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Guilds in Lords Mobile

Guilds are undoubtedly one of the strongest elements of Lords Mobile. There many players who would have quit Lords Mobile a long time ago if not for their guild. This article will talk about everything you need to know about being a part of a guild. And everything that you need to do if you want to get thrown out of your guild.

What is a Guild?

Guild Leader with Soldiers

The word guild sounds reminiscent of the “good-ole-olden days”. Don’t be fooled. A guild is not really so quaint and pristine. It is just a group of (1oo max) players who have banded together to help each other grow and fight enemies. Usually, though as a prerequisite, a guild will all share a common language and/or country.

There are some players who will hop around from guild to guild, and some players who will stick to one guild faithfully without ever leaving.

There are many advantages of being in a guild instead of being on your own. Here are some of the more obvious advantages:

  • A group of friends dedicated to helping you
  • Sending “helps” for research and construction
  • Monster hunting guild gifts and Guild Shop Boxes
  • Reinforcing and rallying
  • Resource trading

How to Apply to a Guild?

Guilds and Lords Mobile Fight

Applying to a guild is fairly easy. Getting accepted is a whole other situation.

To apply, select a castle that is part of a guild that you want to join and click the “Apply/Join Guild” button that pops-up.

Some of the smaller, earlier guilds won’t even have acceptance processes and you will join the guild automatically.

Any guild with more than 20 members will be much tougher on new applicants.

There are a bunch of criteria that guilds will require before acceptance. Here are some of the more popular demands:

  • A required Might Score (for example at least 60m might)
  • The Troops Killed Amount (for example at least 1m troops killed)
  • Battle Gear (they will want you to put on the battle gear when you apply to see how far advanced you are)
  • Monster Hunting Gear (some guilds are dedicated to monster hunting and will want to see how advanced your monster hunting gear is)
  • Monster Hunting Kills Per Day (A commitment to kill, for example, 4 monsters per day)
  • A Communication Platform outside of Lords Mobile (like Line or We Chat)

Guild Rules

Guild Rules Internal Screen

If you think acceptance into a guild is tough, I have some bad news for you. Not getting kicked out of a guild is far harder. Each guild is different (I skipped around to many different guilds to see how they are) but the general gist is more-or-less the same.

You can expect threats ranging from a brutal beating, your castle burning down, decapitation, or even getting thrown from the guild.

Each guild is different, but here are the usual guidelines that guilds tend to have:

  • A minimum score for Guild Fest (for example at least 700 points)
  • Monster kills per day
  • Monster level (for example only level 4 and level 5 monsters)
  • Kill Troop Ratio (for example to always have a kill troops score of at least 10% of your might)

The Best Guild to Join

Guild Members Fighting in a Battle

Really. Are you taking the bait? Do you really think I’m going to list the best guilds?


The best guild to join is always the one that you aren’t accepted in. If the guild is willing to lower their standards to accept you, you probably don’t want to be a part of such a shabby guild.

Truth be told, the best guild will be the one that fits your game (and social) style. Don’t join a monster hunting guild if you find monster hunting boring. Don’t join an advanced war guild if you’re still fighting with T2’s. And don’t join a drama-intensive guild if you already have too much drama in your real life!

Guild Protocols and Unspoken Rules

Lords Mobile Fighting Scene

As mentioned before, guilds vary drastically. What may be considered acceptable in one guild will be deemed unforgivable in another.

The leader of the guild may be allergic to figs. Mentioning the f-word may trigger him into throwing you out. It can really come down to anything. The other guild members may not like jelly beans and you happen to love them.

Usually, it comes down to egos and power-trips. Whoever is more powerful in the group will want to exert his/her dominance. Dog eat dog style.

A few of the common unspoken rules that pretty much span almost all guilds:

  • Never hit each other in the Colosseum
  • If the guild gathers in large hives instead of clusters, don’t take someone’s spot
  • Don’t discuss politics or religion in a public capacity (even if you think everyone will agree with you)
  • Don’t be racist (especially in global chat). It’s not cool, and besides, you will get people coming after your entire guild with a religious-like-zeal…

How to Start a Guild?

Starting a guild is rather simple. You will need to be “unguilded” to begin. The “start a guild” option is available when you click on the guild button at the bottom.

You will need to pick an original three digit combination, an official language, and guild logo.

Make sure that you get more than 3 members within 7 days or Lords Mobile will close your guild down.

Building up a guild… Well, that is ruthlessly hard.

How to Get Members into your Guild?

Ice Fire and War in Lords Mobile

Hypnosis. No.

Spamming the Lords Mobile Global Chat. No.

Spamming Reddit and the Lords Mobile Global Chat at the same time. Also no!

Getting new members is rather simple. Just be really good!

If you are trying to build a war guild, go burn everyone else down. Triple rally large players and take them down. You’ll start to get noticed. People will come back for revenge and it will draw continued attention. Players who want to be part of the war will either join you or your enemies. You may even have the people you burnt, coming to ask to join.

If you’re a monster hunting guild, go for level 4 and level 5 monsters. Don’t settle for mediocre. Go large or get lost!

I see so many people spamming away on the chat and online forums, and I find their attempts amusing. Who would want to join a guild that has to beg for members? Assuming that I accidentally joined one of these “begging guilds”, I would leave the moment I see how pathetic the guild is…

Public Service: Because I’m generous and kind, I’ve decided to permit people to pitch their Guilds in the comments section at the bottom. Let’s see if it actually works! Feel free to convince people to join your guild…

Understanding the Ranking System

Members Guild Position Screen
Click the “members” button in order to see who ranks where in your guild

The true power in any guild will belong to the Guild Leader. He/she is the one who really pulls all the strings and makes the critical decisions.

The Guild Leader has the ability to appoint the second-in-command. The Rank 4 Players do have some power, but most of it is merely representational. They can enforce policy and they can take administrative actions against the people below them. Their main power comes from the knowledge that the Guild Leader will back them up.

Simply put, the guild is an autocracy. One person is in charge and that’s it!

The less subtle members in the guild will actually pander to the Guild Leader with little to no shame at all. And it will usually work…

The guild members that rank from Rank 1 – Rank 3 are the serfs in this strange ecosystem. They usually have very little influence on the bigger decisions.

The Rank 3 players will usually be relegated to users who have hung around for a while but aren’t really critical to the guild. Unless the guild has actually formed genuine friendships, if a rank 3 threatens to leave, no one will usually care too much.

Rank 1 is usually the place where the newcomers hang out and/or the guild members who are almost about to be kicked out.

In short, Rank 5 (Guild Leader) is the only position that is really important…

Promoting Your Guild

This is an experiment. Read my lips. I may close this section down if it gets abused. But I will try because I’m a nice person. I’m not really nice. This is a ploy to get more people to hear about my website… I’m in it for the views! Don’t fool yourself and think that I actually care! I DON’T!

Okay. Now that that’s out of the way.

Below is a section that you can use to promote your guild. If you fill out the form correctly and properly, I will publish it. If you don’t, then you wasted your time… Yay!

Featured Guilds

Guild Might is 14.5B with 79 members. Gift Level 28.

  • Required Castle Might = 300m
  • Guild Fest Minimum = 900 points
  • KVK Solo 3
  • 4 LVL 2 Monsters per day

Recruiters: Colonel Kill & Lady Reap3r

TFC – All Languages – 541

53 members

  • Required Castle Might = 2m
  • Must relocate to hive

Recruiter: DarkSpy