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KVK Guide in Lords Mobile

You asked for a KVK guide, and so I bring you the ultimate guide to KVK. Read this guide and your enemies will shiver in their boots. Unless you are bad at this game. If you’re bad at Lords Mobile, no guide will help you… Only a doctor may be of assistance!

To make it easier to follow, I’ve split the various elements of KVK into different sections.

What is KVK?

KVK Header Two Heroes Fighting

KVK is the biggest event of Lords Mobile. It is the time when players get to battle with a purpose. It is the main reason that some players are investing their life savings into IGG.

KVK stands for “Kingdom Versus Kingdom”. Lords Mobile randomly assigns Kingdoms to fight against each other. The winning Kingdom wins Gem Load Tiles.

During KVK you can travel between the Kingdoms at the same cost as traveling within your own kingdom. You won’t need a Migration Scroll.

There are a bunch of potential primary objectives during KVK:

  • Killing enemy soldiers and traps
  • Collecting Resources in the enemy Kingdom
  • Monster Hitting in enemy Kingdom
  • Taking Control of the Wonder and Forts

All of these objectives are explained in greater detail below.

What is KVKVK?

KVK Enemy Attack

KVKVK may sound like a nickname for a three-legged Russian dog, but it is actually just KVK with a little twist. Instead of two kingdoms going head-to-head, a KVKVK is a 3 kingdom war. There is also a KVKVKVK, which, you guessed it, is a 4 kingdom war.

The differences aren’t too different. There are more enemies and so you run the risk of getting zeroed by more players. The additional kingdoms will also mean that you will have to pay attention to time-based alternating x2 points boost. This means that Lords Mobile will pick 1 kingdom for 4 hours or so at a time (they’ve changed the lengths a few times) that will earn you double points. If you attack that kingdom during the “double points phase” you will earn double points.

KVKVK Diagram

Other than that, and the Gem Load Prizes in the end, it is basically the same.

Honestly, I prefer the KVKVK and KVKVKVK over the KVK. There are more targets. It’s far easier to grab forts. And the double points make it a lot easier to get a higher score.

How to Prepare for KVK?

Watching a battle from Mountain

There are many ways to prepare for KVK. The best way is to prepare is by spending months/years on building up awesome gear and jewels.  Alternatively, you can take 5 minutes and read a solid article… Like something that was written by Mark of Marks Angry Review!

Here are the ways to prepare for KVK:

  • Capture as many prisoners as you can. Start 2-3 days before KVK begins. Save some of the prisoners to improve your prison ATK boosts. Kill the rest for the Altar ATK boost. Make sure that you save a Level 60 hero prisoner for the max prison boost.
  • Start healing all your troops in the infirmary. Don’t speed them up. See below my section on Healing Trap.
  • Get as many soldiers as you can. You will lose a lot of troops during KVK. Make sure that you have enough hospital beds!
  • Mini Tip: Max your wall HP, but only if you have wall speed ups handy (don’t bother researching the wall). Don’t waste regular speedups on it!
  • Plan a strategy with your guild. Guilds with solid communication will always have far better results!
  • If you plan on farming or Monster Hunting, prepare the gear and researches. Upgrade gears if needed.
  • Save up all your relocators, random relocators, and Speed Troop Speed Ups. You will need them!
  • Save up energy for Monster Hunting
  • And, for crying out loud, put on your war talents… Don’t walk into the street in your underwear…

Here are the tasks that you should do right before you begin hunting:

  • Send all your open resources to your Guild Bank (or to a friend who will be shielded the entire time)
  • Change your gear to the appropriate gear
  • Shelter whatever troops you don’t want to lose!
  • Put your army Attack Boost or anti-scout. I personally prefer anti-scout. I can always switch them right before getting attacked
  • Make sure that the right heroes and familiars on the wall

Attacking during KVK

KVK Battle with Troops Lords Mobile

I’m planning to write a guide on how to Attack in Lords Mobile. When the article is finished, I will put a link here. (Update: I’ve finished. Check it out here.)

In this section, I will talk about how to Attack for KVK. It is almost the same, but there are a few differences!

Solo Attacking

Solo War with Leader

If you’re not a Titan, my guess is that the bulk of your attacks will happen as you’re randomly relocating around the enemy kingdom, and solo-attacking any castle that appears attackable.

Make sure that you have the correct gear, familiars, talents, ATK boosts, formations, and troops. Always scout before you attack a castle. You never know what you will find. The last thing you want to do is hit a trap castle.

As you are attacking, ensure that you change your viewing chat to the global chat.

Your enemies may start posting your coordinates into the Global Chat. Keep an eye out so that you will know to start expecting the big players to come after you. If you know that people are paying attention you will be able to avoid any long travel attacks. You will want to be able to relocate quickly if needed.

Tile Hitting Strategy

I speak below about whether tile hitting is a good idea. Here, however, I will give you the best strategy for tile hitting.

It is important to remember that anyone who farms resources will likely be keeping a close eye on his tiles. If you scout the tile, and then send a long march, the enemy will have enough time to move his troops away in time. Usually, they will wait until the last second just to annoy you. And yes, it’s really annoying.

Here is the best way to tile hit. It’s risky, but this is how to get it done!

  • Click on the tile and then click the “View Profile” button
  • Make sure that the enemy has a lower might than you. It’s not foolproof, but its usually a good bearing
  • See if he has war gear active or resource gathering gear. Also, see how advanced his gear is. If he’s all purple, gold, or mythic, I recommend proceeding with caution
  • Ideally, relocate right next to the tile. Alternatively, be as close as possible and be prepared to speed your troops up
  • Don’t scout. If you scout, you will minimize your chances of hitting the troops
  • Send a full march of your soldiers on 1 tile at a time. Don’t split your soldiers up unless the might of the enemy is really low. Add heroes to the march, but not the leader

Resource Gathering and Farming during KVK

Resource Gathering during KVK

This is the best strategy if you don’t want to fight (or too small to fight) but you still want to score for the KVK. It is important to note that it will be very difficult to score Solo 3, but if you work hard enough it is very possible.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you want to Farm during KVK:

  • Make sure that you aren’t in your kingdom. You won’t get points for farming your own kingdom. First, relocate to the enemy territory!
  • Always have your correct resource gathering gear before your troops hit the tiles
  • Keep a continuous lookout for tile hitters
  • Put heroes into the troops, but don’t send your leader. This will boost your defensive without risking capture
  • Use a resource gathering boost! And correct resource gathering talents!

The best resource to go for is the Rich Vein (Ore) Level 4 Tile and Rich Vein (Ore) Level 5 Tile. They give the most amount of points per tile. Yes, the ore resource is better than gold for KVK! Don’t ask me for an explanation. You aren’t smart enough to understand!

Also, one other tip and this one can make a big difference! Make sure that you add heroes and familiars to the tile. DO NOT SEND YOUR LEADER HERO!!! But send the other heroes. This will help you if you get attacked!

Conquering the Base and Forts

Conquering Forts in Lords Mobile KVK

This is not the place to give you an effective strategy on how to conquer a fort. I will write an article someday. Stay tuned!

The winner of the Base and Fort will be the guild that holds the fort when KVK ends. If you grab the base a second before the end, you are the winner!

Expert Tip: If your guild has no chance of conquering a particular base or fort, try and send a small amount of troops. If the rallies miscalculate or if IGG closes the KVK early (I’ve seen it happen), you’ll be the winner.

I will just list the important things to remember when trying to conquer a fort during KVK. Here goes nothing:

  • Only try and conquer a base if you’re able to defend it as well! It’s obvious, and yet, like the candy you shouldn’t have eaten this morning, no one has any self-control…
  • Follow the troops from the Base and Fort home and then ATTACK!!! You can even scout them far in advance, scout the fort, work out what they have and port right next to them in the last second
  • If you conquer the base, use the titles! They are incredible boosts for your guild and effective deterrents against those trying to attack you!
  • The leader should switch his anti-scout to ATK boost (unless he is worried about getting his actual castle attacked). Forts can always be scouted! Never use DEF boost! Ever!
  • Scout all the forts before you pick which fort you want to hit. Don’t just pick the nearest fort. Pick the easiest one!
  • If all the forts are equally hard, go for Frozen Fort, Tempest Fort, and Bright Fort. You will get ATK boosts!
  • If a group of guilds is attacking the same fort, try and time your attack to hit when a guild from another kingdom is holding the fort. You will get the fort + you will get kills for KVK
  • Use “timers” to plan attacks for the last minute of KVK so that you can win!
  • Send the proper War Familiars for crying out loud!!!

Another experiment that I just tried successfully is to find a fort that isn’t full or has expired because the 4 hours are up. Conquer the fort and then pull your troops out before the scouts hit the fort. Quickly start a new march to time after the scouts have already scouted the fort. It will buy time! It really works!

Monster Hunting

Monster Hunting

Monster hunting doesn’t really have any different strategies involved than usual monster hunting. Of course, it will only count for points if you hunt the monsters in the enemy kingdom.

Stealing monsters will count for points, but is definitely in the morally grey area. Some will still declare monster-stealing poor-form while others will say “what happens during KVK, stays in KVK”.

The death-hit of the monster hunt is what really accumulates points. Only start a monster hunt that you (or your guildmates) are able to complete.

For more advice on expert monster hunting, click here.

Infirmary Trap

Potential Infirmary Trap
Obviously, this is a very bad example, but if you x30 these numbers, you can destroy almost all incoming solo attacks!

This tip is really important. If you are active in KVK you will be on the receiving end of a lot of attacks. Unless you are a massive player, you will undoubtfully be hit bad. Your troops will probably get sent to the hospital many times. It’s tempting to heal them quickly and go out to fight. Don’t do it. Use this technique and you will be able to really hurt someone who tries to attack you.

First, heal 40,000 – 50,000 troops and leave them in your castle unsheltered. They’re the bait. If you put too many troops, the enemy will be cautious. If you put too few troops, the enemy won’t be bothered. Obviously, don’t activate anti-scout…

Afterward, start the process of healing everything else, but don’t speed it up all the way. Leave at least 5-10 hours on the healing tab. As soon as a mid-range player scouts you, they will think that you are an easy target!

Good! Let them! As soon as their troops are about to hit you, quickly heal your troops and your attacker is going to lose his march!

This technique is ridiculously effective. And yes, more effective than your New Year’s resolution! How long did your diet last anyway? 2 days?! Seriously!?!

Obviously, if you see that a massive player sending a full-blown attack that you can’t possibly defend against, abort the plan, and don’t heal the rest of your troops!

Tile Hitting During KVK

Incinerator looking up
Your face when you come back to your screen and see that you’ve been completely wiped out by tile hits

Tile Hitting is when you attack enemy troops that are collecting resources. The premise is that it is poor-form to attack an army without a castle. If you want to attack someone, do it like a man. Don’t bring a machine gun to a sword fight.

Most Guild has internal policies prohibiting their members from Tile Hitting. I’ve seen guilds that will throw out members that tile-hit. (Tile Hit Retaliation is obviously not the same thing.)

During KVK these rules are usually relaxed. Tile Hitting isn’t just allowed, it is encouraged. If you see a scary-looking enemy castle stealing resources from your kingdom, hit them, and hit them hard.

Attacking Fellow Kingdom Players

Attacking Fellow Kingdom Players KVK

It is quite pathetic that this actually has to be written, but I’ve seen this happen so often that I guess I have no choice.

Don’t hit players from your own Kingdom! UGHH! Seriously! Don’t be a drunk monkey!

You won’t get any points for any of the kills, and more importantly, you will have incapacitated a player who can help you win KVK.

Just don’t do it.

You may have been dropped as a baby and are therefore a little slower than others, but this instruction is rather simple. If you see a player from an enemy guild, but he’s from your Kingdom, let him go. Don’t hit him. Don’t tile hit him. Don’t even steal his monster. Just keep moving. That’s KVK protocol.

The only exceptions are the Base and Forts. If you see a guild conquering a Fort or Base, and there are no other ones to take, you can attack them. Ideally, try and wait for another kingdom to take it back and then attack them. If you want that wonder, however, you can take it!

Just make sure that you are ready for the response. That guild will likely be furious!

KVK Rewards

Kingdom Clash Screen KVK

One of the bests parts of KVK are the rewards. Unlike some of the other competitions in Lords Mobile, KVK actually has awesome rewards.

Winning Kingdom Reward

Farming Gem Loads from Winning KVK

Lords Mobile does reward the winning kingdom. The prize isn’t so incredible, but if you capitalize it, you can earn up to 5,000 or so gems.

The Level 1-5 Gem Loads only goes to the winning kingdom. The gem tiles start off at Level 1 and overtime progress all the way to Level 5. The Level 1 tiles will propagate everywhere but the higher level tiles will barely show up. Expect fights and wars to break out over the Level 4 and Level 5 gem tiles.

No one can migrate into the winning kingdom until the Gem Loads stop appearing.

Guild War Level 3 Rewards

Guild War Rewards in KVK

Lords Mobile rewards the guilds that hit preset milestones. Technically, all the work can be done by a single player, but the goal is high and will really need the participation of the entire guild. The prizes are good, but nothing compared to the Solo x3 rewards mentioned below.

If everyone the guild participates in KVK, you should all have no problem reaching this milestone!

Solo War Level 3 Rewards

These KVK rewards are awesome!

Solo 3 Rewards in KVK

The Solo 3 Rewards are main the reason to take KVK seriously. These rewards the best rewards you will ever win for any solo event! They are actually solid. Reaching Solo 3 is difficult for even intermediate players, but well worth the effort.

Top Ranking Players and Guilds

The players and Guilds who rank highest in KVK will get additional prizes. The prizes, like the Hell Event prizes, are only really incredible for the very top players. Don’t overextend for these prizes unless you’re angling to hit the top 3 spots!

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