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Walkthrough of Chapter 6 Elite Stages

Chapter 6 of Lords Mobile Elite Stage is called Twilight Spring. Why? Because the background is green and has little rivers/springs. I mean, the person who came up with this name was sniffing something a lot stronger than glue. Does IGG require all their employees to have mandatory head-banging exercises?

Maybe if they used pop-sockets instead of shaky hands, they may have a chance of not shaking their brains out. Also, get a pop-socket if you want your gameplay to be smooth. Or don’t get one. I don’t care!

Anyways, you didn’t come here to hear my opinion on the backstories in Lords Mobile, and so without further rants, here goes a rundown on how to finish Chapter 6 Elite of Lords Mobile.

  1. Elite Stage 6-3
  2. Elite Stage 6-6
  3. Elite Stage 6-9
  4. Elite Stage 6-12
  5. Elite Stage 6-15
  6. Elite Stage 6-18

Elite Stage 6-3

Lineup: Tracker, Demon Slayer, Child of Light, Prima Donna, and Trickster

These heroes should be at level 51 or 52. If they are lower than that, you will have a very hard time, finishing this stage…

Elite 6-3 Lineup

Stage 1: This stage is rather straightforward. Just don’t use your Prima Donna ultimate until you need to. Wait until the other Heroes are about to die, and then use Prima Donna to heal them all.

Stage 2: Like the earlier stage, save your Prima Donna healing powers until the Demon Slayer is running really low.

Stage 3: Focus on the boss. Try and use all the ultimate attacks on getting him killed. When the Child of Light is ready to ultimate-attack, obviously include as many enemies as you can, but make sure that the King Fishy Weirdo (Sea Squire) is stunned as well!

Elite Stage 6-6

Lineup: Prima Donna, Child of Light, Death Knight, Sea Squire and Tracker

Elite Stage 6-6 Lineup

Stage 1: If you have low ranking heroes, you can use your ultimate-attacks at the beginning to reduce the number of enemies. Once you have only 1-2 enemy monsters on the screen, save the ultimate attacks for the next stage.

Stage 2: Wait a few seconds for the enemy to get close and then use the ultimate attacks (ideally use Tracker) on the small little monster with the red tops. It will keep healing itself if you don’t take it out quickly. When you just have the cannons left, save your ultimate-attacks unless you need them.

Stage 3: This can be hard if you don’t strategize. Try and use all you ultimates at the beginning so that they can replenish by the time the enemy reinforcements come. The enemy will only come when all the enemy monsters on the board are dead. Make sure that you use Prima Donna as soon as the enemy reinforcements come. If she is too weak they will kill her as soon as they start attacking.

Elite Stage 6-9

Hero Lineup: Tracker, Child of Light, Death Knight, Prima Donna, and Trickster

If you have low-level heroes, you may have to try this stage a few times until you get it right…

Elite Stage Heroes 6-9

Stage 1: Use your attacks on the back line of attackers, and make your way to the enemy Child of Light. Use your Child of Light to stun as many enemies as possible with each ultimate attack.

Stage 2: First attack all enemy heroes that are beside Prima Donna. Don’t let her get killed. You will need her to keep saving everyone else!

Stage 3: Focus on the Big Tree. If you can get other Child of Lights in why not. Once the Big Tree Monster is finished, focus on the other little Child of Lights. Don’t forget that some of them are behind you…

Elite Stage 6-12

This is the famous level that will help you unlocking Rose Knight!

Hero Lineup: Prima Donna, Demon Slayer, Child of Light, Incinerator, and Tracker

Please note that your heroes will need to be at least Level 54 or 55.

Elite Stage 6-12

Stage 1: Stage 1 is easy. Try and not use any of your ultimates. Save them for Stage 2. The only one to use is Prima Donna to heal the heroes if needed.

Stage 2: Focus all the ultimate-attacks for the enemy monsters standing at the back. Save your Prima Donna until you really need. When you have only 3 enemy monsters left, start saving your ultimates for Stage 3.

Stage 3: Kill all the secondary enemy monsters. Save Rose Knight for last. Once she’s the only one standing, send everything against her!

Elite Stage 6-15

The best part of this Stage is that you can use your newly minted Rose Knight. Just make sure to bring her up to at least Level 55 or 56 before attempting to win this level.

Hero Lineup: Prima Donna, Rose Knight, Child of Light, Demon Slayer, and Tracker

Elite Stage 6-15 Hero Lineup

Stage 1: Hit a few of the enemy with ultimates, but towards the end of the stage start saving the ultimates. Only use Prima if you need to heal anyone! Reinforcements will come and you will need the ultimates to stop them from killing Prima Donna.

Stage 2: This stage is rather straightforward. Focus your ultimate-attacks for the enemy furthest away. Keep an eye on the witch. If she’s starting to gear up to attack, hit her with a stun (tracker, rose or bunny rabbit).

Stage 3: This stage is hard. The trick is to focus all your attention on the enemy Prima Donna. Don’t let her heal. As soon as she begins turning around in circles, hit her with a stun. When she recovers, hit her with another stun. You need to keep her stunned until she is dead! This may take many tries… If she manages to heal, wait until all your heroes reach ultimate attack, and then try again.

Elite Stage 6-18

Hero Lineup: Tracker, Rose Knight, Oath Keeper, Prima Donna, and Black Crow (alternatively you can switch her for Death Archer)

Her Lineup Elite Stage 6-18

Stage 1: There is no real strategy that I could find for Stage 1. It’s not too hard. Just attack all the enemies. Save the Tree Monster for last.

Stage 2: This should be an easy stage. Just save up your ultimate-attacks when only the cannons are left on the field. You will need them for stage 3.

Stage 3: The enemy that you should be most cautious of is Trickster. He takes a while to hit his ultimate-attack, but when he does, he can easily kill 3 of your heroes in one shot. Wait 3-5 seconds and then hit him with Tracker. Wait a few more seconds and hit him again with Oath Keeper. Ideally, try and time it as he rises in the air and is about to strike. If Rose Knight is close enough, hit him again. Use all the ultimates on him. Once he’s dead, focus on the other heroes at the back.

This is a hard level. Expect to try many times before you finish it successfully.

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