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iHate Apple! iReally do.

If you are the type of person that love all apple products (and/or are one of those crazy-free-thinking-hippies) you don’t belong on this website to begin with. You guys make me mad. You do. And here’s why.

Apple products are junk. I said it. (See my confession at the end.) They were junk. They are junk. And they will likely be junk next year and the year after.

The Early Apple Days

Aside for a few moments of innovation when the first iPod and iPhone came out, they have not had a moment of true technological advancement since. They’ve copied and mimicked from every other company (and ironically sued them as well) and re-branded it as the next game-changing idea. They ripped off from the loyal app developers and re-branded it as their own, but they haven’t come up with a truly original innovation in years.

It pathetic. It truly is.

Why No One is Angry

So why isn’t everyone outraged? Why are they not throwing their iPhones into the street and buying android devices?

Because, the average consumer thinks that Apple is hip. That’s it. There’s nothing else to it. Really. Here’s a classic comparison chart breaking it down. (Scroll to the bottom and read the comparison of the actual devices.)

Apple has nothing on any other devices. Your average android device from 2 years ago is still more advanced than the iPhone 6+.

But your average idiot consumer wants to be hippy and edgy, and the ads have taught him to believe that buying an iPhone will give him that feeling.

And so in a state of pathetic deniability, he’ll rave about Apple’s ease of use, software migration, lackluster design, and other bogus words he’s been trained to say. It’s all BS. Apple is NOT easier to use than android. I’ve seen old women who know nothing about technology learn to use their android phones in the span of an hour.

Easy to Use?

Apple is not any easier to use. It’s a myth and quite a stupid one. I’ve used both.

(I won’t get into the intricacies of why the mac computers, apple development program, iTunes and iPads are evil and should be avoided. Now I’m just focusing on this illogical craze to buy Apple computers in spite of their clear disadvantage. I will get to that in another post.)


In short, it’s time to say ENOUGH! Let’s begin demanding that Apple actually innovate instead of spitting out identical products with different names. Apple isn’t innovative. Apple merely knows how to repackage garbage bags into many different trash cans. And then market it as gold.

And that’s what bothers me most about Apple. With so much money and so many talented developers, designers, marketers and engineers why isn’t Apple changing the world? Why isn’t Apple in the news every other month with a new innovation that truly changes the industry and world. That’s what annoys me most about Apple. They’re in it for the money. They may have not always been that way. But they are now. They want to horde all the money they’ve gotten and they want to bring in as much as they can without spending a single penny on innovation.

What annoys you most about Apple? Please don’t be politely in the comments below.

The promised confession is that in spite of this genuinely felt rant, I do own a iPhone. I plan on getting an android eventually, but at the moment I still have an apple mobile device. It’s not something I’m proud of, but I’m not ready yet to dish out a few hundreds to get a new phone…