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How to Get Blazing Embers in Lords Mobile

Blazing Embers have become one of the most sought after materials in Lords Mobile. And there is a bloody good reason for it. The Embers will boost your gold gear by a whopping 40%.

In order to get Mythic Gear, you’ll need a lot of Embers, and yet, they can be a hard thing to get a hold of.

In this article, I’m going to break down everything that you need about getting as many Blazing Embers as possible.

What are Blazing Embers?

Blazing Embers Chests

Blazing Embers are a special material in Lords Mobile that enables you to upgrade your gear to Mythic Gear. Mythic Gear is the highest level gear in Lords Mobile.

The Blazing Embers are primarily a P2P option but there are still plenty of opportunities to get them even if you’re F2P. More on that below.

There are 5 types of Embers. Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary. The Square Ember icons look like fire, which technically speaking, and YES I GET TECHNICAL, is not a freaking Ember!

Also, don’t forget that Mythic Gear will need to be unlocked before you can use it. You can also read how much of a boost the Embers will bring to your gear.

Which Mythic Upgrades Should I Focus on?

Upgrades for Mythic Gear

I know that most of the experts out there say to focus on using your Embers on War first, but I (NOT SO HUMBLY) disagree.

Research Now > War Now.

That means, upgrade some of your research first and then move to War, and then do whatever else you want. If you’re Free to Play, you may not get too many Embers. You’ll want to use them carefully

When it comes to war, FOCUS on your PRIMARY TROOP TYPE. Don’t upgrade Fear Drums even though they’re easy UNLESS you’re a Primary Cav Troop Fighter.

Another good tip is to try to focus on gear that can double for two sets of gear. Like, for example, The Firewall Plate (Cav + Inf) or Bumble Helm (Cav + Range).

Obviously, leave the Lunar Flutes. Not worth it unless serious P2P.

Where can I get Blazing Embers?

Shipping Lanes in Cargo Ship

Blazing Embers can be earned in many ways. Usually, free opportunities will only provide a few at a time. It’s going to move very slowly. You will need to get 256 Blazing Embers to get a Gold Blazing Ember.

Here are some of the ways where you can get the Blazing Embers:

  • Cargo Shipping Lane. Keep your eyes out for the offers that pop-up underneath the regular offers in the Cargo Ship.
  • Bargain Store. A very rare event that will enable you to spend gems for Blazing Embers. You can buy 6 Embers per day.
  • Events Rewards. Some (most don’t) of the Events will give you a few Blazing Embers.
  • Pay to Play Paid Packs. See below

Blazing Embers Drop Rate

Drop Rate for Blazing Ember Chests

This section is usually really bad news, but this time this section is really really great news! It is really easy to get good Blazing Embers.

Common (White)175.50%
Uncommon (Green)120.00%
Rare (Blue)12.30%
Epic (Purple)11.20%
Lengendary (Gold)11.00%

There are a lot of packs to buy to get Blazing Embers.

If you are a small time P2P player, you should just get whatever you see. If you are planning to buy a lot, however, just focus on the $20 Blazing Embers Paid Packs. That is BY FAR the best value!

Blazing Embers for Champion Gear

Champion Mythic Gear Champion Faith

Here’s the thing, anyone that has already maxed the Champion Gear has already spent a good $50k so far. Although they will likely have to spend another $35k to max it to Mythic Gear, they probably should have expected that IGG would do this to them.

Here’s the good news for Champion Gear players and the bad news for everyone else. The stats on the Mythic Champion Gear are outrageous. The specs (which were already awesome) are now completely out of whack.

A Champion Hero with Pact 5 familiars, T5 Troops, and Titan Heroes will be able to slice through full rallies like a hot knife through butter.

Of course, in addition to all the gear that they will need to upgrade, they will also need to get a boat-load of Blazing Embers per gear. That’s a lot.

  • Champion Main Hand – 24 Embers
  • Champion Off-Hands – 18 Embers
  • Champion Helmet – 21 Embers
  • Champion Legs – 15 Embers
  • Champion Armor – 29 Embers
  • Champion Accessory – 41 Embers

Final Thoughts

The Mythic Update has already been here for a while. It’s now very clear that it is an important part of Lords Mobile and that Blazing Embers are critical for advanced game-play.

You may not like Embers, but they’re here to stay. You may as well get used to the idea that you’ll eventually have to bring your gear to mythic…

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