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Is it Worth Buying Big Guy?

Firstly, and I always start with this when talking about spending in Lords Mobile, don’t buy packs if you can’t pay rent. Don’t be a nerf herder. Use your brains instead of your ego. The Big Guy won’t keep you warm when you’re sleeping under a bridge.

That being said, the answer to this question is complicated. It’s not a quick “yes” or “no”.

Rundown of the Big Guy

Here’s the scoop. The Big Guy is not all that good for most things… Yes, I’ve said it. The Big Guy is just completely underwhelming for an advanced player (unless of course, you need his one good element).

Anyways, here are his stats.

  • Construction Boost 30% (See Below) + Sacred Broadsword [Main-hand]
  • Infantry DEF 50% (Yuck)
  • Infantry ATK 30% (See Below)
  • Tank with HP 32,043 (See Below) in Colosseum

That’s all the headlines. His little tricks and fighting techniques aren’t worth mentioning. Boring.

Construction Boost

Big Guy in Furnace

Lots of beginner players will get Big Guy because they want to push their construction and move quickly to Castle 25.

It’s a fine strategy, the Big Guy will dish out a fiery 40% boost when maxed after adding the admin boost (30% boost) to the Sacred Broadsword gear (10% construction boost). That’s a massive jump-start for beginner players.

Is it worthwhile?

Well, if you have the money to spend and you’re planning on buying research and construction packs (yuck), I would strongly recommend buying the Big Guy instead!

Infantry ATK Hero

Big Guy Attacking

Okay, this is the real meat of the article!

Lords Mobile don’t provide a lot of Infantry Heroes. You’re kind of on your own if you want to focus on Infantry. There’s Twilight Princess (and she’s solid) and Grim Wolf (who is half solid). And the rest are not really noteworthy. Femme Fatale is worse than the Big Guy.

The obvious problem with the Big Guy is that he’s more expensive than Twilight Princess and Grim Wolf. But if you need an extra Infantry Hero and you want the other advantages of Big Guy that’s when I would recommend buying him. The only logic I can see for getting Big Guy would be a compounded rationale for a beginner player.

Once you’re advanced and have maxed the F2P Infantry Heroes, Twilight Princess and Grim Wolf are much better options. To learn more about the best heroes to buy in Lords Mobile, click here.

Big Guy in Colosseum

Big Guy is a Tank with HP 32,043. That’s one of the toughest tanks in Lords Mobile. The problem, of course, is that he still sucks.

I see so many newbies using him. I’m assuming that they are just so proud to have him. But he sucks. He’s dreadful in almost all situations.

But he has one moment when he’s great. If you see a player that doesn’t use a healer in the Colosseum the best counter is Big Guy, Death Knight, a Healer (Prima or Lore), Rose Knight, and Tracker (or Black Crow). It works almost every time. Even if the other player is far more powerful!

While talking about the Big Guy and fighting, don’t ever use him for monster hunting. He’s a bloody waste of time!

How to Buy Big Guy?

Paid Pack of Big Guy

Big Guy works differently than the other heroes in Lords Mobile. IGG really wants you to buy him and so they make it a lot easier for you to buy. You won’t have to wait for the store rotations.

As soon as you buy the first pack, all future packs will be found (always) at the bottom of the store.

Another big difference is the price and buying format. Big Guy cannot be purchased for cheaper (at a slower pace) like the other heroes. There’s only one way to buy him and that’s at an incremental pace.

Winning Start$1

It costs $276 to bring the Big Guy up to gold and max him. That’s a lot more than most of the regular P2P heroes.

Final Thoughts

The Big Guy P2P Hero

As you should be able to tell, I’m not the biggest fan of Big Guy. He has some cool elements, especailly for beginners.

After 6-months of playing (especially if you’re P2P), the Big Guy is a hero you stop thinking about… He, and his stupid single-eye and squirrel, just end up rusting away.

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