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Lords Mobile Tips and Tricks

Playing Lords Mobile is easy. You won’t need any advanced tips from me for that… Becoming a pro at Lords Mobile, however, will require a lot of tips and tricks.

Even for those – yes you – who are thinking that they can throw a lot of money at the game… Don’t get too cocky! No money can fix stupid…

Here are my top tips and tricks. Stay tuned. I plan to keep updating this list.

Plan a Strategy

Tip and preparation

This may sound stupid or generic. Or basically the tag line for all the overly-stupid self-help books that your mom swears by.

But in this case, I would recommend having a basic idea of where you want your account to head in. Nothing too complicated. Just a simple plan.

Your brain probably couldn’t handle anything too deep anyways…

  • What type of account do you want? (Trap, Monster Hunting, Rally, Recourse/Farm, etc…)
  • Which troop type you want to focus on
  • Which Familiars you want to focus on

You get the point. There are a bunch of decisions that will take a lot of time to implement. The earlier that you make up your mind, the less time that is wasted!

Find a Good Guild

Guilds and Lords Mobile Fight

I know a lot of people will guild-jump and it’s not their personality to stick with 1 guild and see it through. But most people will not like to skip around. Growing your account is hard enough. Dealing with guild insecurities will just make it harder…

My suggestion is to guild scout to a guild where you are about the 40-50th in might strength. Make sure that a few things are straightened out to your requirements and then just join them for the whole ride.

Here are the things that you should determine before tying the “mobile-knot”:

  • Guild Ambitions. What are their goals? Overlord vs raiders. Dominating smaller guilds or defending and trapping larger guilds?
  • Guild Personalities. The personalities of the members of the guild don’t matter that much (so long as they aren’t out-and-out racists), but the personality of the R4 and R5 will make a difference.
  • Monster Hunting. See if the requirements are too little or too much for your liking
  • Language. If you speak English and you join a French guild, it may seem fine at first but after a while, it may get difficult.

If you want to learn more about searching for the perfect Lords Mobile Guild I wrote a great article on it. Read it if you want. Or don’t. I don’t care!

Do not Focus on DEF

DEF fighting tip

I have a whole article explaining the difference and advantages of ATK vs DEF in Lords Mobile. Stop being a lazy bum. Read the stupid article. 15 minutes can save you… NOTHING. I can’t fix stupid or lazy. And you, my friend, are all three.

In short, DEF sucks. Don’t bother trying to focus on DEF. This applies to many different elements of DEF.

  • The DEF stats in gear. Only put ATK and HP into your consideration. If DEF comes along for free, great. Otherwise, ignore the DEF stats in the gear.
  • DEF jewels. Same principle as above.
  • The DEF boosts. Ughhh.

Ignore Siege

Siege Weapons

This one is straight-forward and simple for advanced players but a complete mystery for beginners.


What? But in Lords of the Rings the enemy used siege weaponry and it was so cool, and things exploded, and it was awesome. And I can use it as well. And I will destroy my enemies. And become an overlord. And rain terror upon those who burnt me! And it will be cool. And I will be so popular!

Firstly take breathe. Secondly No. NO. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Don’t use siege. I don’t have the time to explain but trust me, there is almost never a time when siege (or their heroes) will be of any use over regular troops. And yes, even if you are facing a very powerful wall!

The Wall

Attacking Castle Walls

Here’s the thing – and you’re not going to want to here – the wall is a complete waste of time…

You’re probably going to ignore this tip anyways because you are probably that type of person, but it is basically the truth.

There are exceptions. If you do nothing else but work on your wall, you might be able to create something of note. Otherwise, just ignore the wall almost entirely.

Don’t bother wasting time doing research on it. It is really REALLY a waste of time. Research economy or troops.

I know I’m talking to a wall right now. Most people have to spend years playing to finally realize that the wall is one of the dumbest parts of Lords Mobile!

1 gold < 4 purples

jewels in Lords Mobile

This is something that usually takes people a while to learn and if you can learn this trick early you will save yourself a lot of energy down the line.

The trick is basic but needs to be understood properly. I’ll use an example.

The Purple Cav ATK Jewel is 12% and the Yellow Cav ATK is 20%. At first glance, it would be better to just combine all the purples and make a yellow. Right?

No. That’s why your stupid and I have to write tutorials to help you!

Unless you have 3 more Yellow Cav ATKs for the other gear, your best bet is to spit the jewels and place the 4 purple jewels into the gears. 1 Yellow may be equal to a 20% boost but 4 purple jewels will give you combines a 12 x 4 = 48% Cav Boost.

Familiar Meat Shield

Familiar Meat Shield

This is an important tip for those who like to stay protected for 95% of the time (read: everyone).

You used to be safe. A year ago. You aren’t safe anymore! You can get attacked by a familiar and most likely it will be the Pyris Attack. The Pyris Attack can go right through your shield and wipe out 12,500 troops from your barracks.

Here the tip: ALWAYS keep 30k T1 troops in your barracks.

You never know if you will annoy the big players. And if they throw 1-2 Pyris attacks at you, you should be ready to lose the T1 instead of the T3 and T4…

Learn the Basics of War

Heroes lining up for war

I’m not going to write out all the tips on how to burn down the kingdom in this article. Suffice to say, learn the tricks. You can save yourself so much agony down the line.

Don’t just “wing-it” as you play. Save that for your relationship and your education.

Here are the best articles that will give you the basics understanding for war in Lords Mobile:

Monster Hunting

Monster Hunting Fighting

Here’s the thing. Monster Hunting is actually as important as it is cranked up to be. It really is important. Which means a bunch of things:

  • Join a guild that is serious about Monster Hunting. Personalities get boring. Power always stays interesting.
  • Spend the time – and yes it can be boring – to hunt regularly
  • Upgrade the Monster Hunting tree in the Academy
  • If you are P2P, buy lots of the Monster Hunting Packs. Yes, the 35 items pack and not the 10 items.

Elite Labyrinth

Elite Labyrinth Purchase

The Elite Labyrinth costs $100 and that is a lot of money to most of us.

I can already see those spoilt rich kids smiling at the thought of $100 being considered “a lot of money”. Well, go jump in a lake, brat.

But, here’s the kicker. If you do plan on spending money in the store, make sure to purchase the Elite Labyrinth as soon as possible. It is the best-valued pack in my humble opinion and once it is activated it will continue to give great prizes every day for free!

Once you purchase the pack, there are no upgrades (yet) and you get x11 prizes every day!

Pact 3 and Pact 4

Best Familiars and Pacts

Most people work really hard on Pact 1A, 1B, 2A and 2B and once they are finished they begin working on Pact 3 and Pact 4. Don’t be this type of person.

Try to get to Pact 3 and Pact 4 as soon as possible. You can get as many lower level familiars while you wait for the research, but as soon as you get Pact 3, ignore the others and begin focusing on it.

Then begin the long trek towards Pact 4.

You guys like statistics and so I will just invent some because I don’t have any data. Pact 3 and Pact 4 are 344% better than Pact 1 and Pact 2. There you go. Now you know that Pact 3 and 4 are actually better.

Focus on 1 Primary Resource

Resource Distribution

The beginner players usually have NO IDEA about how important this tip is. In their mind, an equal distribution of resources would seem like the best approach.


You’re Stupid! Stop saying crazy things!

The best thing would be to get 1 main resource and a lot less of the other 3. For example have 1 Farm, 11 Mines, 3 Quarries, 3 Lumber Mills. Alternatively (and this is my preference) build 1 Farm, 13 Mines, 2 Quarries, 2 Lumber Mills.

Also, and please don’t be a moron and build more than 1 farm. Just don’t be that type of monster…

Spamming Scouts

This is a war trick that is very effective in confusing the enemy. If you are planning a rally or attack, send as many scouts as you can. Also, get the rest of your guild to send scouts and 1 army marches. This will prevent your enemy from easily working out what is marching towards them.

It’s a great technique!