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How Much Money is Lords Mobile Making?

Most of you are wondering how much Lords Mobile makes from their users… You’ve probably ranted about it in the Guild Chat or you’ve probably done the math based on one titan and started shaking with confusion.

Good news. I have the actual answer. Because IGG is a registered traded company, they have to disclose how much money they are making. Their share-holders need to know how much money has come in.

Bad News. It won’t really affect you or I. It’s just a number that will terrify you but not really convince you to spend less…

How Do I Know the Numbers?

No, I’m not a ninja hacker. I’m just a regular guy – albeit with massive brainpower – who knows how to search things into Google…

IGG is an official traded company. Here’s their portfolio link on Bloomberg.

IGG Stock Chart
This is a summary of the stock prices for IGG since 2014

Because they are an official public company, they need to provide their share-holders with information! That’s how I get my information! It’s that easy!

The 2019 Interim Report can be accessed from here. This is a link directly to the PDF so that you don’t have to navigate around to try and find it. But I found this directly from the website.

As you can see, nothing here is a secret. It’s all easily accessible from the web… Welcome to 2020!

The Profit Margins of IGG and Lords Mobile

Spending in Lords Mobile and How Much

Here’s the fun part. How much money does IGG make?

The company IGG made $667-million in 2019 (compared to $748-million in 2018). This translates to approximately $55-million per month during 2019.

Here’s the interesting part. Lords Mobile is just a little over 80% of the revenue of the entire company! They have around 30 other games!

Here’s their numbers for Lords Mobile. In the year 2019, they made a total of $539-million in revenue (compared to $599-million in 2018). This means that Lords Mobile made an average of $44-million in revenue per month.

That’s a lot of money!!! Those Paid Packs sure do add up!!!

I wouldn’t be worried that they made less money in 2018 vs 2019. It’s normal for a company that is growing to have fluctuating numbers from year to year.

I think that overall IGG is actually a very healthy company. I don’t really care about their other apps. I think that Lords Mobile is, without a doubt, one of the leading mobile games in the market.

How Much are the Big Spenders Spending?

Lords Mobile Hero with Sword

There are so many different costs. To try and enumerate them all would be a waste of my precious time, but would also require a massive article. I don’t want to do either. So here are the highlights.

  • Each of the Titan Heroes (Dark Magister, Lightweaver, and Shape Shifter) cost $11k each. If you see a player with all three Titan Heroes they paid $33,000 for that honor…
  • It’s hard to calculate Mythic Champion Gear because it will all depend on the drop rate of the materials. My estimate would be that it costs $70k – $80k to bring a set of Champion Gear to Mythic.
  • Getting Mythic Monster Gear will probably cost between $2,000 – $4,000. Again, this will depend strongly on the luck of the drop rate…
  • Unfortunately, there is no way to predict how much it costs to generate soldiers. Some people are paying through their nose for packs. Some are cheating. Some are building up alt-castles. Some are trading from other castles. Too many variables…
  • Mythic Army Gear will cost about $3,000 – $5,000 per troop set. That’s only if you buy the material with the new awesome $10 packs. If you purchased the gear with the individual monster packs, you probably spent x5 that price.
  • I surveyed a large group of players and discovered that serious P2P players (excluding the titan players) will spend anywhere from $150 – $3000 per month on miscellaneous purchases*. Of course, the Serious Titan Castles will spend $10,000’s per month, and this number will not even include the large purchases on the hefty items.

Here’s one last interesting tidbit. There are many F2P (free to play are players who don’t spend money) who will still consider themselves F2P if they spend under $20/month. I don’t know if I agree but go figure… I guess I don’t make up the rules…

Should I Buy IGG stocks?

Investing in IGG

I have no idea. Go ask your stockbroker. I don’t know and I don’t care… This is not my specialty. This article is NOT intended to address the topic at all!

I’m just curious about their profits. I don’t care about investing opportunities!

Final Thoughts

I know that I always make fun of the people that spend a fortune on Lords Mobile. And I will likely continue to do so.

But the truth is that wasting money on Lords Mobile is really no different than spending money on movies, candy, or toys.

Yes, you can’t put the purchases into your pocket, but the delight that you receive is equal to any other unnecessary purchase. It makes the players happy. And, I guess, that’s why people make most of their purchases anyways…

*I would like to thank Nwells and all the others who helped for this article 🙂

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