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Lords Mobile Bucket List

There are so many milestones in Lords Mobile. Some are really easy, some are extremely hard, and the rest just require all your life-savings. Here is my list of the Bucket-List Milestones that every player should experience in Lords Mobile.

I’ve used the word bucket-list because it is more dramatic but the word “objective” will work just as well…

  • Castle 25
  • Unlocking T4 Troops
  • Overlord Message
  • Getting Zeroed
  • Rally a Whale
  • Create a Guild Drama
  • Conquering a Fort
  • Reaching Gold Level War Gear
  • Jackpot in Labyrinth
  • Eat a T4 Rally
  • Solo Attack a Hive
  • 10 Heroes to Gold
  • 7 Familiars to Elder
  • Kill Level 5 Monster
  • Rank #1 in Hell Event
  • Reach Top Spot in Colosseum

How many of these milestones have you already done? Tell me in the comments below!

I’d also like to thank the Redditors who helped me brainstorm some of the ideas on this list!

Castle 25 (or C25)

Castle Level 25

This is the first big milestone that players will make in Lords Mobile (after they work out how to flush the toilet). It is critical for advancing into a powerful castle and it is the entry point into the big-boys-club*!

If you just started playing, this will and should be your first agenda on your bucket-list!

To learn how to reach C25 quickly, click here to read my guide!

*There are probably so many women reading this, and getting so triggered. Welcome to 2019… Yay us!

Unlocking T4 Troops

T4 Troops

This one is a no-brainer. In fact, I think it’s probably the most common goal in Lords Mobile. If you want to really destroy castles (and other people’s lives) you will really need a lot of T4 troops.

In addition, all the research that you will need to do in order to reach T4 will make your troops the ultimate fighting machine!

And it feels good! Like, really good!

Overlord Message

Kingdom Message Example from Turkish

There is nothing as fulfilling as penning a victory Overlord message. It’s a written victory lap. And its the best way to annoy everyone in the Kingdom! The more rediculous, the better.

Penning an overlord message is one of the highlights of Lords Mobile. I strongly recommend having this expereince.

Obviously, not every Guild is strong enough to conquer the base. It is for that reason that you should harass the Overlord and beg him to let you write the Overlord Message!

For more tips on how to write the Overlord Message, click here and scroll down!

Getting Zeroed

Burning Castle

Credit: Reddit MahGirly

“What?” you are probably thinking. “Isn’t that a bad thing?”

Yes, you’re right. Getting zeroed is aweful and it’s bad. But how can you expereince the game properly unless you get all your troops killed and injured.

You probably think that I’m messing with you. I usually am. But not this time.

I genuinely believe that getting zeroed is part of the game experience.

If you’ve been hiding under a shield the whole time, open up and go pick a fight with a 1-billion might whale. Get zeroed. Enjoy the experience!

You’ll never be a good fighter unless you know what it feels like to lose big!

Rally a Whale

Lords Mobile War Report

This one sounds terrifying and will also require team effort, but boy does it feel good!

Get your guild, port next to a massive castle and rally attack it. Depending on your might, you may need to go for a double or triple or quadriple rally-attack, but who cares.

Rallying a whale is a rush. It also sends a message. It warns the rest of the Kingdom that your guild are monsters. They’ll tread carefully around your hive…

Once you’re finished and he has no troops left, run and hide, because there will be payback. There is no way that you can zero a whale and not have a powerful guild coming right for you!

Ideally, the target should be at least 1-billion might, but even a 300-million might and higher is enough!

One tip would be to work out what time-zone the target (guild) lives in. The last thing you want is visitors while you are rallying your already massive target!

Reach 1300 Points in Guild Fest

Guild Fest over 1300

Reaching 1000 points is easy with a little focus, but 1,300 points is another story. That requires a lot more work (and possibly money).

I think this challenge is only really fair if you don’t cheat and use money!

To learn more about how to dominate at Guild Fest, click here.

How many of the bucket-list have you done? Tell me in the comments below!

Create a Guild Drama

Hero and Drama

Most people are going to hate this bucket-list item, but I personally believe that it’s part of the game.

If you do want to try this one, here are a few talking points that will very quickly inch you into a full-blown confrontation:

  • Politics, especially American politics.
  • Sports teams
  • Challenge the authority of the Guild leader
  • Attack the leader of one of your ally guilds (or NAP guilds)
  • Religion and Race (if you’re a real peice of work)

There is nothing like a good drama.

Conquering a Fort

Conquering a Fort in Lords Mobile

Credit: Naphomci

In general, conquering a fort and base is basically pointless. The military boost that you’ll receive is almost certainly not worth the amount of damage you’ll incur. And yet, it feels awesome. You’ll feel like a crocidile at in a chicken coop.

Conquering a fort is everything you’d expect it to be. Everyone should aim to experience it. Even the low-level players!

To complete this objective you need to be the rally leader of a fort that was won!

Gold Level War Gear

Range ATK Gear

Even the easy war are hard to bring to gold. Reaching gold gear is a serious accomplishment and will really help you reign terror on your kingdom.

While we’re at it, I would strongly recommend not bring any of the low-level war gears to a high level. Focus on the powerful gear even if it takes a lot longer!

Obviously, having orange gear (Mythic Gear) is even better!

Win Jackpot in Labyrinth

Boss Appeared in Labyrinth

Credit: Woag_8

This bucket list objective is hard. Like really really hard. But it is definitely something you should try to do. Or not

If you can actually win the Labyrinth, you will find yourself with a lot more gems than you know what to do with.

Just joking. You will probably spend through them in a day and a half! Who are we fooling?

Eat a T4 Rally

This one will take a while to do! My estimate will be that you will need to be at least 200m Might to be able to absorb a T4 rally.

Of course, if you’re a trap it will be a lot easier to take down a T4 rally. But don’t have any misconceptions. It will still be hard and costly.

Solo Attack a Hive

Attacking Castle

I didn’t want the title to be too long and so I need to qualify this “bucket-list”. You need to burn every single castle in the hive.

Some hives are going to be easy, but when you find a hive that is just strong enough to be challenging, you’ll know that you can tick this off your list!

This objective is not that hard. It sounds far more intimidating than it really is!

Upgrade 10 Heroes to Gold

10 Gold Heroes Challenge

This is something that you’re going to do anyway, but hitting the 10 hero milestone will feel good regardless… The difference between purple and gold is significant and the jump to gold really adds up!

If you want to know which heroes to focus on first, click here to view my tutorial.

Upgrade 7 Heroes to Elder

Familiar attacking

Credit: Naphomci

This may not be so hard if you focus heavily on Familiars… But if you are rather passive about your whole Familiar experience it will take you a long time to do.

Here’s a guide on which familiars to focus on. It would be rather pathetic if you maxed the wrong Familiars.

Kill Level 5 Monster

Level 5 Monster Hunt

This one is hard, and not because level 5 monsters are so tough (btw they are), but because you will need a lot of research before you can even hunt them.

Being able to hunt and kill a Level 5 monster is a real accomplishment (and worth all the effort).

The good news is that the prizes are awesome!

Rank #1 in Hell Event

Hell Event and Gems for Stage 3

Credit: Naphomci (Author of most of the good ideas)

This challenge is fantastic and really really hard. You can get lucky and manage to do it but in general unless you rank far far above stage 3 you shouldn’t expect to even make it into the top 10.

The trick would be to try and time a massive milestone for a time when the big guilds are sleeping. See what language they are speaking and see what time their countries are awake.

Also, the smaller the Hell Event stage 3, the better. The big players will probably wait for a Watcher Event in order to unload their massive milestones.

Reach Top Spot in Colosseum

Reach Number 1 in Lords Mobile Colosseum

This is simple.

Reach the top of the Colosseum!

It’s hard, but if you learn the tricks of the Colosseum, it is very doable. You don’t even need to be a high-level player.

Staying at the top, however, that’s hard. Very hard!