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Lords Mobile Migration

There are many reasons why you may want to move from one kingdom to another kingdom. Discover how to make an effective migration in Lords Mobile and you will save yourself a lot of heartburn.

This article is not here to resolve your emotional issues and so I see no need to explore the reasons* why you will want to make a migration. I will however try and tell you how to migrate effectively. In other words, how to migrate without a migraine.

What is Migration?

All Kingdoms Map

Lords Mobile is comprised of 100’s of kingdoms (servers). Each kingdom has 10,000’s of players. Migration is when you travel away from your current kingdom and off to another kingdom.

Migration is restricted during KVK (and during the gem lode collection period after KVK).

The kingdoms are arranged in progressive order. Kingdom 1 is the oldest and kingdom 250 is a lot newer.

Reasons to Migrate

I said that I wouldn’t get into your emotional problems. I lied. It’s so much fun to dig into everyones problems.

  • You’re in a boring kingdom and you’re looking for action
  • You’ve made a powerful enemy in your current kingdom and you need to escape him/them
  • You had a bad break-up with your guild and you need a fresh start
  • The guilds and players in your current guild are too strong and you’re getting attacked constantly
  • You have no reason to migrate and therefore shouldn’t be reading this article

What you Need to Migrate

Migration Scroll in Bag

In order to migrate you need a migration scroll. Somehow the rolled piece of paper enables you to magically transfer your castle and millions of soldiers to another location. Go figure.

If you don’t have a migration scroll, you will need to purchase a migration with 810,000 guild coins. Yes, that number is correct. You will need to spend over 20 days collecting guild coins in order to travel to another kingdom.

Assuming that you aren’t interested in collecting the guild coins, you can buy a Migration Pack from the store. The Up and Away pack will have a migration scroll.

Migration packs can be won in guild quest rewards. You are also given one free migration after you spawn at the beginning of the game.

Reasons Against Migration

Migrating sounds like a lot of fun. It’s not. Here are some of the reasons that you are probably better off staying in your current

  • You will lose almost all of your resources. You can’t migrate with too many resources in your bag.
  • Your ranking in the Colosseum will reset (and so will all those free gems)
  • You will lose all the allies and NAPS from the current kingdom
  • All the vassal titles from the overlord will be removed, together with their respective boosts
  • You can’t run away from your problems (this one is a general lesson in life)
  • It’s really expensive, especially if you are going to be within the top 50 of the future kingdom (see chart below)
  • If your kingdom is locked, you are protected from migration. Migrating will open you to attacks from powerful players

In short, make sure that you are certain that you want to migrate. If you do, going back is going to be just as expensive…

How to research other kingdoms

Base of Migrating Kingdom

If you are in the top 50 might of the future kingdom, you will need more than 1 migration scroll. If you are going to be the Highest Might Player in the upcoming kingdom, you will need 90 migration scrolls. Yes, 90 migration scrolls cost 72,900,000 guild coins or about $500 worth of Up-and-Away paid packs. If you are a powerful player, make sure that you have enough scrolls.

A few important notes to see before migrating:

  • See who is powerful in your future kingdom. You won’t be able to see the Kingdom Rankings until you arrive. During research, you can scan the map and ask players what is the might of the strongest players or you can check which guild owns the base and investigate their top players.
  • Assuming that you’re not traveling with your guild, ensure that there is a guild that you can join.
  • See the Naps and Allies of the powerful guilds. If you are looking for war, make sure that you aren’t arriving at a peaceful kingdom.
  • See how full the kingdom appears and how many guilds are crowded around each fort.

Pick a presence within the same language. See who holds bases or forts. See who gets the bad titles (Click vassal titles and see who the biggest enemies are). For powerful guilds, strongest players migrate first in order to push the other lower down.

Lords Mobile Migration Restricted

Did you try and migrate to a new kingdom and instead got this awful message: Lords Mobile Migration is Restricted?

There are a few possible reasons that you can’t migrate to a particular kingdom:

  • The most likely reason: Gem Lodes. After a successful KVK, the winning kingdom gets to farm resource tiles filled with gems. Being that it is a reward for the players of the winning kingdom access is restricted to all other players.
  • The kingdom is new. New kingdoms are locked for the first few months while the players build up their weakling castles. Other kingdoms will not be able to migrate until the kingdom is open.
  • There is a glitch in Lords Mobile. I’ve seen this before. Lords Mobile aren’t perfect and they made a mistake and accidentally locked a kingdom. Just give them a few hours (or days) and you should be fine.

Migration Scrolls for Powerful Players

The top 50 players of the future kingdom have to pay a premium to arrive. Here is a list of the migration scrolls that are required to arrive to a new kingdom.

Future Kingdom RankingMigration Scrolls Required

How was your experience migrating? Tell us in the comments below.

If you have any questions, ask them in the comments. If I’m in the mood I will answer. Don’t hold your breath.

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