is the social interaction. Not only with my guild but the whole Lords Mobile community through my channel. It truly is an amazing place to be and I’m humbled daily by the support they give back.
Q: How did you first get involved?
I’ve always been a video gamer since the age of 3! I only recently moved over to mobile gaming a couple of years ago and immediately realised that I enjoy the build-your-empire type of game.
After a short time playing Mobile Stroke I moved over to Lords Mobile.
The gameplay and graphics were an instant appeal to me, and I haven’t looked back since. I started my YouTube channel a couple of months in as I enjoyed helping and entertaining people. I’ve been amazed at how my channel has grown and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

This video is great. It’s a live rundown of watching the big players fight.

He even made a video targeting Stridox…



VNNCZ3 was probably the most popular Lords Mobile You Tuber (before he deleted all the videos on his channel).

I’ll be honest. I enjoyed watching him a lot. Majority of his video was straight-up nonsense, but it was enjoyable. When he did actually talk about the game, it was informative. He knows the game and he’s good at what he does.

So much of what he said, however, was just brainless. Completely brainless. But fun… Almost like watching a turtle slowly march towards a cliff.

He tried going big and opened up another YouTube called Quality Time Gaming. It’s enjoyable, but it’s not really about Lords Mobile anymore.

I think it would be awesome if he went back to Lords Mobile Vlogging. He was good!

I couldn’t find his contact info and so I wasn’t able to interview him!


Stridox Banner YouTube

Stridox generated a lot of drama within the Lords Mobile YouTube world, and then with explosions and bold announcements, he left Lords Mobile entirely.

His tutorial videos are still on YouTube and I strongly recommend watching him. Many of the videos are quite long, but if you like his style, you will enjoy the length.

His opinions are rather polarized. You will either agree all the way or completely disagree. Which is fine! I always prefer someone who spends his time actually thinking (and therefore has a dramatic opinion) than most the sheep who are currently reading my blog! Yes, be offended!

He isn’t trying to be fancy. He is genuine! And a lot of fun! I strongly recommend him!

My Interview with Stridox

Stridox You Tube

I reached out to Stridox to ask him about Lords Mobile. Here’s what he said:

Q: What do you love most about Lords Mobile?

My favorite element of Lords Mobile is attacking other players.

Q: How did you first get involved?

I first got involved when playing IGG’s other game called Castle Clash. They announced that Lords was releasing and wanted me to try the beta. I did and started playing it.

Llama King

Llama King is on the more random side of things, but he definitely has a following.

His videos are longer and usually streaming live. I recommend watching him if you want to catch the details that go in to be a great player. It’s usually the subtleties that will prove to help the most in the long run.

Below is his video of him reaching 600m Might.

Final Thoughts

Watching the Professional Players do-their-thing will definitely up your own playing level. The important step will be finding a YouTuber that you can connect with (and also understand).

Don’t take my word for anything. Watch them all and then gravitate towards whoever makes the most amount of sense.

I have missed some of the good Lords Mobile YouTubers. If anyone is missing, please tell me in the comments below!