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Walk-through of Chapter 8 Elite Stages

If you’ve come this far, you are officially good at this Elite Stage thing. Just be warned, Chapter 8 is a tricky stage and you will still need more help and advice (in more ways than this, just saying). Here is the complete’s guide to completing the quests in Chapter 8 of Lords Mobile’s Elite Stages. The strategy below is for Free-To-Play players. Pay to play players can just reach a billion might and burn their way to happiness.

Chapter 8 is named Goddess’ Trail and Sacred Soil. Why you may ask? I don’t know. Stop asking me stupid questions. IGG thinks that they can use mystical names to replace actually putting any thought into the plot. It’s almost like calling “Sesame Street” by the name of “The Secret Light of Sacredness”.

Important Note: If a player has reached Elite Stage 8, I would assume that he has maxed the trophies on all his important heroes. If you haven’t, please leave this guide and go back to

Table of Contents

  1. Elite Stage 8-3
  2. Elite Stage 8-6
  3. Elite Stage 8-9
  4. Elite Stage 8-12
  5. Elite Stage 8-15
  6. Elite Stage 8-18

Elite Stage 8-3

An overall note about this level: If you don’t complete any of the three stages before 55 seconds is remaining, you will lose. Those reinforcements are not winnable!

Lineup: Prima Donna, Sea Squire, Rose Knight, Incinerator, and Tracker.

Elite Stage 8-3

Stage 1: This stage is rather easy. You will want to take out the front-liners and save the Black Crow for last. Once you have only one enemy left, stop using your ultimate-attacks. Save them for the next stage. One extra note is if you lose a hero in this stage, exit and start again. You will need all your heroes to win this competition.

Stage 2: Stage 2 is really difficult. Winning should be easy. But winning with 55-seconds remaining is close to impossible. The trick is to ignore the massive Barbarian (aside for attacks from the Rose Knight) and focus on eliminating the smaller heroes. Once all of them are done, focus all your energy on the big ugly guy. This technique works eventually, but you may need to try a bunch of times.

Stage 3: Also very hard. You are going to want to use the same technique as stage 2. You may also have to try a bunch of times until you get it (and also get 3 stars). Wait for 3-seconds before striking. Focus on hitting as many enemy troops at the same time. And pray!

The Boss that you win for this level is Oath Keeper.

Elite Stage 8-6

Elite Stage 8-6 is very hard. Your heroes will need to be advanced in order to win this level. I don’t think that they need to be fully maxed like mine, but they do need to be up there…

Hero Lineup: Prima Donna, Rose Knight, Death Knight, Incinerator, and Tracker.

Stage 1: Let your heroes do there thing, but save your ultimate attacks until they are all ready. Hit only the turtle with Incinerator, Prima, Death Knight and then Rose Knight. Don’t use Prima Donna if you don’t have to.

Stage 2: Go after the Incinerator. Keeping using all the ultimates on her. If any of the heroes get halfway, use the Prima Donna. The incinerator has a powerful attack. Don’t risk it.

Stage 3: This stage can be really tough if your heroes aren’t strong enough and you get the timing wrong.

Don’t use any ultimates until the Donkey Man (Sage of Storms) shows up. Save Rose Knight’s ultimate until she gets close enough to the Donkey Man. ONLY ATTACK DONKEY MAN. Forget about the rest of the enemies.

Victory screen on Elite Stage 8

And that’s it! You may need to keep trying a few times…

When you win you get the Sage of Storms Hero!

Elite Stage 8-9

Good news. You can use the same lineup as 8-6. This team is highly effective through most of the Elite Stage 8.

Elite Stage 8-9 hero lineup

Hero Lineup: Prima Donna, Rose Knight, Death Knight, Incinerator, and Tracker.

Stage 1: You shouldn’t have to do anything. Save the ultimates for the next stage. If you have to, use the Prima Donna healing, but if you can avoid it, save her for later.

Stage 2: This one can get dicey if you miss the timing. The first thing to use the ultimates on is that barely-dressed-lady flouting at the back of the screen. Once she’s dead, and it shouldn’t take too much, focus all the attacks of the tree monster thing. Once it’s 80% dead, begin saving the ultimate attacks for the next level.

Stage 3: Wait a few seconds before doing any attacks. The enemy Rose Knight is going to protect them all from attacks. Don’t be an idiot… Use some brains. Please!

Once the enemy shield drops, focus all attacks on the Child of Light in the center. Once he’s dead, go for the fish monster.

You will need to wait for Tracker and Incinerator to charge up so prepare to use the Prima Donna as soon as you need her.

Once Tracker and Incinerator are ready to attack the enemy Prima Donna with them. Use Rose Knight for the final blow if they don’t kill her themselves.

The rest of the level is really easy. Just do your thing and kill everyone else…

Elite Stage 8-12

More good news. Same lineup as before.

Hero Lineup: Prima Donna, Rose Knight, Death Knight, Incinerator, and Tracker.

Stage 1: Focus on Scarlet Bolt. If she ultimates against you, you will lose a hero (or two). Make sure you attack her with an incinerator as soon as you can!

Once she’s dead, the rest of the stage is really easy!

Stage 2: There’s no real strategy. Attack the group. Keep an eye on the Demon Slayer. Use the Prima Donna as needed.

Stage 3: Use everything on The massive Death Knight. Ignore all the other heroes. If you hit the 55-seconds without killing the Death Knight, you are toast! Try to not even use the Prima Donna unless you really really need her.

Expect to need to play this level a bunch of times before you actually win!

Elite Stage 8-15

Elite Stage 8-15 Hero Lineup

Hero Lineup: Tracker, Demon Slayer, Death Knight, Prima Donna, and Black Crow.

This team doesn’t have Rose Knight, but the extra power is needed and Demon Slayer and Black Crow are perfect for the job…

Stage 1: You shouldn’t have to use any of the ultimates aside for Prima Donna. Keep an eye on the health of the heroes and then use her skill to heal everyone.

Stage 2: Focus all the ultimates on the Bombin Goblin. All the rest of the enemy heroes are duds. Use Prima to heal but save the rest of the ultimates for stage 3.

Stage 3: Use the demon Slayer first, then the Black Crow and then Tracker. Wait until the enemy Elementalist stops spinning and then hit it with Death Knight. Then fire as will.

You may need to try this stage a few times if your heroes are still growing…

Elite Stage 8-18

The hero lineup for this level goes back to Rose Knight and Incinerator. I prefer them…

Elite Stage 8-18 Hero Lineup

Hero Lineup: Prima Donna, Rose Knight, Death Knight, Incinerator, and Tracker.

Stage 1: This might be difficult if your heroes aren’t strong enough. You may even need to take a break to power them up (or experiment with a different lineup). The three enemy heroes can do a lot of damage before your Prima Donna will get a chance to power-up to ultimate.

Otherwise, just do nothing in this stage.

Stage 2: Use the Prima Donna as soon as you can and then use Tracker to hit the Crazy Candy Princess. The rest is easy.

Stage 3: Wait a few seconds for the enemy Rose Knight shield to fall off and then use Incinerator to hit all the enemy heroes at one shot. Follow through with Death Knight and a heal from Prima Donna.

Next, you need to kill Scarlet Bolt before she ultimate-attacks you. And as soon as she is dead, focus all the remaining power against Femme Fatale.

The rest is easy.

Expect to keep redoing this level until you get it right.