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How to Use the Cargo Ship on Lords Mobile

Most techniques on Lords Mobile require hard work, intense concentration, devotion, and also a fast moving credit card. The Cargo Ship is one notable exception. On the Lords Mobile Cargo Ship, you can get stuff for free, easily. Well not fully free, but keep reading.

Activating the Cargo Ship

Cargo Ship Location on Screen

The Cargo ship, like the Transmutation Lab, isn’t an upgrade-enabled building. It becomes available once you hit level-13 and is then fully accessible. There are no bonus boosts or options that the Cargo Ship inherently provides. The ship itself has no upgrades or no additional options. It is just a boring ship that somehow magically restocks without ever leaving or arriving from any destination.

So what is the ship? Just 4 slots that enable you to trade within a fixed time slot. You can give away some of your resources and receive cool things in exchange.

The ship resupplies its stock every 6 hours (together with the Admin Quests and Guild Quests). Sometimes there are also captains specials hiding behind trading slots. See below for more of a rundown on the captain specials.

If a particularly good deal shows up but you don’t currently have the resources to buy it, you can lock it and trade at a later date. Please note, that a locked deal won’t disappear until you trade it. Only click this option if you are sure that you want it.

Tips for using the Cargo Ship

Cargo Ship Exchange Options

In general, I always recommend trading almost all the slots in the cargo ship, especially if you’re a high might player. Here are the top tips for dominating the simple task of trading:

  • If you are hyper-farming a particular resource always trade even if the deal isn’t particularly good. Open resources can get stolen. Traded resources will go straight into your bag.
  • Trade resources for speedups, especially at the beginning of your gaming life. You can always farm more resources. Time, however, is money.
  • If you are offered to sell a smaller resource for a larger quantity of the same resource, do it. The captain of this particular ship is very dull in the head. It’s not a trap, it’s an opportunity.
  • Don’t get too stuck on the star ranking system on the ship. Almost all the deals are great. You can’t really go wrong. As I mentioned, the captain of the cargo ship is a real idiot. (There is an actual mathematical calculation to the stars. Keep reading if you want to hear my theory. And yes, I know that there are those who argue to only trade 2-star or 3-star deals. Ignore them.)
  • Always switch resources for gold. Unless of course, you don’t want to have your gold stolen by roaming bullies. Or unless you are allergic to gold.

Trading Ratios in Lords Mobile

This section is riddled with controversy, and unlike my standard attitude, I will not pretend to have the definitive answer. So here goes nothing. Feel free to argue in the comments below!

Please note that these rates are my recommended conversions of what you should charge if you want to trade resources with other players.

These numbers are not exact to the decimal points. Please put your calculators back into your top pocket and lift up your reading glasses. These numbers are ballpark figures! Let’s not get too caught up on the details. If you want, you can always argue with me in the comments below. I do read the comments 🙂

The general idea: Gold is worth 6-7 times more than ore, stone, and wood. Ore, Stone, and Wood are worth 1.50 – 1.70 times more than food. Gold is worth 6.50 – 7.70 times more than food.

Give FoodGive OreGive StoneGive WoodGive Gold
If you receive 1,000 Food1,000660660660129
If you receive 1,000 Ore1,7001,0001,0001,000142
If you receive 1,000 Stone1,7001,0001,0001,000142
If you receive 1,000 Wood1,7001,0001,0001,000142
If you receive 1,000 Gold7,7007,0007,0007,0001,000

The acceptable trading chart above should usually give you 3 stars in the cargo ship. A trade that is further away from these number will rank with 1 star or two stars.

It could be possible that when trading between friends or against gold that people will ask more or less than my chart above. The general idea of this chart, however, is correct and a great template to start with when making trades.

Trading Calculator

I will soon publish an entire article dedicated to trading in Lords Mobile, but until then here is the calculator that will help you determine resource trading rates.

Of course, if you can get more than the calculated amount, take it. The value listed here is merely the fair market value.

Understanding the Star System

Example of Trading Slots on Cargo Ship

Based on the previous section this is how to actually work out the cargo ship star system. (The above chart is more of a guide to use when trading with other players.)

Let’s work out the trading slot that is surrounded by a red border.

Your first step will be to deduct 7,500,000 by 1.7. Your answer will be 4,411,764.705 and change. This amount is nicely above 2,999,000 and therefore, it is a great deal and ranks with 2 stars. Almost all deals in the cargo ship will be above my above formula, but some will be a lot better than others. Not all animals are equal.

The Captain’s Special

Captains Special on Cargo Ship

The Captains Special only show up occasionally. They usually cost either $0.99 or $4.99. You’d think that they would always be great opportunities. They’re not. Most of them are horrible.

This is a good lesson in life. Most opportunities are rubbish. You read it here first.

Below is an example of a mediocre Captain Special. Definitely not worth $0.99 in my opinion even though it is ranked with 3 stars. Let me remind you that the star system was created by IGG…

Example of Captains Special

The only exception I’ve seen so far that may be worthwhile is the $0.99 Captain’s Special for the 5 Bravehearts. See image below. I would recommend this package for beginner players who want to jumpstart their medals or trophies.

Captain Special 1 dollar 5 bravehearts

This package costs $0.99

Final Thoughts on the Cargo Ship

The Cargo Ship is easy to operate and is the first place that you should check whenever you log in after a few hours offline. The annoying notification will also be there to remind you.

If you had to put on special gear or talents each time you wanted to use the cargo ship, I would understand people who don’t trade. This, however, is not the case. You don’t need to make any equipment changes. If you don’t trade at the cargo ship you are officially a lazy bum. Don’t make excuses. That’s just the way it is.

You are probably still living in your parent’s basement swiping away $99 packs with their credit cards. Ouch. That probably hit too close to home! Good. Go get a job and stop reading my blog!

Rant over.