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How to Generate Gems in Lords Mobile

You’ve searched how to generate gems and so I’m guessing that you play Lords Mobile… Religiously…

If you don’t play Lords Mobile, you will probably find this boring! Truth is, I will also probably find you boring…

Go away and read my review of Apple or something else.

If you do play Lords Mobile and want to learn how to generate gems, keep reading!

The key to growing quickly (and painlessly) within Lords Mobile will undoubtedly be by collecting as many gems as you can and using them to boost your growth. Here is the guide on how to generate as many gems as possible!

  • Buy Packs
  • Colosseum
  • Gem Lodes after KVK
  • Mystery Box
  • Treasure Trove
  • Hell Events
  • Labyrinth
  • Cheating
  • Guild Gifts
  • VIP Quests
  • Gemming Gremlin

Buy packs

Buy Gems on Lords Mobile

Purchase gems in the Paid Packs. This tip is easy. Buy gems.

If you have the money to spend (and don’t care much about paying for food or shelter), purchasing gems will be the ultimate way to generate more gems. Gems aren’t too expensive (though keep a watch on your credit card as it can add up) and they go a long way.

Quality gem packs show-up in the shop every few days or so. You can also find very good deals that will appear in the ship trading area.

Some expert players say that the only packs you should buy are the gem packs… Just saying!


Reach Number 1 in Lords Mobile Colosseum

I hit Ranking #1 and got 500 gems every 3-hours

One of the most effective ways of getting free gems would be through the Colosseum. Click here to read my guide on how to dominate the Colosseum.

The Colosseum requires a lot of time and patience. Once you begin ranking high the dividends are very rewarding.

At first, you will only get a few gems every three hours. Once you hit the 1,000 position benchmark, however, you will start to really feel the gems adding up. Adding 60 free gems every 3 hours will really make a difference. That is 480 gems per day!

It is important to keep your position. If you hit a high ranking and then sit back and chill, you will find yourself ranking at 2,000 a few days later!

Gem Lodes after KVK

KVK and Gem Loads

The KVK Event provides a great opportunity to generate free gems. The winning Kingdom will be able to farm Gem Lodes. Gem lodes are resource tiles that have gems instead.

The most effective way of guaranteeing that your world wins the free gems would be to ensure that you are in the world with very high-might players. The downside, of course, will be that these high might players will attack you before and after the KVK. And if they are jerks, they will also zero you during KVK.

Once your world wins KVK, you will have the opportunity to harvest gem loads. Harvesting gem loads can be risky. The level 1-3 gem loads won’t usually get attacked by other players, but level 4-5 are very risky. The best technique would be to pay careful attention while you are harvesting gem loads.

Mystery Box

Mystery Box and Gems

The Mystery Box occasionally has gems. I would drive yourself crazy and keep logging in just to open the Mystery Box. The gem rewards are usually very minimal.

If you happen to grab the gems when the Treasure Trove hits x5, you may actually get something worthwhile!

Treasure Trove

Treasure Trove Gem Deposit

The most effective way to receive gems in high quantity would be through the Treasure Trove. You need to wait 30 days (don’t do 7 or 14 days) for your gems to appreciate.

The payoff, however, is very very large, especially once you research Treasure Trove related researches. The amount of gems you could generate at the end of the 30 days is quite incredible.

To learn more about how to use the Treasure Trove, click here. It’s not rocket science. It may be, in fact, one of the most simple elements of Lords Mobile.

Hell Event

Hell Event and Gems for Stage 3

Hell Events are a fantastic way to receive lots of gems, but you need to use a little bit of strategy.

The trick would be to save your speed-ups and use them all in one shot at the end of a month worth of collecting. In order to win a Hell Event (and get the gems), you will need to reach Stage 3. Stage 3 requires a lot of speed-up.

To be safe, I recommend saving up 20 – 30 days of speed-ups within 1 category.

The Hell Event stage 3 usually gives at least 1,500 or 2,000 gems (in addition to the many of the prizes that you can win). Some Hell Events will reward you over 4,000 gems. The 24-hour challenges also have gems to win at Stage 3, but they are usually a lot harder to complete. My Hell Event Guide should give you enough information to gain a lot of gems.


Labyrinth and Winning Gems

The biggest hypothetical way to sky-rocket your gems would be in the Labyrinth. The Labyrinth gives you an opportunity to win hundreds of thousands (if not millions of gems) by attacking the monster with Holy Stars.

The downside, of course, is that it is almost impossible to win.

Every half an hour or so there’s another winner in the Labyrinth, but the winner is a combination of all the players in the entire game. Yes, that means 1 player wins among millions of players who are all losers! The chances of winning are extremely small and the cost of holy stars is extremely high. The Labyrinth is not a very effective way of trying to gain gems. To learn how to best leverage the Labyrinth, click here.


Cheating on Lords Mobile… Deep breath… Gem Hacking… Generating Gems…

There are websites that claim to generate free gems straight to your account. These websites are usually very dodgy and unethical. I can’t say whether they work or not because I’ve never tried them out. The truth is, I don’t think I will. If I wanted to feel powerful (without earning it), I would chase after preschoolers with a baseball bat.

Don’t cheat on Lords Mobile. It’s lame.

Also, I can’t imagine that Lords mobile and IGG don’t have a protocol that protects themselves against scammers.

There is also an option to buy gems from other people and have them gift it to… I’ve never tried it and so I can’t tell you if it is legit! Can’t imagine it being too reliable or safe!

If you have experience in this area, please let me know in the comments below!

Guild Gifts

Gems from Guild Gifts in Lords Mobile

The most common way to continuously get gems would be through the guild gift boxes. You need to join a Guild in order to get guild gifts.

The gift boxes are accumulated by your guild through attacking monsters. Some of the gifts, especially the larger monsters, provide large amounts of gems. This technique and opportunity are so easy and really leads to a large number of gems on a consistent basis. The only downside is that it is very unpredictable.

VIP Quests

Guild Quests Winning Gems

The VIP quests usually provide a few gems here and there. It is by no means provides a steady supply of gems, or even a particularly large amount of gems, but it is worth noting. You will need to push the button every hour and so it is easy to get the prizes.

Gemming Gremlin Familiar

Gemming Gremblin

As you can tell, these tips are not in order of greatness, because if that was the case, this tip would be almost at the top! The Gemming Gremlin Familiar is a fantastic way to earn a lot of gems. One of his skills boosts the Gem Lode collections. The main skill is the real bomb. At full strength, the Gemming Gremlin enables you to collect 1,000 – 2,000 gems every 2 days. That is a lot of gems! That is enough gems to keep your castle with a shield indefinitely.

To learn more about this familiar, click here.

Final Thoughts

Gems are key in Lords Mobile. This article has only covered the regular, day-to-day techniques on how to add more gems. There are many other ways to generate gems. Connecting your game to WeGamers will give you more gems as well. Adding Facebook and other social media will also help. Entering the competitions and events are also a great way to earn big lumps of gems!

Did I miss any techniques? Feel free to add comments below!

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