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Defensive Strategy in Lords Mobile

There are lots of videos and tutorials on how to attack in Lords Mobile. Most of them are garbage but a few are actually good. Defending, however, is a mystery to most players. They see the flashing red border and they start freaking out.

Those red borders create enough panic in grown men that I’m sure some of them are flapping their arms like panicked teenage girls.

And so, with little reluctance, I present you with my guide on how to protect your stuff!

Advantage of Defense

Mocking Defense Player

In Lords Mobile, the defending castle always has the advantage! If you can get an enemy to invade your castle it will always be 100% better than launching an attack on him!

And I know that most of the idiots will be thinking, “Obviously… The castle has traps and a wall!”


It is people like you who force me to keep writing!

The wall is garbage. The traps are poop! Yes I need to bringing my IQ to your level. And so I speak terms you can understand!

Here are the real advantages of defense!

  • Larger army. If you are attacking (on the offensive), you are limited to a maximum army of 250,000 with heroes (without 20% or 50% boosts which can bring the max to 375,000). If you are defending, you can make use of your potential millions of troops! This is the primary reason why it is ALWAYS better to defend from your castle (if you can get someone to attack you).
  • The Element of Surprise. An incoming army can be tracked by the watchtower and even if he is close by, the defender can prepare. The defender, however, will always have the advantage (so long as he isn’t a moron and actually has anti-scout active) and the attacker will have no idea what is behind the castle walls…
  • Reinforcements and Garrisons. You can host guild members in your castle and they can help you protect your castle. This will give you a life-saving edge (that, unfortunately, most players never use). Obviously, like the previous point, this edge only works most effectively with anti-scout activated.
  • Last minute changes. The defender can change his strategy, gear, formation, and reinforcements even as the enemy is marching towards him… The attacker can only boost the ATK stats and gear.

Defending a Solo Attack

Players attacking enemy

The most important statistics that you’ll need to know before preparing to protect your base from an attacker is “can you actually defend a full leader-led attack?”

Most people don’t send full attacks and even more, don’t have the guts to send their leader out as well. But you need to prepare for the worst case scenario. And you need to assume that every attacker is sending a full march of leader-led T4.

Here is my chart of the soldiers that you’ll need in order to protect your account from an incoming march of T4 enemy soldiers. This chart is assuming that your research, familiar, and heroes are equal. Of course, the numbers will need to be altered to adjust for unequal power distribution.

I have also added 10% to the number to be safe…

Your Troop TypeTroops Required to Repel Full T4 March

If you have purple F2P heroes and the person attacking you has gold mega-P2P heroes, you may want to re-calibrate this chart. But in general, these numbers are good and should keep you safe.

For the really dumb people, this will also require you to keep your leader un-sheltered. If you shelter your leader, your troops will be like candy on a kids plate… If the leader is sheltered your troops will lose all the army stats from the gear and talents!

If you don’t have enough numbers, ask guild members to reinforce you (not garrison unless they are a lot stronger than you and are sending leaders). Work out how many troops you are missing based on the chart above and ask them to send them to your castle. Please remember that you can only get a limited amount of reinforcement so only get reinforcements if you are close to the final number.

Defending a Rally Attack

Attacking a Castle

This is more complicated and obviously also requires a lot more troops! It is also worthwhile to mention that usually, only rally-leaders will run rallies, which also means that the specs of all the soldiers attacking will usually be really good!

The maximum rally (with is Max Army Size) is 2,375,000. That is the number that you need to be prepared to defend against.

Your Troop TypeTroops Required to Repel Full T4 Rally March

My recommendation, unless you are an advanced player, is to double these numbers if you see a full rally coming your way.

See below for more tactics on how to better defend yourself if you’re under attack!

Misdirecting your Enemy

Once you have determined that you have enough soldiers to hold your ground against an invasion, you will need to make sure that you can protect as many soldiers as possible.

Your best tactic to reduce your hit (and up your damage) would be to present your enemy with incorrect information.

This can be accomplished in a few ways:

  • Put on the gear and heroes for a different troop type. For example, if your army is 80% cavalry, put on range gear. Your enemy will assume that you have a range formation and will send infantry to counter… Your cavalry will crush the infantry…
  • Pretend to be off-line. Nothing making your enemy cockier than letting them think that they are surprising you. I would say that it is worthwhile, in many cases, to lose the 10% Battle Fury ATK boost than to let them know that you’re ready for an attack. Having incorrect gear (like gathering gear or monster hunting gear) will really have them going. Just don’t forget to activate the correct army gear right before they hit…
  • Be a trap castle
  • If you are a small castle, ask a massive player to garrison an army and leaders in your castle…

Alternatively, you can send your enemy really strong-worded hate letters. That always seems to work wonders… If you speaking tough enough you may scare them into submission!

The Wall

Wall on Fire

Well, I didn’t want to do this, but I can hear your heavy breathing from here. Seriously, get some mints. Your breath smells.

Here is the thing. The wall is basically a waste of time! And just like the siege that apparently destroys it, the wall is ineffective in repelling an attack. Don’t waste your time on your wall. Focus on troops and you will have a 50x better chance at stopping your enemy.

Some of you are probably foaming at the mouth as you read this… You’ve probably watched a stupid YouTube video where someone stops a full march of T4 troops with just his wall. There is also this one as well.

Yes. It’s true. It can be done. It’s bloody expensive and a lot of effort, but yes, it is possible!

The obvious flaw is that you have to be a complete dunce to stop an army using this technique. It’s like trying to unplug a blocked toilet with your hands. Will it work? Maybe. But a plunger is a lot better for the job! Use soldiers to do what soldiers are supposed to do… To kill! The wall, unless maxed out like crazy, is a complete waste of time!

Until you have the money and time to max out every wall gear, research and gems, I’d recommend focusing on your soldiers!

Hiding as a Defense…

This doesn’t need to be stated, but most the people playing Lords Mobile have serious God complexes, and I, therefore, have no choice but to state the obvious.

Know when you don’t stand a chance!

If you are being attacked by someone who you have no chance of beating, fall back and go into defensive mode. There is no shame in admitting that you didn’t spend all your mortgage money on a silly computer game… And there is no judgment when a 13-year kid has heroes so powerful that they can actually crack the screen of your phone when they attack.

There are some players who are just better than you. Own it! And hide your stuff if you see them approaching!

  • If you are not in Battle Fury put up a shield and wait until the enemy leaves
  • If you can’t shield, then shelter your leader and troops
  • Fake rally a nearby castle and pack as many troops as you can
  • Send troops to reinforce castles that are shielded
  • Relocate somewhere else (so long as the enemy has not already started marching against you)

Here’s what you shouldn’t do if you are being attacked by someone stronger:

  • Pick your nose and do nothing
  • Send your troops to resource tiles or to occupy empty spots (that game of cat-and-mouse always ends with you getting caught…)
  • Relocate while the enemy is already marching towards you
  • Fake rally a Darknest

Read this article to learn more techniques on how to hide your stuff!

Final Thoughts

A solid defense will always be far better than offense in Lords Mobile. Learn how to do defense correctly and you will build your kill count like crazy.

Just do it correctly! There is no reason that you have to lose a fortune of troops everytime that you get hit.

And there is no reason that you should wake up in the middle of the night with cold-sweats… Hoping that no one attacked you so far!