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Dragon Arena in Lords Mobile

The big update that we’ve been waiting for is here. Is there Dragon Arena worth it? Should we all quit together? Yes, that’s what morons think everyone should do when they get their panties in a bunch…

This is a quick article to give you an idea of how to play. Stay tuned for the comprehensive article that will be updated next week!

I’m very impressed with this update! This is really really impressive!

What is Dragon Arena?

Map of Dragon Arena
Here is an overhead shot of the Dragon Arena

The Dragon Arena is a new events kingdom that just opened in Lords Mobile. The backstory is stupid… Yet, IGG’s trademark… Dragon vs Boring. Snoring. New Battle for Dragite. Yep, more boringness.

All the wonders in the Dargon Arena are called Strongholds. My guess that it’s an attempt to create a whole new set on researches that will have to be unlocked in the Academy… Trademark IGG.

You’re paired against a similarly-matched guild and you’ll both battle against each other to grab as many of the Strongholds.

That’s basically it!

And they made a video that’s not dreadful! Yay, IGG.


Dragon Arena Button

In order to qualify for Dragon Arena, there are a bunch of rules! Most of them are straight forward and line-up with other events. Some of them are quite unique. Here are the headlines:

  • Need to have unlocked Castle 17
  • You need to be a part of a guild with at least 30 members
  • You cannot have any wounded troops in Infirmary
  • Fully healed wall
  • No damaged traps
  • Battle Fury needs to be inactive
  • No troops outside turf (leader captured, camping outside, reinforcing, rallying etc…)

How it Works

Fighting in Dragon Area of Lords Mobile

Both teams will be positioned on either side of the map. The first 5-mins will be a battle for the Outposts and Transporters. Position some of your mid-range rally leaders to lead these strongholds. Rally strong and move on to the next stronghold.

After 5-mins the Citadels, Hotsprings, and Ancient Remains will open. The Citadel is the most important location! You will want to collect as many as possible. The four strongest players will need to go after the 4 Citadels. If it means dropping other locations to keep the Citadels, do it, and hold the Citadels!

Important Note: You will need to defend each stronghold for 3-mins in order to begin getting points!

After a few more minutes the caravans (carrying Dragite) will begin leaving the Dragon Altar. If you are holding a stronghold as the Dragite passes by you will get more points! Again, the citadel is the most important location. This is the stronghold that you want to hold at all costs!

If you get more points than the other team, you will win and get prizes. Yay!

Communication is Critical

Dragon Arena moved so much quicker than the War of Wonders (WoW). If you want to win against an evenly assigned guild, you will need to communicate properly.

If you want to do Dragon Arena, do not rely on the Guild Chat!!! (Make sure you obviously keep the guild chat open. Only use it for important announcements. No want to know how many times you farted while they fighting… Afterward, of course, please tell everyone!)

Line Chat is a great start, but of course, it’s not really enough for an event as intensive as Dragon Arena. Ideally, you should be on a group guild phone call. That’s really the way to do it. You will need one person who is leading the overall attack strategy.

Also, learn the map. Remember the location of each outpost and citadel. If Citadel 2 is referenced, make sure that you know how to get there straight away!

Tips and Tricks

Dragon Arena

I’m going to have a lot more tips and tricks over the next couple of days. I strongly recommend coming back for the next round of Dragon Arena. For now, this is what I have:

  • As mentioned before, focus on Citadel, and then start to conquer other locations.
  • If you don’t have what it takes to hold a stronghold for a while, at least, time a rally to hit a few moments before the caravan goes to one of the strongholds. You’ll get a lot of points just for getting the caravan.
  • Communicate. This should be obvious, but doe most morons, it’s not. Make sure that you plan and talk. Everything will be moving very fast. Crossed wires will be easy.
  • Don’t be scared to lose your leader. It will come back after 5-mins. Your troops won’t die. Just YOLO. If you don’t use your leader, you will have a lot less impact! USE THE LEADER!
  • If you want to go after a stronghold that is well fortified, make multiple rallies. Some of them can be fake rallies. And make fast rallies (you can do 1min rallies). Keep the defenders guessing what’s coming and when.
  • The Dragon Arena is very small compared to your home kingdom, YOU DO NOT need to always move to your location!
  • The map is VERY INFORMATIVE. Use it. It will tell you so much more than the normal kingdom map!
  • To get points, reinforce every fort that you can, even if you’re just sending one troop. Obviously you will have a limit of armies, depending on your account…
  • Do not heal your troops unless you need more troops for the Dragon Arena. They will automatically heal once you leave the Dragon Arena!

Make sure that you read my guide to battle. You will need to be proficient in battle techniques to be good at the Dragon Arena!

No such thing as resources in Dragon Arena. Good to know! There are speed-ups… Be warned!

All in all, this is an incredible update!!!

Dragon Arena Awards

Victory Reward Dragon Arena

The rewards for Dragon Arena work very differently than the other events. Each player needs to get a certain amount of Dragon Arena Points. The amount of the reward, however, will depend on if your guild wins or loses…

You get full points if you win, and 50% if you lose.

The guild that wins gets guild coins and the guild that loses gets only 50% guild coins.

Obviously, the higher the bracket league, the greater the points!

Summary: If you’re a smaller player and can’t rally strongholds, at least reinforce as much as you (and the better locations). Try and get Solo Rewards 3.

Boommeister Hero

Boommeister Hero Lords Mobile

Yes, there is a new hero and you can only get medals by getting points in the Dragon Era. Spoiler Alert, make sure that you get Solo 3 and reinforce as many Strongholds as you can.

The Boommeister is a tank hero. I haven’t tested him out yet and so I will have to update this article to tell you how effectively he operates…

His war stats, however, are incredible! He has war boosts that DON’T REQUIRE him to be activated and sent into battle. That’s a big deal! This hero is the first of his kind. Yes, I know that his maximum boost is only 10% Army ATK, but still, this is a new territory! So, yay!