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Lords Mobile ATK vs DEF

Without a doubt, one of the most popular questions in Lords Mobile revolves around understanding ATK vs DEF gear/boosts. Usually I blame my readers for being dumb, but in this case, it’s actually IGG’s fault. They dropped the ball in this case, and this ball fell on their toe, and now their toe is dead.

What are ATK, HP and DEF Boosts?

Lords Mobile enables players to improve their military stats. There are three overall improvements:

  • ATK (Attack) Boost. This will give your army a stronger attacking advantage.
  • HP (Health Power) Boost. This will make your army stronger, making it harder for them to get killed
  • DEF (Defense) Boost. This will make your army stronger when defending themselves.


Army Attacking in Lords Mobile

I, with the help of Lady Brave, ran a test to see if, when defending my turf or camp, the ATK boost would have better results than DEF boost. My personal suspicion was that ATK would be better, even at defending.

Keep reading to see if I was right. (Are you getting sucked into the drama of the article yet? I’m trying really hard to build up the suspense!)

In order to keep everything equal, I put out 4 identical camps, each holding 1,000 soldiers. I kept my stats identical throughout and asked Lady Brave to also keep her stats steady throughout this highly complicated and dangerous experiment.

4 Camps experiment
Here are my 4 camps sitting peacefully beside our hive!

I then asked activated a 20% ATK Boost and asked Lady Brave to send 1,000 troops against the first two camps (1,000 to each). This is all really simple, but I decided to take another screenshot for the really dumb readers. (I should really let survival-of-the-fittest take care of my stupid readers, but I guess I’m just a nice guy.)

2 Camps under attack
In this screenshot you can save Lady Brave’s very courageous soldiers about to attack my camp

I tested out two camps just in case the results were somehow different, but both results came out exactly the same.

Here is the report from the 20% ATK boost:

This is the report with a 20% ATK Boost

I then activated a 20% DEF Boost asked Lady Brave to send 1,000 identical troops against my 3rd and 4th camp. Here is the report:

This is the report with a 20% DEF Boost

The experiment showed a bunch of interesting things:

  • The amount of personal losses when defending is equal with both ATK and DEF boosts
  • Even when defending, the ATK boost causes MORE damage to the enemy in both kills and injuries (and obviously might as well)
  • The DEF boost is overall a complete waste of time! IGG has made a massive error…
  • Another interesting statistic, even though it’s related, that I never knew was that IGG doesn’t use a wildcard-esque statistic into the war battles that would give slightly varying results every time. All the battles are measured to perfection, and if all things stay the same the outcomes will always be the same! My guess would have been that they would purposefully give very-slightly different results in each war just to mimic it a little closer to real-life…

Advantages of ATK Boost

It seems clear from above, and clear to any clear-thinking person, that the ATK boosts are the only boosts to focus on.

The ATK boost will do everything that the DEF boost will do – plus so much more! You should only use the ATK boost!

Advantages of DEF Boost

This title is misleading. It makes you think I have something to say on the matter.

I don’t.

There is nothing to say!

Keep moving.

What Does This all Mean?

Player Fying into Screen

Simply put it means to avoid anything that has the word DEF on it! It’s a waste of time, money, and brain cells. Most of you will already have very little to spare on all those fronts…

Here are some of the things to avoid when possible:

  • All DEF gear! Even if you manage to get Legendary DEF Gear!
  • All DEF Jewels! Ignore them…
  • Avoid the DEF talents. You may need to push down a few in order to activate the talents beyond them, but don’t click anything extra.
  • Keep away from Defensive Researches. Again, you may need to unlock the defensive researches in order to progress further, but don’t unlock any DEF researches unless you have to. Yes, for T4 you will have to unlock them. Sigh…
  • Don’t activate DEF Turf boosts. Only activate ATK Turf boosts!

The only reason you should be getting DEF gear and jewels is while you build up your actual ATK gear (as a very early beginner). As a temporary (and pathetic) fix, you may as well use DEF gear while defending…

Otherwise you are literally a first-class loser if you use DEF stats!

Final Thoughts

Usually I need to have a final thought, but in this case, there is nothing really to say in conclusion. And so I will conclude with a single word from Martin Luther King Jr’s Famous Speech: