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How to Garrison in Lords Mobile

You have probably seen the “garrison” button and yet are rather confused about what it does. My guess is that you also struggle to brush your teeth in the morning. This article will help one of your problems.

What is a Garrison?

A Garrison is simply a military post where troops are standing guard. In Lords Mobile, you can Garrison your troops at your guild-members castles. 


Because it will protect your troops from attack. Unless you shelter or shield or rally, your troops can be attacked by an enemy castle. If you are Garrisoning your troops at an allies castle, you will be safe from attack.

Disadvantages of Garrisoning

Heroes attacking and Garrosining

Garrison is not all fun and games. It has its advantages but it also has many drawbacks. Here are some of the things you should be aware of before you Garrison in someone else’s castle or before you encourage others to come party at yours.

  • All Garrisoned troops will return if the castle holding them shields or moves
  • The Garrison army inherits the skills and strength of the sender. So… If the host army is really strong and a weak army comes to Garrison, the visitor will not have a good day…
  • The Garrison is the first army to attack. Once he’s defeated, the enemy will begin to attack the host castle.
  • Sending a Garrison army will break your shield open if you already have it activated…
  • Sending a Garrison will put you into Battle Fury (and you won’t be able to shield for a few minutes – 15mins)

Advantages of Garrisoning

Armies attacking each other Lords mobile

Garrisoning isn’t all bad. It has its moments. There is a reason that people still use it all the time.

  • If your guild-mate is shielded you can protect your troop and leaders with a garrison.
  • If you want to protect a guild-mate with a much lower might and skill-set
  • It feels good to go partying in other peoples castles? Maybe?
  • You can create an awesome trap with your alt account. Keep it mostly empty and garrison (don’t reinforce) T3 or T4 troops inside. No one will see it coming. You can do serious damage!

Garrisoning vs Reinforcing

Defending Castle from Attack

Reinforcing is very different from Garrisoning. Enough said. 

Fine. I will explain for the slow and the weak.

Garrisoning is like chilling out and BBQing on your friend’s front lawn while a party is happening inside. If the cops come to shut down the party, they will arrest you first and then go inside and arrest everyone else. 

Reinforcing is like joining the party inside. When the cops come, they need to deal with everyone at the same time.

Did you understand the example? If not, then you should be playing Clash of Clans or Solitaire. Just saying… Maybe even those are too advanced. Pack-man may be your type of game…

Final Thoughts

Garrisoning isn’t the coolest or most sophisticated feature in Lords Mobile. There are many better tricks on this website than using the Garrisoning, but it is a feature that you should know about. Hence this article.

If I missed anything about the Garrison tools, tell me in the comments below!