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Lords Cup in Lords Mobile

You are probably seeing so many alerts in Lords Mobile telling you about the Lords Cup. Well here is the down-low. It’s not all that it is cranked-up to be. It is arguably the worst event in Lords Mobile. But that’s my opinion. Keep reading to see why I believe it! If you disagee, too bad! You’re wrong!

What is Lords Cup?

Shooting a Goal in Lords Cup
The ball is about to land on the Tempest Fort

The Lords Cup is supposed to mimic soccer. It challenges players to use their troops to aim and “kick” the football (soccer) ball into the forts, base, and darknests. If you kick the ball effectively, you score and you get points.

Sounds like football? Right?

Wrong! Really, really wrong. Bad doggy! This Lords Mobile bastardized-football is as related to real-football as Lore Weaver is related to any form of sustainable anatomy.

It’s a complete joke. And it shows. It is hardly popular! Most players won’t even touch the ball if it lands in the spot next to their castle! And I’m not exaggerating!

It is without a doubt the most hated event in Lords Mobile.

How to Play Lords Cup?

The premise is really weird and it is for that reason that most people don’t even bother. But if you’re reading this guide, I’m assuming that you want to bother! So here goes nothing!

Balls randomly appear in the “Ball Zone” (see Kingdom Overview Map to see it) during the 2-hour spawning sessions. There are 4 sessions, and yes there are breaks between each session.

Final Match Ball Spawning Lords Cup
The Final Match countdown. The anticipation is almost touchable!
  • You will need to find a ball to interact with it.
  • Upon clicking on the ball you will need to pick a direction for the ball to move. Make sure you already know in advance where you want your ball to go.
  • Pick your troops type (you will need at least 200,000 of a troop-level to kick) and send them off to kick the ball.
  • Watch the ball carefully and send out your next troop so that you can bring the ball closer to the target.
Aiming the Lords Ball

It’s really that simple. And it is really that brainless… Go figure!

Tips for Lords Cup

There are so many tips for something that is so hard to start off with. The tips are going to help, but this event is still a pain in the neck!

  • [Critical tip] Start off with T1 (which will only give you small kicks) as you build up the boost. Once you have the boost maxed, start using more powerful troops.
  • As soon as you kick the ball a little icon appears that lets you find “your ball”. Click it and it will send you to the exact location!
  • You never have to use more than 3 relocators for one ball. When you relocate, (unless someone else has already started to move against your ball) make sure that you move to a spot beyond where you plan to kick. This will make the second kick a lot shorter than it could’ve been.
  • [For Safe Players] You can just kick the ball around in the “ball zone” and hit Darknests. You won’t get as many points, but you won’t risk having people steal your goals.
  • [For scummy players] This trick works! It will also get you lots of enemies. Hang out beside the forts and base and finish off balls that come nearby. You can get a really high score by doing this!
  • Don’t use too many relocators and speed-ups. This event is not worth it!
  • Try and aim the ball towards clusters of Darknests. You can hit more than 1 at a time.
  • [My Favorite Tip] Don’t play at all. Lords Mobile will get the message and stop forcing it down our throats.

Problems with Lords Cup

Oh gosh. Where do I begin? ARGGHHH. I’m having the opposite of writer’s block.

  • Complete waste of speed ups! Yes, you may as well throw all your speed-ups in the garbage
  • The rewards are bleh. Yes exactly how that sounds!
  • It is so easy to just sit by the goals and keep winning… It makes the entire game ridiculous!
  • Why are we playing football/soccer in a high-fantasy computer game? This is so confusing! Soon they are going to have an event where we have to code Ruby or PHP into the game for Big Eye’s magical powers to trigger…

Rewards for Lords Cup

Solo Cup Lords Mobile
You can get rewards for doing well in the Lords Cup

The rewards for Lords Mobile are really underwhelming. Heck, a Hell Event will give you more rewards!

If you hit Level 3 in Solo Cup you will get a bunch of speed ups, Green Blazing Embers, 2 Monstrous Chests and a few other random prizes. It’s a real let-down for such a pathetic event.

The Guild Cup Prize (collective points for the whole guild) is also lame. You will probably get a few resources from each chest.

Final Thoughts

As I wrote at the very beginning, I’m just not a fan of Lords Cup. Sometimes I see a ball land near me. If I’m bored I will go for it. If someone else tries to overtake me, I will let him have it!

This is a real-big weak leak in the overall game. I don’t know why Lords Mobile don’t just call-it-a-day and shut it down!

As mentioned before, I think we should all just boycott this event. Lords Mobile won’t bother restarting it if no one gets involved.

I think it is far better to focus on the Events that are actually awesome like KVK, Guild Showdown, Guild Fest and Hell Events.

Mic Drop!

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