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Expert Guide to Hell Drider

I’ve completed the Gargantua Guide and so now I’m moving onto one of the other really popular monster in Lords Mobile: The Hell Drider.

If you want the simple recipe, I would recommend banging your head against the screen. Maybe you’ll be able to kill the monster like that.

Everyone else please keep reading…

Attacking the Hell Drider

The good news is that Monster Hunting doesn’t have the horrible and random odds of the Labyrinth. In fact, you can attack the same level monster with the same team and get the exact same results each time. Try it. It’s fun. Fun-ish…

The Hell Drider has a simple weakness. It will crumble against a strong lineup! For the slow readers, I will say it in different words: The magic lineup is absolutely useless against it. You are going to want to use the high hit heroes against the Hell Drider!

Of course each level Hell Drider will need a different lineup, but the overall effective F2P lineup for the Hell Drider will be the powerteam:

Hell Drider Standard Lineup F2P

Lineup: Trickster, Scarlet Bolt, Demon Slayer, Tracker and Black Crow.

Hero List in order of ATK power effectiveness:

  1. Black Crow
  2. Demon Slayer
  3. Mastercook (P2P)
  4. Femme Fatale (P2P)
  5. Scarlet Bolt
  6. Tracker
  7. Trickster

Hell Drider by Monster Level

Level 5 Hell Drider

Anyone that just gives you a straight-up cookie-cutter recipe for attacking monsters doesn’t know how to play this game… Each monster level will need a different attacking style…

Also – and this is critical – you may need to supplement healers if you’re Monster Hunting gear and research is bad. Pick the top heroes from the list above and then replace the lowest one with a healer (Prima Donna or Lore Weaver).

Level 1, 2 and 3 Hell Drider: Trickster, Scarlet Bolt, Demon Slayer, Tracker and Black Crow. (If you have P2P, remove Tracker and Trickster and replace them with Mastercook and Femme Fatale)

Level 4 and 5 Hell Drider: Trickster, Scarlet Bolt, Demon Slayer, Tracker and Black Crow. If you have Mastercook or Femme Fatale or need healers because you start losing players before the last 10 seconds, replace Tracker and Trickster.

Gear from Hell Drider

The Hell Drider only really has two pieces of gear that are noteworthy. Yes, people are going to argue with me on this, and NO they are not wise…

The Burning Scrolls (accessory) are fantastic for Army and Army HP and the Skullcrusher for Range ATK + Army ATK. For those who can’t count and are going to argue that the Nectar Orb is better for Range ATK, I strongly recommend going back to school…

Hell Drider Rewards

The Hell Drider has 3 regular materials and one rare material, and then a whole group of other prizes:

  • Mutated Brain (Rare)
  • Smoldering Core
  • Devil Horn
  • Metal Scrap
  • Shield (8h, 24h, 3d)
  • (200, 400, 600, 800, 1000) Gems
  • (60m, 3hr, 8hr, 15hr, 24h) Speed Up
  • Hero Chest
  • Resources

Hell Drider Paid Packs

If you want to focus on Hell Drider gear and you have a lot to waste, keep reading this section. By the way, I personally wouldn’t recommend it. I believe that the Hell Drider is the perfect monster for F2P, but if you are P2P than there are far better fish to fry…

Anyways, you’re still reading this and so you are a bigger loser than I thought…

The Hell Drider packs cost $5 for the first pack, $20 to upgrade, and I wouldn’t go past that unless you have your enemies credit card.

Hell Drider materialQtyRate
Mutated Brain15.50%
Devil Horn18.00%
Metal Scraps143.25%
Smoldering Core143.25%

The Mutated Brain drop-rate is average. Basically there are worse monster to go after.