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Beware of the Huey Hops Familiar

The Huey Hops is a Pay-to-Play Familiar in Lords Mobile. It has generated a lot of anger and angst. Are you happy about it? Or Angry? Tell me in the comments below…

Overview of the Huey Hops Familiar

Huey Hops in Monsterhold

The Huey Hops is one of the controversial familiars in Lords Mobile. In fact, it may have been one of the most sticky moves that IGG ever did. Scroll the to bottom to learn more about the Leader Escaping Controversy and the Pact 5 Army Talent Controversy. Yes, this Familiar is one of the most problematic familiars in Lords Mobile!

The Huey Hops is part of Pact 5, which means, it’s a Pay-to-Play Familiar. And it costs a lot. Be prepared to pay through your nose!

Huey Hops Skills

Huey Hops Familiar Level 19

The Huey Hops has 3 skills and as you can imagine. All three are really good. Well, actually two are stupid and only one is good!

I’m not surprised lots of the P2P Familiars are kind of the same thing…

Anyways, I digress.

  • Shell Shield. At full power this familiar skill gives a Ranged boost of 10%.
  • Buck Up. Once maxed, this skill give an Army Map HP of 10%.
  • Rascally Rabbit. This is the big headlining skill. This skill will enable your leader to escape jail. It’s activated with a Familiar button and skillstones. It protects your leader for 30mins of play time.

The last skill is off the charts crazy. It’s almost a complete game-changer! More on that later.

Army Talent

Huey Hops Brutal Bunny Army Talent

The Army Talent is off the charts incredible! I mean, this familiar, along with the other 2 similar familiars (Frostwing and Queen Bee) can completely decimate an enemy.

First, let’s describe what it does.

At full power, the Huey Hops Army Talent will deal 150% damage every 4-seconds for up to 5 times to the largest army squad. The damage is based on Infantry ATK when 8% is out.

This Familiar is damn scary. This is Familiar can wipe out large players, rally traps, and forts. I’ve seen stats of the difference between having this familiar and not having it. The numbers are terrifying!

See below for the obvious controversy.

How to Get Huey Hops?

There are many different things that you’ll have to do in order to get the full power of the Huey Hops. It’s a shopping list… Yay! Not.

Where to Get Huey Hopes Runes from?

Picture coming soon
Still waiting for Huey Hops paid pack to rotate so that I can add the picture…

Firstly, keep in mind that because Huey Hops is a Pact 5, you will need 226 runes to max it to full power.

Okay, now that we know how many runes you’ll need, all you have to know is that 5 runes cost $5. Total = $230 (and you’ll have 4 spare runes).

In addition to buying the Huey Hops, you can also get them from the Kingdom Tycoon. Spoiler alert: Each round (when it’s active) has 0-2 chances to possibly get a single rune. Things are going to move very very slowly if you rely on Kingdom Tycoon…

In short, you’ll want to use your hard-earned cash, if you decide that you want this Familiar.

Also, once you get this familiar maxed, it will cost you 28 Chaos Cores every time you use the Leader Returning Skill. That’s a lot!

How to Max the Army Talent of the Huey Hops?

Brutal Bunny Orbs needed

Once you’ve gotten the Huey Hops to Level 60, you will be able to start unlocking the Army Talent (and awakening).

Because the Huey Hops is a level 5 Familiar, you’ll need 1,600 brilliant orbs. Yes, you read that right! 1,600 BRILLIANT ORBS!

Here’s the math. Initially, a pack with 20 orbs cost $20. Thankfully, they have since put out a cheaper paid-pack that gives you 100 brilliant orbs for $20.

Let’s see if you can do the rest.

Brilliant Talent Orbs Pack

I’ll give you a minute.

Ok. You’re too slow and stupid. I’ll have to help out… Maxing the Huey Hops with Brilliant Orbs will cost you $320 ($20 x 16 packs) + $230 for getting it to Level 60 = $550.

Now, of course, it will be cheaper because you’ll probably win a few brilliant orbs along the way. Hell Events, challenges, login gifts etc… all have ways for you to win brilliant orbs. But don’t expect too many. The bright orb is usually the prize that you’re going to win. The brilliant orb is a lot rarer.

The Leader Escaping Controversy

leader stuck in jail

When the Huey Hops first came out, most of the players that actually realized what he can do, blew a fuse.

Yes, he’s expensive and completely inaccessible for most players, but those can afford became 10x powerful overnight. No longer do the massive players have to worry about traps. All they need to do is pop a Huey Hops Familiar skill and if they get capped, they can just free their leader on the spot.

Aside from spending money, the titans can now attack without almost any serious repercussions.

Well, the Lords Mobile community was fuming for a few days. And then they calmed down and remembered that this game has always, and will always be “$$$ > Skill”.

Players left. Every time IGG make a big change players leave. But 99% of the players stayed on!

The Pact 5 Army Talent Controversy

Attacking Enemy in Lords Mobile

The Pact 5 Army Talent Controversy is a lot more recent.

When Lords Mobile pushed their Army Talent Awakening update, almost all the existing familairs got Army Talents. The Pact 5 Familiars also got Army Talents.

The problem is that the Pact 5 Army Talents are insanely powerful. These boosts are crazy.

I won’t bore you with the numbers, but the damage the titans can now do to the regular players has been amplified by x3 – x4. The Huey Hops being one of these Familiars was drawn into the same critisism.

Like all LM player tantrums. It blew up and then ended in the span of a week. Some players stomped out, but almost everyone else stayed on.

All I can say, is that if you’re a regular player and you find a player who has maxed Pact 5 Familiars, run away. Don’t think it over. Just run for your bloody life. He’s going to kill every troop you have and probably shatter your screen as well.

Final Thoughts

If you have the money to max the Huey Hops well then your king of the game. Everyone else just know that the Huey Hops is scary. Avoid players with maxed Huey Hops.

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