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Death Knight

Okay. I’m doing this. Here is the full review of the Death Knight hero in Lords Mobile. Prepare your mind to open and receive great wisdom!

Or don’t. If you want, you can keep your mind as closed as it was when you first went to school. I don’t care!

Regardless, here is the article of everything that you need to know about Death Knight. Make sure that you read the bottom, for my overall opinion on Death Knight. Spoiler Alert: I’m NOT a fan of Death Knight. I think he’s one of the most overrated heroes in Lords Mobile!

Death Knight Backstory

Death Knight Fighting

If you think Lord of the Rings was complicated, you clearly have no read the detailed backstory of Death Knight. The etymology of the word “intrigue” comes from the story of Death Knight.

Here are the keywords that prove how interesting the story is:

  • Powerful
  • Conquered the world
  • Obsessed with immortality
  • Eternal life

All-in-all, I’d rather read the manual for a printer than the backstory about Death Knight. IGG completely messed this up!

How to Unlock Death Knight

The Death Knight Medal is unlocked rather early (Elite 3-18), all things considered. When you first get him, you’re going to be convinced that he’s the best thing since sliced bread. That should hopefully change rather quickly as you progress through the game!

But first, here’s the best way to win Elite 3-18.

Lineup: Prima Donna, Scarlet Bolt, Oath Keeper, Night Raven, and Tracker.

Unlocking Death Knight Elite 3-18

Stage 1: Try your best not to hit any of the ultimate-attacks and rather save them for Stage 2.

Stage 2: Try and focus all your attacks against the lady with the weird weapon at the back!

Stage 3: Focus all your attacks against Death Knight. Just remember that once you kill him, he will come back for round 2, and you will have to kill him again.

It’s a really easy challenge. If you can’t manage to win, just keep adding trophies and medals to your heroes and try again!

Death Knight in Battle

Death Knight Battle Skills

Here’s the thing. I hate Death’s Knight’s stats. They all over the place and not the type of hero that you want near your battle-field. There. I said it!

That being said, usually, free-to-play cavalry-exclusive players will have no choice. There’s nothing else to send and so they are usually left sending Death Knight.

Anyways, here’s his battle stats.

  • 50% Cavalry DEF Boost (Yuk)
  • 50% Cavalry HP Boost (Ehhh)
  • That’s it… The other “war boost” is for stone production…

As you can see, he’s almost a waste of time. If you have no choice and you’re only sending Cavalry, then you may as well add him. If you do have a choice and you have paid heroes, ditch this moron and put someone better instead. The good battle paid heroes for Cavalry are Steambot, Barbarian, Lore Weaver, or Storm Fox.

You will also get a stone production boost with Death Knight. It won’t help you fight, but if you are a stone-hyper (like I am), it will help you get more stone! Not much of a condolence prize but whatever…

Death Knight in Colosseum

A really dumb Colosseum lineup
A really dumb Colosseum Lineup! You’re welcome!

I’ll keep this as short as I can without breaking the internet.


It’s that simple. He’s just not good at what he does.

You: But HE REVIVES after he dies? It’s so cool? And Powerful?

Me: You’re dumb. Get a job. And it doesn’t matter. He’s still horrible at the Colosseum. There are rarely any good times to use him.

That being said, if you see a moron in the colosseum that uses a defensive lineup without any healers, the Death Knight is a great hero to put in together with your other heroes. That’s an easy win!

Challenges with Death Knight

I can’t stand Death Knight. If you have half a brain, you would already understand that. When it comes to challenges like the Normal Challenge, Elite Challenge, or Limited Challenges the Death Knight is fantastic.

I hate to say it, but he’s in a good chunk of the lineups. He’s tough – I’ll give him that – and because a lot of the challenges will require all the heroes to still be alive at the end, he will be a great asset. Death Knight can’t do much, but if you have other attackers who a good, Death Knight can usually remain alive.

Monster Hunting with Death Knight

Death Knight attacking Bon Appeti Level 5

In general, Death Knight doesn’t belong on the standard magical lineup or the standard attack lineup.

There are exceptions. If you’re trying to hit the high-level attack monsters like Level 5 Bon Appeti or Level 5 Blackwing, the Death Knight will be a great hero to use. The lower level Bon Appeti, however, will be better with other heroes.

In short, advanced players will benefit from adding Death Knight in their lineup against some of the Level 5 monsters.

To learn more about Monster Hunting, click here.

Final Thoughts on Death Knight

Death Knight is not a good player. You may sometimes have no choice but to use him, but don’t convince yourself that he is good. He’s not. He sucks!

In almost all situations where you may be tempted to use him, there is almost always another player that is better.

In the Colosseum you can always replace Death Knight will the Rose Knight!

End Rant!

If you want to stay dumb, don’t follow me on Twitter. Otherwise, follow me on Twitter and become a genius in Lords Mobile.