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Buying Gems Illegally in Lords Mobile

Okay. I’m doing it. I’ve been warned to leave this controversial topic alone, and yet, here I am doing exactly what I planned never to do…

Here we go for a topic on whether or not you should pay for those beloved gems… How to buy illegal gems… And the risks!

How to Buy Gems

Gravel Gems Purchase

Only 1% of you actually came here to learn how to do it… I’m sure that the rest of you already know.

It shouldn’t be hard to explain. You’ve probably already googled this topic a few times. You’ve probably even compared prices and hovered your arrow over the purchase button.

Teaching you how to buy gems is as pointless as trying to teach you how to walk into a glass wall. You probably know the topic better than me.

In short: You buy gems just like everything else, you give your credit card information* and then purchase gems in exchange. Welcome to the 21st century!

Does Lords Mobile allow Buying Gems?

IGG Terms of Service
Here’s where you can read the IGG’s Terms of Service

This is a simple question with a very obvious answer. The answer is no.

Lords Mobile is making a fortune selling in-app purchases and they do not want anyone to buy from anyone else. They want all the money for themselves and their shareholders.

Here is the quote from their Terms of Services:

You are not permitted to sell, auction, trade, sublicense, rent, lease, loan or transfer any Account, character, Game Resources or any copyrighted material, except as expressly permitted under Clause 6.

Basically, they don’t allow it!

Is it actually illegal to Buy fake gems?

Scales Law in Court

This is where the question gets interesting… And this is also where – in spite of my usual arrogance – the question plummets way out of the depth of my knowledge.

And even though I am completely under-qualified to answer this question – like every modern-day reporter – I’m going to make up garbage, package it with intricate wording, and sell it like hot-cakes.

Here we go…

My calculated suspicion is that it is, in reality, illegal. While in some countries, such as, like, in South Africain and The Iraq may permit stealing, most countries will forbid purchasing illegal gems. IGG have licensed their artwork and intellectual property. Using it or selling any of it without authorization is an infringement of their copyrights.

Is this a fact? No. I’m not a lawyer. I don’t want to be a lawyer. I want to be a smart-ass who writes nonsense and triggers millennials. And unlike you, I actually manage to do what I want…

What Happens if You Get Caught Cheating?

I’m trying to find anecdotal evidence online. Not much luck! If you do have any experience in this area, please share in the comments below. I’m genuinely curious.

I found lots of hear-say and threats online, but not much can be verified…

The official policy of IGG is that they will lock-down your account and throw you out if they catch you…

Can they legally lock you out?

This question is easy. Yes they can! You agreed to their Terms and Services before playing their game.

Do they always catch people?

Also easy. No. I’ve seen lots of accounts that have clearly been hacked… They all have the same signs. The inconstant stats. The bloated specifications. And their instant and meteoric rise in might…

The scamming accounts stink – almost as much as what you’d imagine the Big Guy smells like on an average day.

Are you Allowed to Sell Resources for Speed-Ups?

Speed ups Lords Mobile

This is harder to determine. I mean the Terms seem to gravitate towards not allowing it, and yet I haven’t seen IGG specify ban it… Correct me if I’m wrong… I skimmed it rather quickly. I do have a life after all…

And, here’s the big punch-line, everyone is doing it! No one is even trying to hide it. And IGG is fully aware of it and aren’t saying a word.

It’s probably one of those things that they don’t know how to police or control… Throwing all their users out of the game would not be good for business! And everyone is doing it. Everyone!

So long as it is being done in an unofficial capacity and between guild-members, I can’t imagine IGG taking any action against it!

Reasons not to Cheat

Lords mobile Gems Purchasing

I can’t believe it is coming to this – but here we go – I’m writing a list on why not to cheat:

  • It’s stealing. Don’t be a thief.
  • You risk getting thrown out of Lords Mobile
  • The enjoyment factor of the game will be highly decreased. Most of the fun of Lords Mobile is the challenge to grow and the delight in reaching the grand milestones. Cheating will give you none of that enjoyment. Yes, you’ll just be big and scary. You’ll burn everyone in sight for a few days, but then you’ll realize that there is no risk, and then the game will become insanely boring. It will be like you are playing chess against yourself*
  • Here’s the big reason: Phishing. Not to be confused with fishing… Many of the vendors selling fake accounts, fake gems, game hacks, unlocked APKs aren’t actually selling anything real. They claim to sell it and then they take your personal information and payment information and use it illegally.

*Those that do play chess against themselves, please identify yourself, and then leave my website promptly. I have no patience for that type of behavior!

How to Cheat?

Alright. You’ve read this stupid article while picking your nose and chewing on your sugary salad. And you still want to go ahead with cheating.

Good for you! It’s heroes like you who make the really dumb people seem smart. Prepare your Nobel Peace Prize speech. You’re almost ready to deliver it!

Here are all the ways to cheat:

  • Google “Lords Mobile Gems”
  • That’s it! You are good to go! Enjoy!

Final Thoughts

Cheat if you want. Honestly, I don’t care what you do. I’m not your mother!

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