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Future Predictions for Lords Mobile

Everyone playing Lords Mobile wants to know what is coming next… I mean, some of the people playing Lords Mobile have invested more into the game than into their clothing and hygiene… And yes, I can smell you from here. Take a shower for crying out loud! Yes, even if you end up losing a fort over it!

I’m going to divide my predictions into long term predictions and short term predictions.

As I come up with more ideas, I will continue to update this article… This is an evolving topic!

Feel free to argue in the comments. You’ll be wrong, but you can still try!

In-App Predictions

New hero coming this month

Cursed Hunter Graphics

Predicted on 6/16/2019

You would already know this prediction if you read my article on the Cursed Hunter. If you didn’t read that article, I strongly recommend reading it. But hey, if you’re enjoying your cathartic ambivalent stupor then keep smoking whatever it is your smoking, and cancel your job interview for next month. They probably “aren’t hiring now” anyways…

In short, I predict that Lords Mobile is going to release a new max coalition hero. Here is my full prediction, (as I wrote in the Cursed Hunter article):

  • Cavalry Hero (with Cavalry ATK 30%)
  • Guy hero
  • Max Coalition Army Size +200,000
  • Skills Stones
  • Tank Hero (HP over 25,000)

New Monster coming within 3 months

Future Monster Ideas

Predicted on 6/16/2019

The last monster to grace the game was the Hardrox. Not the classiest of heroes and not even close to the best one…

I’m stabbing in the dark – I know that – but I think that Lords Mobile will actually produce a new monster that will be worthwhile. My guess is that they will want to undo the damage by creating a close-to-useless stone monster…

I doubt that they will make a military-gear monster (unless it is an overall Army Boost). If they make a cavalry gear monster, for example, they will have an uprising from all the players who have been hunting the Gargantua for the past 3 years…

Here are the potential gear that will be built with the new monster:

  • Troop training gear (highly likely)
  • Another familiar monster (in addition to Voodoo Shaman)
  • Colosseum gear. This will be complicated (because of defense) but I can totally see them doing this. They may even have multiple types of Colosseum gear (magical vs attack). it would mix things up for those who already worked out how to dominate the Colosseum

These guesses are based on the trends that I’ve seen in the past. Also my brain. Yes, that commodity that most of you haven’t invested in since preschool. It’s a good idea to use it every once in a while…

Continual Maintenance

Lords Mobile Maintenance

Predicted on 6/12/2019

Yes. I predict that there will be a lot of maintenance coming up!

How do I know? I just have a bloody feeling! Call it an intuition! I also predict that it will start at the most inconvenient times. And that we will get compensated with a lousily chunk of gems in exchange for our anger…

I’m not putting a deadline on this prediction because I have already been correct since starting to write this article! I mean, I might have prophecy! I’m beginning to believe…

Line + Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile and WeGamer

I’ve said it before, but I’m not much of a fan of WeGamers. I think it is a matter of time until IGG closes it down. And when they do, they will need a new chatting platform to integrate into Lords Mobile. A platform that is already popular among Lor ds Mobile users…

I think IGG will make a collaboration with Line. It makes sense. The Line App would have to be crazy to not say yes! Lords Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games in the world.

Another 10 Castle Skins

Lords Mobile Castle Skins

This is one of IGG’s favorite stunts. They love creating castles. My running theory is that the developers and graphic designers are projecting their own homelessness onto their job.

I think that there will be A LOT more castle skins coming up. And expect them to be ridiculously off-theme. Like nothing to do with the fantasy-medieval motif that Lords Mobile usually does so well.

Here are the potential ideas that may be released:

  • Starwars
  • The Big Lebowski
  • Marry Poppins
  • Sesame Street
  • Baby Shark

You get the idea… Lords Mobile has gone completely rogue when it comes to castles!

A More Complicated Talent Tree

Talent Tree Updates

Lords Mobile is designed for over-complication. The users expect it and IGG manufactures it. It’s a great relationship and it’s built upon a solid foundation of mutual abuse.

The Talent Tree used to be considered complicated, but with time (and without updates) it has become rather simple. There are so many elements that are not covered in the Talent Tree.

I can imagine Lords Mobile giving out a lot of boosts just in order to enable to add more strategy to the Talent Tree.

More Log-in Pack Purchases

Daily Login pack Gifts Pack

Lords Mobile wants to make as much money as possible. I mean they claim to be F2P friendly, but they are not. Anyone playing will know that P2P will always have a strong advantage.

And Lords Mobile are doing well. They are making $100m. Off us!

So here goes my prediction. They will make a lot more gate-way-drug-style payment packs. Like $1 a day to receive a mystery pack and a few more $4.99 per month for other packs.

The more monthly subscription packs, the better for the bottom line. People forget when they have subscriptions. And that is how they get you!

Cultural Predictions

Guilds and Alliances

At the moment, there are 100’s of standalone guilds. I think with time it may change. As the big players and guilds begin making more alliances, the smaller guilds will have to start teaming up.

It is not hard to imagine that soon there will be a bunch of mega-guild-alliances that guilds will all belong to.

I could be wrong about it, but the Joker family is a great example of what may become a growing trend…

Location Events

Lords Mobile Events around world

As the game gets bigger and as time goes by, the cultural impact of Lords Mobile will get large enough to actually generate big crowds.

I know that Lords Mobile already makes events in different cities, but it isn’t yet as large as I predict it will become.

Give it another year or so and the events will actually be something worth attending.

That is obviously so long as Lords Mobile doesn’t treat the events like they treated the graphics on Prima Donna… In that case, I’ll probably leave go to Canada if comes to my country…