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Kingdom Tycoon

(Article Updated 5/27) The Kingdom Tycoon is one of the latest updates to hit Lords Mobile. Now here comes the crazy news… This update is solid. It’s fun… It has massive rewards. And most importantly it’s not geared for Pay-to-Play Players…

Oh, Actually it is… As of this updated version of this article, they have monetized the heck out of the Kingdom Tycoon!

Okay, aside for the P2P element, it’s still a really solid update.

What is Kingdom Tycoon?

Kingdom Tycoon winning chest

The Kingdom Tycoon is a section of the game that operates like the board game Trouble. You pay 1 Luck Token and you can spin the dice 1 time.

For those who never played monopoly as a child, a dice has 6 options. The outcome of the dice spin will determine how many steps you will take.

Whatever you land on, you will win! (Also, you were neglected as a child)

If you land on the Gemming Gremlin or if you complete the game, you will be able to open 3 boxes that contain gems. You also have a chance of winning a box that contains a lot more than just a few gems inside…

Also, one other thing. Someone has to stop that annoying live feed of the winners! I really don’t care who just won a lot of gems. IGG has to stop spamming my screen. I don’t need to look at an endless update of literary vomit! It has gotten better, but it is still super annoying!

Strategy for Kingdom Tycoon?

Hero starting Kingdom Tycoon Challenge

This is a great question. The first step would be deep meditation. The second step would consist of a solid understanding of troop counters and game theory. And the thirds step would be to finish all the researches in the Academy.

Also, there is no strategy. All you need to do is roll the fake dice and then stop it. There is absolutely no strategy or skill involved at all.

If you think you’ve worked out a strategy, then you are smoking something a lot stronger than anything I have ever managed to get!

If there was one tidbit that I could give you, it would be to spend 60,000 gems to purchase the 100 Luck Tokens. See below for a better explanation of the rationale.

How to Get Luck Tokens?

Obviously, IGG provides a few Luck Tokens at the beginning to get you tempted… That’s there basic MO.

Once you’ve tasted the poison and realized that you like it, here are the best ways to get more Luck Tokens:

  • Lords Mobile gave a few free ones when they launched the new update!
  • Trade Gems for Tokens
  • Buy Luck Tokens in the Store. See below
  • Some Hell Events (rare)
  • That seems to be it… Go figure!

In short, either be rich or be really, really rich to play!

Trading Gems for Luck Tokens

Luck Token Prices in Gems

Here comes the catch. So long as you have plenty of gems, I would strongly recommend investing them into Kingdom Tycoon. You will very likely get all your gems back in addition to a whole bunch of awesome prizes.

Yolo! Am I right?

  • The best option is if you purchase the 100 Luck Tokens for 60,000 gems. This will give you each Luck Token at 600 gems.
  • Alternatively you can buy 10 Luck Tokens for 6,600 which will value each Token at 660 Gems.
  • The worst idea would be to purchase 1 Luck Token for 720 gems. Only do this if you are one possible spin away from a Gemming Gremlin. Otherwise, don’t bother playing for just one turn… It’s not worth it!

Prizes in the Kingdom Tycoon

Winning in Kingdom Tycoon

Here’s some more good news. In addition to the gem possibilities, there are many awesome prizes that you can win. Even if you walk away with a lot less gems than you started with, you will still undoubtfully have a lot of awesome prizes.

Here are my favorite picks in order of coolness (yes, I used that word):

  • A lot of Gems!
  • Crimson Mane from the Champion Gear Chests. This is a bomb of a reward! It’s worth playing the whole game just for this prize!
  • Champion Gear Chests. Yes, I know! This is a massive gift!
  • Stuffed Doll from the Voodoo Shaman. These are hard to come by in the game itself, but dead easy to win in the Kingdom Tycoon!
  • Blazing Embers for the Mythic Gear
  • Archaic Tomes!
  • EXP potion boosts and Elixirs. They are good to have!
  • Emote Stamp
  • 200K Gold

Paid Packs and Tycoon P2P

I should have seen it coming but I guess it didn’t occur to me at the time. But here we are… Lords Mobile are cashing in on their big Tycoon Kingdom Update.

20 dollars Tycoon Kingdom Pack
The $19.99 paid pack for Tokens

This pack is $20 and so it is not for everyone. But the value is really great. I mean, if you have the money to spend, and you don’t mind if your relatives hate your guts, this will be the pack to keep buying! Forget about your life savings. This is the pack to invest in!

You will get 244 tokens with this pack! That averages out to $0.08 per token.

There is also a $5 pack but that pack will only give you 22 Tokens (which averages out to $0.22 per token). The value is really in the $20 pack.

Final Thought

I’m not too concerned with all the technicalities. This game is fun. It has a risk factor but the prizes are fantastic. It is an overall doozy!

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