I know that Wiki usually means that it is open-source and available for everyone to edit, but (no spoiler alert here) I don’t usually care for the opinion of others. And so, you are left to read all the Lords Mobile topics below based on the opinion of yours truly.

Do you like it? Probably not. But too bad.

Enjoy – if you want – or don’t, I don’t really care!

My Favorite Top 7 Articles

To reach my top 7 list, the article needs to be informative, effective, humorous, and perfect. It was for that reason that I placed every article in this list. I then, randomly removed all the articles but seven. Enjoy.

War and Battle

Here are the articles that will train you to be war machine:

Lords Mobile Gameplay

Here are the articles that don’t touch a particular topic but rather the overall Lords Mobile topic:

Lords Mobile Events

There are so many events in Lords Mobile. All them require thought and calculation. These articles will do the thinking for you. Don’t worry, you can continue using a little brain-cells as possible.

Lords Mobile Buildings

Lords Mobile Heroes

Heroes are really important. Here is everything that you need to know about them. Hopefully.

Humorous or Conjecture

Monster Hunting

More monster Hunting Cheatsheets coming soon!

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