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How To Defend Against a T5 Attack?

I get a lot of mail on a regular basis, but recently I’ve been overwhelmed with the same request to make an article about defending against T5 troops.

The easiest answer to this question is actually quite easy. Here it is. Are you writing this down?

Just be better. Stop sucking at this game!

Obviously, for those with low intelligence or a low budget, the question will still remain, and so behold I must write this article.

What are T5 Troops?

T5 Troops in Lords Mobile

T5 Troops are the strongest and highest ranking troops in Lords Mobile. I have a whole bloody article on T5 troops. Go read it. Or don’t. The point is that T5 troops are much stronger than T4 and will do a lot more damage than T4 (or lower) troops.

There is also another thing to consider. In order to unlock T5 troops, the player will have had to upgrade an entire research tree in the Academy. Here are the automatic additional boosts that anyone with T5 troops will have:

  • 10% ATK boost for Cav, Range, and Inf
  • 10% HP boost for Cav, Range, and Inf
  • And a 10% DEF boost for Cav, Range, and Inf
  • The infirmary will be 7% larger
  • The Barracks will be 10% larger
  • Travel speed will be 15% faster

All of these upgrades (and more) are required in order to unlock T5. Keep that in mind before we explain the difference between the actual T4 vs T5 troop strength.

T4 Troops vs T5 Troops

T5 Cav Attacking

Again, I cover this topic in the article about how to achieve T5 troops, but here’s the crux of it.

15 T4 soldiers are equal to 10 T5 soldiers. This is the same power difference between T3 and T4.

The difference won’t be so drastic with a few soldiers but will be very pronounced when an entire rally of T5 troops hits your castle. A lot of T5 troops can do an incredible amount of damage.

How Many Troops to Defend a T5 Attack?

This is probably the main question that most of you have come here to find out! I’m going to present a bunch of numbers below, but you must remember that the real number is going to vary drastically.

There are so many variables outside of just pure difference between troop levels. You need to evaluate research, heroes, familiars, boosts, and fury.

Your Troop TypeTroops Required to Repel Full T5 Attack

Most likely, if you’re reading this article within 6-months of when this was written, the players that already have T5 will very likely be serious P2P players. This will mean that you need A LOT more troops than the amount listed above.

Upgrade Your Troops to T5

Obviously, if you want to defend against T5 you can train some T5 for your own castle.

It’s quite a process, but having T5 soldiers will enable you to easily defend against incoming T5 troops!

At this point of time, almost all the players that have T5 are serious Pay-to-Play players.

Trick the Enemy on Your Lineup and Gear

Lords Mobile Hero with Arrow

If you are expecting to be hit by a T5 attack or rally, you want to try and ensure that you get hit by the troop type that you can counter against.

This will require you to present a gear layout that looks mixed but pushing a little close towards one troop type.

Here’s an example of a mixed troop that looks closer to Cavalry. The enemy will send full T5 Range and I’ll be ready to defend in Infantry Wedge Army Lineup.

Mixed Gear for Tricking T5

This is one of the most important tips that you’ll need to know in order to defend yourself from T5 troops (or any troops).


T5 Troops in Battle

I hate this technique but it’s one of the best ways of protecting yourself from attack. A meat shield in Lords Mobile is just a tremendous amount of low-level troops. Think 4-5 million T1 and T2. With that many soldiers, you can trap any single march rally and cap their leader.

It’s a lot of work.

It also requires you to pay close attention to your account. All you need is a few rallies and you’re toast with red-dead soldiers.

It’s risky business protecting your castle with low grade troops.

The feeling of trapping leaders in Lords Mobile is great, but the investment in time and energy is hardly worth it, in my not-so-humble opinion.


Goblin Familiar in War

I hate to say this yet again, because most of you brainless folks will still be scrambling after having heard it, BUT, Army Familiars are awesome.

If you have the right set of familiars on the wall you can really do a good job shortening the bridge between T4 and T5 troops.

Yes, I know that many of the players that currently have T5 also have awesome Familiars. But, and here’s the good news, some of the big players HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO PLAY. They’ll drop big money on gear, heroes and T5 troops, but they’ll get intimidated by all the details associated with Familiars and they’ll ignore it.

Take advantage of their small brains. Research everything that you can learn about familiars and hit them hard!


Jewels in Lords Mobile

Jewels are another great way to bridge the gap between T4 and T5. Most of you are sitting on green or blue ATK jewels. Start upgrading them.

If you max your jewels, you can increase your attack power by A LOT! Don’t use HP or DEF jewels. Don’t be stupid like that!

Learn more about jewels. I have an article dedicated to it!

Final Thought

Hero with Sword

I’ve said this a million times and I’ll say it yet again. Lords Mobile is a game that panders to the wealthy. If you have money, you’ll be king. If you don’t, you’ll always be the underdog!

Please don’t start crying in two months from now, when Lords Mobile rolls out yet-another update that favors the spenders.

Fool me twice, shame on me…

The trick for the small spenders is to work out a way to trick and trap the overlords. It’s hard and requires a lot of teamwork! You’ll fail most of the time, but when you get them, it feels bloody good.

And then they will come back with $100,000 worth of upgrades behind them, and hit your castle so hard that it crash you’re whole stupid phone.

But it will still be worth it.

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