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Lords Mobile Guide

I love playing Lords Mobile (by IGG)! Here are articles that will break down everything that you’ll need to know in order to dominate your kingdom! I won’t be humble. Who has the time and patience for that? And therefore I will say it as it is: This is the best guide of Lords Mobile that you will find ever, including the YouTube Bobble-heads. This guide is regularly updated. As I grow in Lords Mobile, so will you. Discover how to build your turf, hunt monsters, battle other guilds and most importantly grow in might.

The Guide to Trickster in Lords Mobile

Trickster is undoubtedly one of the top heroes in Lords Mobile. Read this article to learn everything that you’ll need to know about this powerful (and very weird) hero. Trickster’s Backstory Like all the Heroes in Lords Mobile, the Trickster has a backstory that makes no sense and borders on juvenile. Usually,…