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Downloading Lords Mobile on your Computer

Playing Lords Mobile on the PC can really improve the general gameplay. It sounds daunting but it is actually really easy to implement.

Computer Gaming (PC) vs Mobile Gaming

This may seem like a question for those who haven’t tried to play Lords Mobile on the PC… Once you have played Lords Mobile on the computer, this question is rather silly.

Playing Lords Mobile on a computer is a thousand times better. The phone experience is great for when you are traveling and on-the-go, but otherwise, it’s rather pathetic. It’s a little ironic that its called “Lords Mobile“. It should be called Lords Computer! Just saying!

To be clear: The PC (computer) experience is much much better. If you are serious about Lords Mobile you will play on the computer!

In general, there are few mobile games that are effective on the phone.

Which PC Program is the Best?

Playing Lords Mobile on the Computer

For my fans who don’t understand how PC App Gaming works, let me explain!

Mobile Games can technically only work on a Mobile Phone… So what now? You need to download a program (an emulator) to your computer. This emulator is an awesome program that tricks Lords Mobile into thinking that your computer is a mobile phone!

Did you get it? It’s rather simple after I explained it so well!

Is it illegal? No, Lords Mobile encourages users to use Emulators!

There are many App Emulator Programs for PC. I have had a good experience with Nox so far.

Download Nox App Player onto your PC Computer. I would not recommend googling it and then downloading them. There are lots of shady websites that will offer to help you download it. Use a trusted website like Here the link:

Once downloaded, Nox will send you through a few prompts. It is really quick and easy.

How to Connect Lords Mobile to Nox?

Nox already has the Google Store Program. Search for Lords Mobile. IOS users can also use the same techniques. It doesn’t matter if you play with Lords Mobile on an iPhone!

Google Play Store on Nox

Once you search for Lords Mobile and find it, download it!

Search for Lords Mobile IGG on Nox

In order to download Lords Mobile from the App Store, you will need to use your Google or Apple login information. This is simple. Just use the same credentials that you use on your phone. If you have an iPhone and have never opened a Google Account (or Gmail) in your life, create a new account. Welcome to the 21st Century!

Once that is done, install the app and load it.

If you ever need to come back, you will be able to find the Lords Mobile App on the “desktop” of the Nox Program.

Using PC and Mobile

The good news is that you can still use your mobile phone to play Lords Mobile even after you have downloaded the game onto your computer. You can seamlessly move back and forth between both locations without losing any information.

The only thing that you should be aware of is that when one program is open the other will close. Every time you switch you will have to reload the other program when you move back. It only takes 2-3 seconds and so it is not really such a big deal!

Common Questions

Q: Is it easy to download Lords Mobile to the computer?

A: It is surprisingly easy.

Q: Will I get banned? Will Lords Mobile penalize me?

A: No, so long as you don’t do any other suspicious activity, like those dodgy programs that generate gems. Using an emulator is just like using a really large phone.

Q: Will it work if I have an IOS device?

A: Yes, but you will need to download Lords Mobile onto Nox using a google account. If you don’t have a Google account, just create a new one. It takes a minute. Once you download Lords Mobile, you will be able to use the same username information that you use on your phone.

Q: Are there any other programs that will work?

A: Yes, there are many other programs. I only have experience with Nox and being that it worked perfectly, I felt no reason to explore the other options. I’m sure that there are other options that are also good…


Desktop View of the Lords Mobile on PC

It’s all really that simple. There are not much more details to share. Lords Mobile is a pleasure to play on the phone, but a lot more fun on the desktop. If you want to dominate other players and want the advantage of speed, a desktop experience is the best way to go.

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