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How to Dominate the Guild Bash

Guild Bash is the event that can finish without you even realizing that it started. It’s kinda of random, and some people don’t even know that it exists. And yet – wait for it – it is one of the most enjoyable events in Lords Mobile!

Yes. I said it. Guild Bash is actually enjoyable!

What is Guild Bash?

Guild Bash in Events Screen

Guild Bash is pretty much an event like Guild Fest, but with the entire Guild participating together. You can a target score (which is actually hard to reach without effort) and the entire guild works to get it.

If you win, you get to hunt a monster. If you kill the monster, you get a prize. Not a big prize, mind you, but a prize nonetheless.

There are 4 objectives to Guild Bash.

  • Hell Event
  • Darknest
  • Donation Box
  • Hunt Monsters

Hell Event

Watcher Hell Event

I have a lot of guides on all elements of Lords Mobile (shameless plug to my main Lords Mobile page here) and the Hell Event Guide is among them.

In short, to complete this objective, you will want to finish as many Hell Events as you can during the allotted time. You will need to finish all 3 phases to get the reward! Each Hell Even is worth 16,000 points!

This isnt the main point avenue, but if everyone finishes a few Hell Events it will definitely contribute to a higher score.


Darknest 5 for Guild Bash

The Darknest is the real highlight of the Guild Bash.

You will have to complete a large amount of Darknest victories. And those victories need to be spread out from among all the 5 levels of Darknests. If you don’t have a high-level rally leaders in your guild, you can kiss the Level 5 (and possibly Level 4’s) goodbye.

The reason that this challenge is so important is because this event will help train the lower level players on how to fight. Usually people run Darknest Rallies rather sporadically and stupidity. Guild Bash enables everyone to focus on rallies together.

If you don’t have expert players in your guild, do yourself a favor and become the Darknest expert. Read my dumb article and become the resident expert!

Donation Box

Donation Box in Guild Bash

My army of trolls will probably start arguing in the comments below, but ignore them. They’re trolls… They’re supposed to be ignored!

NEVER donate to the Donation Box. It is a trap!

Here are the many reasons:

  • This is the main reason! You are going to need the material for later! “But I already have orange gear?”. Yes. But Lords Mobile will eventually unlock another level, and like a walking dumbbell, you will have to start collecting again. Keep your stuff!
  • The reward isn’t high enough. You don’t even get many points from your donations.
  • You don’t know where the charity is going. Never give charity without knowing if its actually going to help the poor or if it is just a scam… Thank you, Unicef for proving once again that charities shouldn’t be politically motivated…
  • ARGGGHHH. Do you really need more reasons? Stop expecting so much from me. What am I? Your loser friend? I actually have a life outside of this game…

Hunt Monsters

Monster Gold in Lords Mobile

You will probably be hunting monsters anyways – or you should be – if you want to get a lot of rewards. If everyone in the guild doubles down and defeats more monsters over the event duration it will help the guild reach its target goal.

It is a win – win!

If you need help learning how to do Monster Hunting, you probably should pick a simpler game… This game is not for people with an IQ of 50 and lower. Nonetheless, I am a kind man, and I have provided you with a cheat-sheet for Monster Hunting. Enjoy…

I also make a little money from the ads on the side. So there is something in it for me… Don’t think I actually care about you!

Rewards for Guild Bash

This is the funny part of the whole “Guild Bash” story… The prizes aren’t really worth it! I mean, for all the effort of Guild Bash, you would expect a reward in par with KVK or something. And yet the potential* reward is rather pathetic in comparison.

Well, anyways, the rewards are the Summoning of a Huey Hops Monster and a Summoning Bonus.

The Summoning Bonus is alright, I guess… It is a chest that contains either a monster chest, gems, speed ups, or embers. In my experience, you are most likely to “win” the smallest amount. So have fun with almost nothing

How to Successfully Kill the Huey Hops Monster

Most of you are probably reading my article for this section. The good news is that I actually do have a few important pieces of advice that should help you actually kill the monster and win the killing prize.

There are many players who will search for Huey Hops from other guilds and kill them! Learn how to protect yourself…

Here are the top tips, and for crying-out-loud, do read them:

  • Learn the time-table of the main guilds in your Kingdom. If most of them are from Thailand, then plan your summoning for 2am -3am in Thailand. It is that simple. Try and avoid the rush!
  • Never, and I repeat, never, summon your monster to your hive. Instead, find a corner (not in the actual corner itself) of the map and ask members of the guild to locate there. Make sure that NO ONE from the guild sends attackers from far away. That is the biggest giveaway.
  • Have all your guild attackers activate their travel speed boosts and monster gear. You can also activate the Monster Hunting Damage boost, but it is a little bit of overkill…
  • Put a 10-min rally on any castle that ports nearby. A lot of castles may be shielded, but the ones that aren’t should realize that you mean business. If they touch your monster, burn them to the ground when the monster is finished.

If someone from your guild attacks the Huey Hops from the hive without relocating nearby, his punishment should be to be thrown out of the guild, and then to have his castle treated like a Huey Hops. It is only fair!

Final Thoughts

The Guild Bash is not the most prize-profitable event in Lords Mobile. Don’t participate if you are expecting prizes in return. But…

It is – subjectively (according to me) – one of the most enjoyable events. If you are playing Lords Mobile because you enjoy the game, you may want to start paying more attention to this event.

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