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The Top 18 Gadgets for Gamers & Lords Mobile

You would be forgiven if you thought that the Lords Mobile experience was limited to only existing within your phone. Even though you may be forgiven, you’d still be wrong. Like usual, you’d be wrong, stupid and arrogant. I can go on…

Here are the top 18 gadgets that YOU MAY NEED TO BUY in order to be an expert at Lords Mobile. Yes, this is a little dramatic. You don’t need most of this stuff. Just like you don’t need most of the garbage that you usually buy! And yet, you still are paying for heat in the winter when a few extra blankets will work fine. Just saying!

I will keep adding more stuff as I think of more ideas. Please feel to contribute in the comments below :). I will add the good ones! The bad ones, I will ignore…

Gaming Computer Chair

Fancy Gaming Computer Chair Lords Mobile Aevatrex

This kind of goes hand-in-hand with using the PC and an emulator to play. It would be really weird to buy a fancy gaming chair just to play on your mobile phone.

I know that many of you are already weird, but this is a little too much!

When it comes to gaming computer chairs there are two options that I would recommend. The moderate chair and the stupid expensive chair.

The moderate chair is on sale now and so I would jump on it if you want it. It was designed by Homall and its classy, comfortable, and makes you feel like a rock-star nerd. Click here to shop for option 1.

The second option is just for stupid people like me and others who have serious issues and need to comfort themselves with unnecessary purchases. This chair has everything and it is for people who pretty-much love wasting their money. It has a FOOT-REST connected to it. Who even designs a chair with a footrest? Click here to shop for the fancier gaming chair. This one is also reminiscent of the one Aevatrex uses.

UPDATE: Here is a link to the actual computer chair that Aevatrex uses. Thanks, Brett for pointing out my mistake 🙂

Fancy Computer Screen

Dual Computer Screens in Lords Mobile

I know I’m reaching, but I’d like to thank Johnny H for sending in this idea. And the truth is that he is right. The computer screen makes a world of a difference.

In fact, I got two awesome screens for my Alienware computer, and the difference is night-and-day. The game feels awesome because of the screen quality and I can do research and write my articles at the same on the other screen.

Do you need fancy screens? NO!

Does it make the game a lot more enjoyable? YES! It really really does!

My favorite pick for someone who wants the best but doesn’t want to spend a fortune would be the Acer XFA240. If you get two of them I would recommend getting the adapter for double screens. This is the one that I got. It works perfectly and holds the screens very effectively!

Btw, another cool idea is to get a swiveling phone stand. It’s a great idea for the players who use their cellphone or iPad to play for long stretches at a time… Or you can completely go overboard and buy a clamp stand for your device…

A Smartphone (Obviously)

Working Android Phone

Will a Nokia 5110 work with Lords Mobile? Yes, maybe. No. It won’t work. Stupid question. Stop asking stupid questions.

In order to operate Lords Mobile, you need a fully functioning phone. If your phone was released over 3 years ago, it’s a dinosaur. You heard it here. Don’t be a dinosaur. Use a properly working phone.

If you’re being rallied and your dinosaur-phone dies, you’ll regret it. BUY A DECENT PHONE. Click here to shop for a new phone. Or you can buy the Note 9… If you can afford it… Assuming that you haven’t already wasted all your money on in-app purchases…

Lords Mobile Mini Figure

Lords Mobile Mini Figure

What type of nerd would you be if you didn’t have a Lords Mobile Mini Figure Paperweight?

How can you consider yourself a Lords Mobile gamer if you don’t have a Big Eye Character Model in real life? I would suggest collecting all these ridiculous figures and placing them on your mantlepiece. Hey, maybe move your car aside and place these little things in your garage instead.

Honestly, I don’t really think you should buy it… Especially since I’ll make no money off this sale… But, if you want to buy it, buy it. I’m not your mother!

Echo Dot – Smart Speaker

echo dot

The Echo Dot has advanced quite a lot since the original Amazon speaker. This device is unbelievably cheap and is a really powerful piece of electronics.

It’s a great companion for your gaming needs and I strongly recommend it!

Here’s the link to learn more about it.

Red Bull

A line of Red Bull Cans

Ever conquered a fort, base, or owned KVK? It’s a wild rush, but it’s also time-consuming and can run for hours. The worst part is that sometimes the game will run into late into the night. Yes. You may look at the clock and suddenly realize that it is 4:00 am.

Capturing a fort in the best scenario can last an hour. In the worst scenario, capturing a fort or base can last 10 hours.

You will need a lot of Red Bull. Always have Red Bull handy. You never know when you’ll need it.

Just don’t drink too much of it. It’s actually dangerous…

Also, don’t go to Starbucks. Don’t be that type of person. It’s not cool…

Fancy Headphones

Fancy Crossfade 2 Headphones

Lords Mobile hired famous musical composer Klaus Badelt (from Dum-Dum | Da-da Dum-dum | da-da Dum Dum | da-da da for Pirates of the Caribbean) to create a soundtrack for the game. This is not enough of a reason to splurge on a state-of-the-art Crossfade 2 headphones but if you were looking for an excuse anyway, you may as well take any.

The truth is that I turned off the music and sound effects from the gameplay. It annoys me and usually prevents me from focusing properly.

But if you enjoy the music, you may as well enjoy it in style.

If you have NO PATIENCE for fancy earphones, click here and buy a pack of 2 earphones for really cheap!

Pop Sockets

Pop Socket while mobile gaming

One of the greatest inventions of the 21st century. The phone holder that pops in and pops out. Genius. If only Einstein could see how far humanity has evolved.

On a serious note, the Pop Socket is quite handy. It’s great for keeping an eye on Lords while doing something else at the same time. Feel free to give it a whirl. It’s really cheap.

For half the price of a Monstrous Chest, buying something that can stabilize your game is kind of an easy decision!

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift

Here’s the device that made one of the largest rifts in the gaming market over the past few years. The good news is that they keep on getting better at what they do…

Of course, you can connect it to Lords Mobile, but it will be a lot better suited to other computer games. The odds are that if you’re into Lords Mobile, you’re probably going to find this gadget absolutely fascinating.

Here’s the link.

Smart Watch

Apple Watch 4 Review

I’ll be honest. I’m still on the fence about this one.

Of course, you shouldn’t play Lords Mobile from your smartwatch. I mean, for some of the people reading this article, it won’t make any difference what they were using to play the game. They suck regardless.

The smartwatch would be for notifications. For those of us who work, we can’t afford to open our phone every time we get a Lords Mobile alert. A smartwatch will help you navigate your “Lords Mobile Emergencies” by glancing at the watch and seeing what is what.

Here’s the thing. I wouldn’t invest $100’s just for alerts for Lords Mobile. But if you’re getting a new watch anyways, buying a smart watch may not be a stupid idea.

Just make sure that you go to the settings and activate Lords Mobile, Line, and WeGamers for Smartwatch alerts.

Here are my recommendations for smartwatches:

Or save your money and buy another hero to gold…

Battery Pack

Anker Battery Pack for Lords Mobile

Picture this. You’re playing Lords Mobile. You’re owning it (as if). And then your phone dies. The end. Stop imagining. The scenario is over!

That is the reason that you need to buy a battery pack. It’s fairly simple. Also, you may need it for other things.

But you didn’t come here to get advice on “other things” and so I don’t care! Get a stupid battery pack so that you you can charge your phone when it begins dying during Lords Mobile.

It costs $30. You spent more money on the “A Sweet Deal” packs… And yeh, that was a real waste of money!

Click here for my full review of the Anker 10000.

Waterproof Case

We all have an addiction. We don’t know how to stop playing.

Yes. Stop pretending that it is anything else. Denial is ugly!

It’s a bloody addiction! Own it!

And if we are playing all the time, we will need to make sure that our phone doesn’t get ruined when we bring it to stupid places.

Enter the waterproof case that hangs around your neck! It’s effective and it’s really cheap. The price is $5.99 and it’s the perfect thing to make sure that you have for when you need it.

Buy it. I did. Or don’t. I don’t care!

Nox Android Emulator

Desktop View of the Lords Mobile on PC

I’ve already dedicated a post explaining how to set up Lords Mobile on your computer. I recommend Nox as the program to use. I may change my mind if they don’t keep their software updated!

It’s free.

Click here to read my tutorial on how to set it up.

If you enjoy Lords Mobile on your phone, you’re going to really be surprised with how much better it is on a PC.

“I Paused My Game to Be Here” Shirt

Paused Game to Be Here

Corny t-shirts are about as nerdy as it gets… But then again, who are you fooling? Hardcore gamers are nerds. Embrace it. Stop fighting it.

Or ignore me! I don’t care… Pretend to be like the rest of the boring people.

If you do decide that you need this tacky shirt in your life, feel free to hit this link and buy it. It’s only a couple of bucks…

Laptop Cooling Pad

laptop cooling pad

Most of you are using laptops. I have an Alienware Laptop but I use my Alienware computer for day-to-day and for gaming! (I’ll talk about my computers in another place sometime…)

The point is that if you are using a laptop to play, the bottom is going to get bloody hot. It’s just the way that it is. Even the best laptops begin to heat up sooner or later.

Enter the Laptop Cooling Pad… They’re cheap but they are really important for safety, efficiency, and so that you don’t melt your desk onto the floor.

This Cooling Pad option is under $25. You’re welcome.

USB Gaming Microphone

Gaming Mic

Ok. I’ll admit. This is not for everyone. Most gamers – even pro gamers – will go el-cheapo and just buy a regular mic or headphone-mic-set.

But I’m sure that some of you will want the state of the art mic. The good news is that professional gaming mics only costs $50.

If you do go ahead with it, you’ll probably feel like a ninja warrior for a few weeks.

Face Mask for Coronavirus

Coronavirus Masks for Gaming

I’m going out on a limb, because the latest medical studies have not come in yet, but I believe that you may be able to catch the coronavirus through the game.

For this reason, I would recommend the following:

  1. Order yourself some facemasks. They’re cheap.
  2. Don’t do any rallies with any guildmates until they have been tested for coronavirus.
  3. No Darknests. Not worth the risk.
  4. Obviously, no garrisons and reinforcing
  5. Forts and Bases are fine. The risk + reward ratio is high enough.

Again, you can never be too careful…

If you feel that I’m wrong about Coronavirus, feel free to join my public poll. Also, the results disagree with my assessment, please remember that polls aren’t always right…

A Working Brain

Unfortunately, no store is going to sell you this. If you have one, great. If you don’t, you’re out of luck… I know that the majority of the people reading this are going to be utterly disappointed! It must suck to be you!

Worst-case scenario, you can order yourself a model brain. Maybe chewing on it will help your brain work…

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