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The Gargantua Cheatsheet

The Gargantua is one of the better-looking monsters in Lords Mobile. The monster looks like he is angry, and unlike some of the other creatures in the monster hunt, he seems somewhat believable. I would not want to be stuck in a dark alley with the Gargantua heading my way…

Attacking the Gargantua

Monster Hunting is math and logic. There is not much luck involved. That’s good news for us. It means that we can execute an effective plan for destroying them easily.

Of course, upgrading your heroes, buying Monster Gear and upgrading Monster Hunting research in the Academy will greatly help…

Attacking Style: Magical Attack + Distance

Best Overall Hero Lineup for Gargantua:

Gargantua F2P Hero Lineup

The best Overall Magical Hero Lineup for the Gargantua:

P2P Gargantua Hero Lineup

Best Heroes in Order of Effectiveness:

  1. Dream Witch (P2P)
  2. Petite Devil (P2P)
  3. Incinerator
  4. Bombin’ Goblin
  5. Sage of Storms
  6. Elementalist
  7. Child of Light
  8. Snow Queen
Gargantua Screenshot of attack

Level 1 Gargantua: Incinerator, Elementalist, Bombin’ Goblin, Sage of Storms, and Snow Queen. You can switch Sea Squire for Snow Queen if you don’t have Monster Research

Level 2 Gargantua: Elementalist, Bombin’ Goblin, Sage of Storms, and Sea Squire. The Snow Queen isn’t strong enough for the level 2…

Level 3 Gargantua: Incinerator, Elementalist, Bombin’ Goblin, Sage of Storms, and Child of Light. Switch out the Sage of Storms for Prima Donna if you don’t have a lot of Monster Hunting Research completed.

Level 4 Gargantua: Child of Light, Elementalist, Sage of Storms, Incinerator, and Prima Donna.

Level 5 Gargantua:

Coming soon!

Gargantua Lineup Heroes Monster Hunting
This is best lineup according to HephBot. Taken with permission.

Gear from Gargantua

If you are a cavalry heavy player then the Gargantua will be one of the most important monsters in the game. You will pretty much save all of your energy refills for the 2 days when the Gargantua goes live…

  • Fear Drums x3 (Cavalry 16% ATK when gold (when you have all 3 it is 48% ATK)
  • Gargantua Belt (37.5% Cavalry ATK when gold)
  • Horn Cudgel (30% Cav ATK when gold)
  • Blood Stain Helm (8% Cav ATK when gold) [I don’t recommend this one!]

The gear from the Gargantua will provide the bulk of the Cavalry Boost gear. The Fear Drums are also great for Gold Production!

Garguantua Rewards

Each time you attack the Garguantua, you will get a prize in addition to the box that the entire guild will get upon killing it.

The prizes vary from level to level but the prizes are:

  • The Gargantua Jewel
  • Gargantuan Eye
  • Tattooed Skin
  • Iron Bolts
  • The Gargantuan Locks
  • Gargantuan Fang
  • Shield (8h, 24h, 3d)
  • (200, 400, 600, 800, 1000) Gems
  • (60m, 3hr, 8hr, 15hr, 24h) Speed Up
  • Hero Chest
  • Resources

Gargantua Packs

If you are a P2P player and want to build up your cav gear, I would strongly recommend getting the $5 packs every time that they appear. The more expensive packs don’t really carry a punch in regards to value, but the $5 pack is solid.

IGG released the drop rate for the Gargantua packs and I believe that these numbers don’t only apply for the paid packs but for all Monster Hunting packs as well…

Gargantuan Eye (Rare)17.90%
Iron Bolts127.90%
Gargantuan Locks127.90%
Gargantuan Fang127.80%
Gargantua Jewel10.60%
Tattooed Skin17.90%

The good news is that the Gargantuan Eye has a 7.90% drop-rate which makes the Gargantua, without a doubt, one of the best gear sets in Lords Mobile! For some context, the Queen Venom from the Queen Bee has a drop-off rate of 3%…