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Guild Showdown

Guild Showdown is the type of quest that you usually forget about until you get the threatening emails from the R4’s and/or R5. In this article, you will learn the advantages of Guild Showdown and also how to be successful and win. Don’t let down your guild!

I would also like to thank LadyReap3r for her help on this article!

What is Guild Showdown?

Guild Showdown is a Lords Mobile Event that enables guilds to battle each other in an organized competitive fashion.

There are 16 Guilds in each knockout style tournament. The first 8 matches determine who makes it into the quarterly competitions. The two winners of the quarterly competitions fight in the final match.

The higher you rank, the more prizes you receive. The highest teams will go up to a higher tier division, the lowest teams will drop down to a lower-tier division.

The best part of the Guild Showdown is that none of your troops die. All the troops that enter the showdown will remain alive in your barracks even if you lose badly.

How to Register for Guild Showdown?

Register for Guild Showdown

This is really simple, but as usual, I need to cater to the dumb readers. The types of readers, let me add, who also forget to use toilet paper when going to the bathroom…

Click the “Events” tab at the top left area. The same place where you click to view the “Hell Events”.

Click on the “Guild Showdown” tab (as shown in the image above) and you will see the button that says to “Register”.

Select your heroes from the top, add your troops and familiars, and then click the “Submit” button. When you click “Submit”, Lords Mobile will calculate all the boosts that you have active at that moment, and that will be calculated into your statistics. If you activate your battle gear afterward (or any other boost*), it will not help you, even if the Showdown hasn’t started yet.

Keep in mind that if you don’t like your lineup, you can keep re-registering or changing your setup as many times as you want.

Only the Top Players in each guild will be able to actually compete. The rest of the players will be set as reserves. They will also earn prizes!

*The only exception to this rule is the Overlord Assigned boosts. Those boosts only activate when the Showdown begins.

What Formation should you Send?

Guild Showdown Cavalry Attack

There are four approaches to the formation technique. Each strategy will depend on how powerful you are and how organized your guild is. Because the differences in approaches are so vastly different I will explain each one separately.

Make sure that you add the correct war familiars. Don’t send the stupid or lame ones! Please don’t make a fool out of yourself in front of your whole guild…

The Dumb Formation

The dumb formation technique is what most players and guilds do! They just send anything. Half of their troops are probably siege and the rest are all over the place. There is no strategy and it shows… It is no accident that no one wants to be in their guild…

The Split Formation

This formation is the most common among intermediate players. They don’t usually have 350,000 troops all in one troop type and so they have no choice but to split their formation into two troop types. A common formation would be 75% infantry and 25% cavalry. The standard hero lineup would be 3 infantry heroes, 1 cavalry hero, and 1 overall army hero.

The advantages would be the ability to send a full army, using cross-over gears and jewels, and a safety net if your opponent happens to send your exact counter. Another reason to use this formation would be if you have only a few good heroes. See more about this explanation in the Solid Formation rundown below.

This formation isn’t bad, but I wouldn’t recommend it for expert players.

The Solid Formation

This formation requires a larger army and a lot of maxed up heroes, but it is worth it. You have the best chance of scoring high by using this technique.

The strategy is actually really simple. You will need all your troops from 1 troop type. For the purpose of example, I will use Cavalry.

This strategy will require you to send 375 cavalry troops. You will need to include 4 Cavalry heroes and 1 Army Hero. Your Gear, Talents, Army Lineup and Jewels will all need to be set to Cavalry.

If you can pull this off successfully, you will be able to have a very powerful army.

The Guild Planning Formation

This strategy employs the aforementioned Solid Formation but adds a little twist. Instead of everyone just sending whatever troops they like, the R4’s or R5 will plan the entire attack before people start registering.

The lineup is based on overall might.

The idea is to have the strongest guild member to send Infantry, the second strongest to send Range, the third strongest to send Cavalry, and the fourth strongest to send Infantry. And so on…

This technique will enable your guild to prevent one strong enemy from destroying all of you. If one army falls easily, the next combatant will have a counter army as its show of force.

This technique requires a lot of coordination but is fantastic to watch when executed properly.

Which Familiars to Send?

Goblin Familiar in War

Recently the Guild Showdown added Familiars to the mix. Good idea IGG. It actually improves the game by a lot.

The thing is, and I say this because I actually went snooping… Most of the people adding familiars to the Showdown are as dumb as the plot-writers for Lords Mobile.

Here’s a list of the Familiars that you should be adding:

  1. Goblin, Gemming Gremlin, and Trickstar. They are the BEST familiars for Guild Showdown.
  2. Tempestite (Stuns Squad for 8 Seconds)
  3. Mega Maggot (Stun Enemy Heroes for 5 Seconds)
  4. Pyris (Heroes 60% Boost)
  5. Engineer, Gnome, and Yeti (ATK Boost)

Here’s a list of the familiars that you DON’T want to add:

  1. Saberfang, Snow Beast, and Hoarder (Killing Blow). These familiars are a complete waste in this event. Yes, they are awesome for attacking and for forts, but they are a waste of time during Guild Showdown.
  2. The HP Boosting Familiars. Common you can do better than HP boosters.
  3. All the stupid DEF Familiars. Don’t get me started. Don’t be that player that adds DEF war familiars to his lineup. If I was the R5 and you sent a DEF familiar I would send you flying out of the guild and then double-rally you as well!

If you don’t understand how the War Talent Familiars work, please read this bloody article and get yourself all caught up with how the game works…

How to Boost your Troops

Heroes and Battle in Lords Mobile

These “boosts” need to be activated BEFORE your submit your troops to the Guild Showdown. Not afterward. Before!

I have this section here because you won’t understand how to boost correctly without an understanding of the formation you want to use.

Here goes my list of critical additional that you will need to activate before registering your troops!

  • The Correct Gear. To learn more about Battle Gear, click here.
  • The Correct Hero Lineup Planned Out
  • The appropriate War Familiars!!!
  • The Correct Talents
  • The Correct Army Lineup (Example Cavalry Phalanx)
  • Army Attack Boost (20% or 50%)
  • Capture some prisoners to add to your Prison Boost. Click here to learn more about how this works.
  • Execute a prisoner to add the Altar Boost
  • The Correct Jewels inside your Gear
  • Scout an enemy so that you receive the 10% fury boost

Also, don’t use Max Army Boost. It won’t give you more soldiers.

Should you Send Siege?

Siege Weapons Attack in Showdown


Does that answer your questions? I hope so…

But if you’re still reading, I guess you need to hear the answer in clear words.

The answer is NO! Never send Siege to Guild Showdown. Also, never send Siege almost ever. But that’s a story for another day.

Included in this above rule is obviously the rule to never send any siege heroes. Do you like Siege Heroes? Are you emotionally connected to Prima Donna? Good. Don’t send her!

Even if you don’t have enough troops to fill all the spots, don’t send Siege.

What Happens During the Showdown?

Battle Bracket for Guild Showdown

Until the Showdown begins, you will have no idea which guilds you will be battling against. The good news is that, due to the Tier System mentioned above, the other guilds will likely be in a similar strength bracket as you.

Once the match begins, the two weakest might players will battle each other. The first player to lose all his morale is the loser. The winning player will remain in the match and the next guild member from the losing side will enter the battle. The good news is that the winner’s troops are now much lower than before. The second player will have a much easier time trying to win the battle.

The players will keep battling until one side has no players left.

Guild Showdown Rewards

Uncommon Showdown Trove

This is where this article gets interesting. The rewards are dreadful. Seriously, IGG needs to get their act up on this front. I would expect these rewards for signing in every day, but not for battling against my opponents and scoring a victory.

The lame prizes almost make you think twice about joining.

The real reward is actually something completely tangential to the event. That silly little badge that is shown on your Guild Diplomacy Board is actually worth a lot. People check it. If your ranking high, players looking for a new guild will pay attention. Other guilds looking to attack, will think twice if they see a high scoring guild. No one wants to attack 100 strong players who have their act put together.

Are you interested in learning more? For crying-out-loud, follow my Twitter account, and get a glimpse into my brain!

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