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Top Strategies to Increase Your Might in Lords Mobile

Might does not make you stronger, but it does make you feel good. Read this guide to discover everything that you need to know about Lords Mobile Might. You may discover that you are actually as dumb as your enemies claim.

What is Lords Mobile Might?

How to Find Might in Lords Mobile

Click the statistics button to view your lineup of might

Might is the statistical figure that Lords Mobile gives you based on your advancement in the game. Your “might” is your game score.

I can hear your half-baked brain churning as you read. “So might is power?” or “Is might my strength score?” or “Will might define how cool I am?”.

No. As always, you are wrong.

YourF Might Score actually represents very little in regards to your power in the battlefield. You can have a clever 10-million might player who can easily destroy a 30-million might player.

Strategy and equipment are what will make you powerful not a silly arbitrary number that sits beside your name. Efficient use of your potential makes you powerful (you may quote me). Misplaced might makes you stupid. Think of the bully in almost any film. They’re usually big and strong, and they are also usually really dumb. And in the end they’re usually dead. Case rested.

How to Find Enemy Might Score

To discover the might of another castle, simply click on their castle and the popup will tell you how mighty they are.

But be warned. Might will barely tell you anything. Scout them before you attack. It will save you a lot of dead soldiers.

Understanding Might

Might Breakdown in Lords Mobile

There are 8 categories within might. Some of them will contribute the bulk of your overall might and some of them or minor and insignificant.

Here are the eight sections:

  • Troops. At the beginning of your gaming adventure in Lords Mobile, your troops will probably only count for 4-5% of your total might. Eventually, your army should contribute at least 10-15% of your might. Once you become a master player, your troops will become your highest contributor to your might. Just remember, never build an army that is larger than the beds in your infirmaries. It’s tempting but please try and avoid it.
  • Traps. These are the defenses for your wall. The more powerful your traps (and the more that you have) the higher your score. In general, I don’t believe in focusing much on traps. They’re mostly ineffective in Lords Mobile. Spend your time researching more important technologies.
  • Buildings. Buildings may be the bread-and-butter of Lords Mobile, but the total might-score generated from each building isn’t particularly high. The high level maxed building will gain you about 120,000 points (while, for example, a high-level research will gain you 1,500,000 might points). Obviously, you’ll need the buildings for more than “might points”. You may as well enjoy the points when you get them.
  • Quests. The quests in Lords Mobile are quite a redundant feature. If I had it my way I would do away with it. The quests reward you each time you hit the first-time milestone of any task in Lords Mobile. Think for example of when the Infirmary reaches level 20, completing any of technology researches, clearing stages, and finishing unique challenges.
  • Research. Researching technology in the academy will probably gain you the majority of your might until you become an advanced player. If might is important to you, focus on research and troops.
  • Player Level. Increasing your progress throughout the game. This element of your might is hard to speed up but there are a few tips and tricks listed below.
  • Hero Armies. This is the might generated from your heroes. The total might can eventually build up, but I wouldn’t use the heroes as a strategy to build overall might. Heroes add might very slowly.
  • Familiars. The high-level familiars will give you might but the low-level familiars won’t really help you much. As I recommend in my familiar’s guide, start off from the low-level familiars before you go to the big familiars.

Easy Tricks to Boost Might

Lords Mobile Might and Power

If you skipped the introduction, I personally believe that might isn’t really too important! But here we go anyways…

I can hear your natural instinct disagreeing, “But I want everyone in my guild to think I’m powerful?” or “My self-worth is definitely tied up to an almost meaningless number.”

Okay, here are the best ways to inflate your boring ego and build your might:

  • Gem troops. Training troops without enough infirmaries is like having a head without any brain-cells… But if you want quick might, build up your army. If you really want it quick, I suggest using gems to speed up the training, because nothing is Lords Mobile dumber than gemming troops.
  • Focus on research. Research in Lords Mobile will give you much more might than construction. If you want to look powerful start focusing on your research and put aside construction. The research will also add to your quest might.
  • Focus on T3 and T4 troops. They will give you a lot of might. T1 and T2 troops don’t add as much might points.
  • Pay for boosts. Boosting research, building and troops are sure to rocket your might…
  • Open up as many admin quest scrolls and guild quest scrolls to increase the player level. Try and save the scrolls for guild fest.

Losing Might

Lords Mobile War

The quickest way to lose might is to get attacked. Assuming that you have a lot of troops and traps, you will lose massive chunks of might with every attack. You will obviously regain the might once you heal (or rebuild) your army.

People usually freak out when they lose their troops and their might drops. There is nothing really to worry about. The lost might is easily regain-able.

This is a war game after all. Don’t play this game if your plan on shielding up like a frightened turtle the entire time.

Click here for a guide on what to do if you lose your hero. It’s not all lost. There are things you can do to make the most of it.

Beware of Trap Accounts

The one warning that I have about might is also one of the biggest warnings that I have when sharing advice about Lords Mobile. Beware of trap account. I’m currently working on a dedicated article on this topic. Stay tuned.

Trap Accounts are the bane of powerful players.

When I say trap, I don’t mean the traps on the walls! I mean accounts dedicated to appearing as low-might players but are in fact mega defensive bombs. These accounts will typically be between 30 million – 60 million might but they will be able to tear apart the troops of 200 – 300 million might players (and conquer their hero).

More information on this topic coming soon.

How does Guild Might Work?

Guild Might is simply added by tallying all the members within the guild. In my experience, I’ve seen that the majority of the “guild might score” is usually brought in through the top 20-30 players.

KVK or any in-kingdom war will usually drop the guild’s overall score. Time and money will usually fix the drop…

The Guild Score is actually important. A guild with a high might score will tempt the powerful players to join, will scare off attackers, and (most importantly) will give an air of importance to the entire guild.

The most “might ranking race” isn’t usually against the enemy guild. I’ve found that the fiercest competition will actually be between the guild members themselves. They will usually get caught up in the might ranking war. It futile, but it is common.

Guild Might

In order to view your ranking, go to the Might Ranking button on the internal (or external) Guild Information Board.


I can shout up and down about how stupid might is but my guess is that people are still going to focus on it. Pride is fickle.

If you’re fixated on speeding up your might, at least do it right. Don’t build might in the wrong ways because at some point you will find yourself being overtaken by the players who are doing it right.

Any tips on might growth that I missed? Tell me in the comments!