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How to Build the Ultimate Trap Account

The big players and guilds in Lords Mobile are burning you to shreds and you want sweet revenge? Enter the trap account. A well-designed trap account will destroy their army, capture their leaders, and have them fuming in anger. Read this comprehensive guide to learn the steps to building the most powerful trap account.

A few early warnings:

  • Building an effective trap account requires patience and time. If you want the trap account to go faster it will also take money.
  • Not all traps will take down the highest might players. Some players will still be too big to trap.
  • You will need to create a new account (an alt account) to create a trap. Using your main account won’t usually work (see below) if you also want to use that account in the traditional way.
  • If you are gentle and kindhearted, trap accounts aren’t for you
  • Also, I’m a bigger fan of Infirmary Traps and Garrison Traps. Just saying!

What is a Trap Account?

Trap Account War

Beginner players on Lords Mobile assume that a trap account is an account that has maxed the trap section of the research. They may also assume that the trap boost gear and jewels have been maxed. This is incorrect. A trap account has very little to do with “trap research”.

A trap account is an account that appears very weak, but in fact, is hiding a well-planned and tactically superior army.

Large players, assuming that the “trap castle” is carrying the type of army that a typical player of that might would have, launch a confident attack. It is likely that they’ve also placed a hero to lead their army.

They are met with shock when their leader is captured and their army is destroyed.

It’s rather poetic to watch.

The Characteristics of a Trap Account

Attacking Castle Walls

There are many characteristic elements and argumentative details that go into creating a trap account, but – good news – there are also some general guidelines that almost all players agree on. I don’t care for other opinions (who has time for that) and so here are the top factors that I believe a trap account should have:

  • A LOT of infirmaries. At least 12-16 infirmaries. Prepare to lose a lot of soldiers in every attack.
  • Soldiers. You will try to stick to T2 and T3 troops, but some traps subsist on T1 troops. It is a matter of preference.
  • Avoid any research above level 8 (to keep might low). See below for more explanation.
  • Avoid maxing most buildings past 20-23 (to keep might low)
  • A large supply of anti-scouts
  • Very little recourse buildings (or even better – none at all)
  • A very dark soul

Does a Trap need Anti Scout?

Anti scout activated 19 hours remaining

The obvious is yes. And therefore that is the correct answer as well. There will be sometimes when you will drop the anti-scouts and switch it for a defensive boost, but in general you greatest offensive will be your invisible defense.

The best traps, however, are the ones that don’t even need anti-scouts. Read below about the Infirmary Traps and Garisson Traps.

How Many Soldiers do you Need for a Trap?

Troops Defending Castle in Lords Mobile

This is a trick question. The best answer is to decide based on your beds.

In general, if your army doesn’t fit in your infirmary, you have too many soldiers. Ideally, you want your army to fall at least between 300,000 and 700,000. Ideally, the number to aim for is 1.2 – 1.5 million troops. A full 16 infirmaries will give you 650,000 beds without counting the boost from the Mole Shaman.

Traps are for a high-risk player and so you will want to prepare for a lot of losses.

Leaders and Heroes

Hero Captured from Attack

This is important. You need your heroes to be maxed to gold! Not just your leader, but every hero standing on the wall.

The heroes don’t add to much might to your overall score so you don’t have to worry about the powerful heroes giving you away.

Expert Tip: You can have incinerator as your hero when people march against you and then switch it to a gold hero as soon as they attack.

Research for Trap Accounts

Research for Trap Accounts

You have to be really careful when researching technology for your trap accounts. If you ignore research, your army will be useless, but if you research too much technology the castle might will be too big, and it will be obvious that you are a trap account.

It’s about balance.

Here are the researches that you should focus on:

  • Defense Research. This Research is debatable. I prefer to research half of the defense technology just to give an extra hit to those who attack the castle. Technically, you don’t have to research defense.
  • Military Research. Don’t unlock T4, but try and get as much of your military research unlocked.
  • Upgrade Military. Technically you can ignore it, but I would recommend researching the subsidy technology for whatever troops you plan on building. This research will save you a lot of resources. It is worth it.
  • Army Leadership. Research Training Speed and Phalanx.

Which Buildings to Develop

Buildings are tricky. You may need the resource buildings at first but will then want to destroy them later on.

Here is the list of the different buildings that you will want to max to 24 or 25:

  • Castle (because you have no choice)
  • Watchtower
  • Embassy (so that you can get reinforced if need be). Just make sure that you are reinforced before you are within eye-range of your enemy.
  • Wall. Also, add as many T3 traps as you can. It will add to your might but it’s worth it.
  • Infirmaries. This is critical! Make sure that you have as many infirmaries as possible. If you start losing troops, you don’t want them all to die. Build as many infirmaries as you can! Note how many exclamation marks I put into this list item!

Traps and Battle Fury

Battle Fury Activated

The biggest defense for the smaller trap accounts is going to be your shield, and it is for that reason that you are never going to want to go into battle fury.

If a large player solo-attacks you and loses most of his soldiers, he is going to be furious. The next logical step for him would be to call his guild together and burn you to the ground. If you scouted or attacked him you will have to wait for 15-mins before you can scout.

It is for that reason that you should never ever go into battle fury. The 5% boost is not worth losing all your troops.

If you are a big trap (who can eat a rally attack) or if you live on the dangerous side of life, then YOLO and scout away.

Infirmary Traps and Garrison Traps

Let’s be real… Who actually falls for traps anymore? Everyone playing knows someone who fell for it, and now everyone else is on high alert!

If you want to trap a high-level player, you are going to have to play dirty or smart. I prefer both!

The Infirmary Trap is simple and ANYONE can do it without any prior planning. I explain it in great detail in my KVK guide.

  • Wait until all (or most) your troops are in the Infirmary
  • Heal 30K – 40K troops and leave them open with your hero.
  • Don’t use Anti-scout! This is important. You want people to scout you!
  • Begin healing all the rest of your troops, but leave a few hours left of the process!
  • If someone scouts you and then sends troops against you, quickly heal and you will own them.

The Garrison Trap works in the same way, but just Garrison your troops in a smaller castle.

Best Tips for Trap Accounts

  • Build up equipment and jewels. These are invaluable!
  • Max the watchtower to level 25 (In addition to watchtower stats it will reduce enemy invading troops ATK)
  • Once the soldiers are trained, destroy all extra resource buildings
  • Make sure that you plan out an effective plan for your talents! Make sure you use the military tree and make sure that it compliments the troops that you have!