This is my official “I don’t care” page. You were probably sent here by a trigger warning somewhere on my website. Or from someone else’s website.

To summarise. My job is not to make you happy. If you don’t like it, please go to a child-friendly zone.

To prove how little I care, I’m going to do a bunch of things that will annoy everyone who reads this.

Please do keep readng. You see I even left splling mstakes. I have no intention of corecting the!

  • I believe that President Trump is doing a great job. I also think that he should be impeached.
  • Global warming is fake news. Also, I love the New Green Deal.
  • We should ban guns but everyone should own at least two.
  • I hate puppies. I hate cats. And I hate fish.
  • I hate pelicans. I hate pigs. And I hate sheep. I even hate this song.
  • I hate Lords Mobile. And yes, I play it and blog about it!
  • And I hate people who are angry.

I just really don’t care about your feelings.

Are you feeling anger swell up inside of you? Do you want to boycott my website?

Please do! This is only my hobby! You can launch your boycott in the comments below.

Maybe you can even open up a rival website.

Don’t worry I won’t check it. I just don’t care enough!

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