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How to Get Archaic Tomes?

Okay. I’ve been getting so much mail all asking the same crazy question… Everyone wants to know how to get their hands on Archaic Tomes. And quick.

I don’t always take my emails seriously, but I’m in a generous mood and so here we go…

What are Archaic Tomes?

Archaic Tome Lords Mobile

According to IGG Archaic Tomes are – ready for it? – An ancient tome that holds a valuable secret. Essential for researching Tech in the Academy.

I have another definition: A simple way for IGG to make a lot of money…

Didn’t like my definition, find another website to hang out at. Maybe you can chill out at your 1 person guild instead…

For those that can’t seem to see properly, the archaic tomes resemble old books that are partially open! The book is purple and gold.

Why you Need Archaic Tomes?

Research and Archaic Tomes

Unless your hiding under a rock, you probably are aware that Lords Mobile released T5 troops. I’ve already published an article about everything that you need to know about T5 troops.

One of the BIGGEST challenges for T5 is going to be getting Archaic Tomes for all the special researches in the Academy. Not all researches need Archaic Tomes, but all the T5 research requires it…

Most people don’t realize it yet, because they still have a few hundred tomes in their bag, but its soon going to become a massive issue.

And of course, these simple-minded-grapefruits are going to come crawling to my website for answers.

Well, here they are. You’re not welcome!

Here are the sections of the Academy that require Archaic Tomes:

  • Sigils
  • Wonder Battles
  • Gear

How to Get Archiac Tomes?

Massive Discounts

Thankfully, there are a lot of ways to get Archaic Tomes. Some are harder than others.

Here’s a list of the best ways to get Archaic Tomes”

  • Gems. You can buy 1 Archiac Tome for 900 gems. That is pretty expensive… Only do this as a last alternative!
  • Events. Some events have Archaic Tomes as the prize.
  • Paid Packs – For example, the Massive Discounts Paid Pack for $4.99 comes with 250 Archaic Tomes…
  • The Kingdom Tycoon has Archaic Tomes sprinkled around.
  • Cargo Ship. This is a great source for a lot of Archaic Tomes. But of course, there’s no way to predict if you will pop it…
  • Anniversary Shop. And all the other temporary prize shops. They will usually have Archaic Tomes as one of the items to buy. It will be limited to a certain amount, like 100.

Also for those asking for alternatives for Archaic Tomes, the answer is no. There aren’t any. You have no choice. Welcome to Lords Mobile, moron!

Final Thoughts

Confusing Archaic Tomes Research

Archaic Tomes are most likely going to be a requirement for all future researches. Start saving them up.

Honestly, if IGG wasn’t scared of the epic hissy fit that the entire Lords mobile community would have, they would probably require Archaic Tomes on all previous researches as well. But they wouldn’t dare.

And so you should start to expect all future research trees to have Archaic Tomes (or maybe even another variation that will be slightly different)…