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Limited Challenges Cheats in Lords Mobile

The limited challenges are a really popular feature in Lords Mobile. I’ve posted the answers on Twitter, but now I think I want to also put it on the website. I’m starting off with the Dream Witch challenge, but I will continue with the other ones as they appear.

Saving Dreams (Dream Witch)

Saving Dreams Limited Challenge

This challenge popped out 10/25/2019 and like the previously published limited challenges, you need to win the challenge to get 1 (or more) hero badges.

Stage 1 (Dream Witch)

Most of you just want the answer. Happy birthday. This isn’t a video and so you can find it easily. Here’s the quick answer.

Saving Dreams Limited Challenge Stage 1

Stage 1 Lineup: Dream Witch (fixed), Rose Knight, Child of Light, Pyris (fixed), and Prima Donna.

Important: You can set the heroes for automatic attack and you will still win. Boil yourself up a pot of coffee (don’t touch Starbucks) and come back to see that you won!

Alternatively, you can be a shmuck and keep auto-off… And play your guts out and accidentally lose…

Prize: You win 1 Dream Witch Medal in this stage.

Stage 2 (Dream Witch)

Okay. You managed to make it all the way to stage 2. Good for you.

Here is the answer, because apparently you are too stupid to work it out with your own brain…

Saving Dreams Limited Challenge Stage 2

Stage 2 Lineup: Tracker, Dream Witch (fixed), Child of Light, Prima Donna, and Blackwing (fixed).

There is an alternative lineup that I saw floating around. Not a fan, but if my lineup proves to not work for you, give this one a try. Alternative Lineup: Prima Donna, Rose Knight, Child of Light, Dream Witch (fixed), and Blackwing (fixed).

Prize: You win 1 Dream Witch Medal in this stage.

Stage 3 (Dream Witch)

Alright, if you thought that they were all going to be easy, you should your change mind really quickly now! This one is hard. Very hard. I tried a bunch of different combos.

The one I finally settled on may still change, but so far this is by far the best one I’ve tried.

Stage 3 Dream Witch Limited Challenge

Stage 3 Lineup: Prima Donna, Incinerator, Child of Light, Dream Witch (fixed), and Mastercook (fixed).

Expect to try this stage a bunch of times until you get the timing right. This is a really hard level. Make sure that you keep the two fixed heroes alive and that you don’t lose more than 1 hero in general.

Stage 4 (Dream Witch)

The challenges are actually getting hard. Good work IGG. Finally making people think!

I hear a lot of opinions flying around, but the best one I’ve seen by far is the P2P lineup that I’m going to put underneath. Basically, if you have Lore Weaver than you’re golden!

Stage 4 Limited Challenge Dream Witch

Stage 4 Lineup: Guardian Grove (fixed), Dream Witch (fixed), Rose Knight, Prima Donna, and Trickster.

Press the AUTO button in the bottom right corner. Sit back, drink a beer and watch the show!

Stage 4 Lineup for P2P players: Prima Donna, Dream Witch (fixed), Rose Knight, Lore Weaver, and Grove Guardian (fixed).

Make sure that you press the AUTO button. You don’t need to mess it up…

The P2P version is really solid and all you need is Lore Weaver.

Stage 5 (Dream Witch)

I won’t lie. I barely worked for this answer. I popped in the correct lineup first time… Pushed Auto and won! It seemed so hard and at times I was expecting to lose, but then before I knew what had happened I had won. Almost like that time I raced against Usian Bolt. It was very close, but in the end, I won!

Stage 5 Lineup: Tracker, Dream Witch (fixed), Rose Knight, Prima Donna, and Jade Wyrm.

Make sure to push the AUTO button!

Stage 6 (Dream Witch)

This one is hard if you have the wrong heroes… The tough enemies will decimate your heroes… Also, this team can’t be won on auto. You will have to play it manually!

Stage 6 Lineup: Prima Donna, Sea Squire, Child of Light, Dream Witch (fixed), and Tracker.

In Stage 2 and 3 you will need to focus on the back-line of enemy heroes and kill them quick. If they ultimate-attack, you will have to start again!

Final Thoughts

If you want to get a blow-by-blow update from me, feel free to follow my Twitter. Or don’t follow me!

If you are stuck on the Elite Stages Challenges. Feel free to read my cheat sheets for Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, and Chapter 8.

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