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How to Unlock T4 Troops?

T4 Troops are the dream of pretty much every player who starts Lords Mobile. Reaching T4 is hard – I’m not going to lie. But there are smart ways to reach your goals and there are dumb ways, and then really really dumb ways. Like as dumb as some of my readers… #Nooneissafe

What is T4 Troops?

T4 Troops running

Okay for the newbies who have their heads under rocks the whole time, here is the breakdown.

T4 troops are the highest format of troops in Lords Mobile so far. They are 1.5x stronger than T3 troops and a lot stronger than T1 and T2 troops.

Because the “maximum troop size” is limited, the most powerful troop (T4) will really make a big difference.

Unlike the T3 troops, the T4 troops are very hard to unlock. Keep reading to learn more.

How to Unlock T4 Troops

In order to unlock T4 troops, you will need to first have A LOT of research completed. In order to complete a lot of this research, you will need to have A LOT of buildings completed. You can see where this is going…

Here are the notable accomplishments that will need to be finished before unlocking T4 troops:

  • All the single-buildings up to level 24.
  • Castle Level 25
  • Bring at least 1 of each resource building to Level 25
  • Prison, Altar, and Battle Hall at Level 25
  • Research the entire Economy Tree (aside for the last one (Gem Harvesting I)
  • Research the entire Military Tree

Doesn’t sound like a lot? You know nothing you fool. This is a lot of work. And money. And time. And did I already mention money…

I would recommend spending a few months in a cave just to finish this. Just make sure the cave has wifi… Just saying. Some caves don’t have wifi!

Best Strategy for Reaching T4 Quickly

Miltary Unlock t4
This is what the Unlocked Military Tree looks like

So many people don’t know how to play Lords Mobile or maybe they are just stupid. I’ve seen some stupid stuff go down and my website is here to stop stupidity. So far I have had 0% success rate. Thank you all for nothing!

Here is the thing… If you unlock the accomplishments in the correct order, you can save yourself a lot of time in the long-run.

  1. First focus on getting your castle to Level 24 or Castle Level 25 (to unlock the third Lunar Flute). Try not to use speedups on buildings. It is not worth it and you’ll need them for later. And DO NOT waste your gems. Just save them!
  2. Get your Treasure Trove to Level 8 or 9 as soon as possible!
  3. Next, turn all your focus on research. Just focus on the Economy Tree. Finish everything in that tree. It will help you with the resources that you’ll need to complete the rest of the tasks.
  4. Now go back to the specialty buildings (Prison, Altar, Battle Hall) and build them up to level 25. You will also need special items. Buy them in bulk. Spend some of your gems on it (keep in mind that you’ll need 600k)! This process will take a longer than you think. Lords Mobile will require you to finish lots of other buildings before you can get around to finishing the specialty buildings.
  5. Now start tackling the Military Research. At first, they’ll be easy, but as you get lower down the list you will start to need to focus on getting a lot of recourses, especially gold.

This is all great in theory. Keep reading to hear the actual tips on how to make this process go a lot faster.

Other Tips for Reaching T4

Here are the critical tips to give your castle a better chance of reaching T4 quicker:

  • Be P2P (Pay to Play). This is an easy tip. Just take someone’s credit card (not necessarily your own) and just start swiping. Buy packs of gems and packs of speedups. Who needs to eat. Eat virtual food instead…
  • Bring the Trickster Hero to Gold. If your main focus in the reach T4 fast then skip Rose Knight (who is awesome at war) and max Trickster straight away.
  • Research Gear and Construction Gear. This is critical! Do NOT underestimate the gear in Lords Mobile. Unlock your gear and max it as soon as possible!
  • Monster Hunting. Just do it! Monster Hunt the heck out of your kingdom! You will need as many gifts as you can get.

Do you Really Need T4?

T4 Cavalry

Most of you are going to shocked by what you hear but here we go.

You may not actually need T4 troops…

What? No T4?!? What is the purpose of life, but if not to achieve T4 Troops?!?

The thing is – and listen with an open mind – the biggest advantage of T4 aren’t the troops but rather the research boosts that you unlock in the journey.

You can do those upgrades without actually reaching T4. Just a thought.

And the trolls know what to do… I have a comments section for a reason!

Can F2P reach T4?

I consider F2P (free to play) as players that spend nothing or under $10 a month.

The answer is simple! Yes. Spending $1,000’s a month will make the process go a lot faster, but a F2P castle shouldn’t have any trouble unlocking T4 Troops.

It will be very hard for F2P to unlock T4 before a year of playing, but it is possible.

One strong tip would be to join a monster-hunting guild. You will really need those gifts.

Also, you can put your earphones in and focus like crazy. I literally added this sentence even though it hardly fits just so that I can plug the affiliate link that I have. That is how little I care…

T4 by the Numbers

Yes. T4 is hard. You’re not deaf. You’ve heard me loud and clear. But you want to know how hard. I haven’t run all the numbers below myself. Some of it I got from other articles. Yes, sometimes, I do research… If anything is incorrect, please let me know in the comments.

Here are the numbers:

  • Loads of gems
  • A lot of time
  • A lot of money (or if none, quadruple the time)

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