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Does RL (Real Life) come before the Game?

One of the most important questions in Lords Mobile (or any gaming environment) will be: Does RL (real life) come before your game? In other words, who is more important: the Guild Family or the Real Family.

What does IRL (or RL) mean?

Gaming Online

If you don’t know what IRL stands for then this article is not for you. But here we go anyways. Weirdo!

IRL stands for In Real Life. It is a reference that helps gamers distinguish between their gaming personas or situations and real personas or situations. To use a sentence: This guy is a complete jerk even though IRL he is actually quite nice. Or: I’ve eaten so much today although my RL person is starving.

The abbreviation IRL (or LF) can be used in so many different scenarios. The term is just an easy way of referencing life outside of the game.

If you are come from the gaming world and have managed to infiltrate our world, I’m not sure how you would use the term RL. If you have any insights, please leave them in the comments below. If you have any first-hand experience to answer the question, please don’t melt me with your brain.

Why is Gaming Life so Important?

Gaming life is almost like real life, but just without the real element. Imagine someone burnt your house down in front of your eyes. The pain of watching the house burn down is identical to when your in-game castle is burning, but just without the real element. If I were pressed to give a number, I would say that in-game pain is 90-95% as raw as real-life pain.

Another added importance of gaming is the sheer volume of effectiveness. Real life only involves real life, but in-game life effects gaming life and real life. In other words, gaming-life is far more important than real life. If you have the choice of being punched in real life or in a game, I’d say pick a real-life punch!

Gaming life also has the added bonus of being inside a device. Which means that you can disconnect at any given time. If someone calls you a dirty toad, bang, you can turn the game off, and then throw the phone against the wall. You can also uninstall the game and pay a gaming-assassin to burn the entire guild that insulted you.

Real life doesn’t have an easy escape pod unless of course the Matrix Movie is correct and life itself is an illusion.

It is for all the reasons above that I declare real life overrated!

Why Real Life is also Important?

Family Playing IRL

This will be difficult to explain but I will try to hypothesize. Please bear with me.

Hypothetically, if you are only playing 8-9 hours a day gaming, you will need to find a way to pay for the electricity so that your phone doesn’t just die on you. You will also need a place to stay so that you be able to concentrate properly. Trying to coordinate a double rally while lying down on the benches of the local train station is a hard balance to juggle. Even if you have 1-million T4 troops.

Playing Lords Mobile (or any game for that matter) while hungry is also not advised. You may say something rude to your guild members and then get thrown out. Finding a new guild may be a pain unless you have a lot of might. Basically, you will want to be well fed.

Family connections, family, spouse, kids, friends are all great, I guess. They aren’t really needed for the game, but I guess they will make you a stronger person. A strong person will have a better chance of winning the game.

My point is that real life is a necessary evil. You may need to deal with real life in order to deal with what is more important: Gaming Life.

Here are some of the things you may be required to do in order to continue playing:

  • Eat and drink
  • Get a job
  • Smile at people so that they don’t kill you
  • Find a house
  • Purchase a phone

Game vs Real Life. Which is more Important?

The answer is easy. But for those who haven’t been following along. The answer is gaming.

As mentioned, you will sometimes need to sacrifice the game in order to keep playing.

Here are some examples:

  • You may have to stop burning down enemy castles so that you can signal that you are changing lanes on the highway
  • At times, you may need to stop shouting at the screen so that you won’t be dragged off the library computers
  • If you have no money for rent, you may want to consider only buying $49 packs instead of all of the $99 packs for a day or two
  • Even though your guild is trying to hold down a fort, you may need to get off the toilet seat so that all those waiting can get a turn

Please tell me in the comments the sacrifices that you’ve made in order to keep RL people happy.


Life is fun and gaming is fun. I know that I made a few jokes above about RL vs Gaming Life, but the truth is that you can actually get away with sleeping in the train station. Just make sure that they have wifi. Playing mobile games without wifi can be really annoying. Roaming internet in Train Stations can sometimes be choppy!